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I love 'Lethal Weapon'... Maybe a bit old but they stay awesome!
I've found it, it's following script: Code: do shell script "#!/bin/sh MAGIC_NUMBER=107374183 PMSET=/usr/bin/pmset GREP=/usr/bin/grep AWK=/usr/bin/awk SLEEP=/bin/sleep $PMSET force -a displaysleep $MAGIC_NUMBER $SLEEP 1 $PMSET force -a displaysleep `$PMSET -g | $GREP displaysleep | $AWK '{print $2}'` $SLEEP 1"
Really nowbody who can help me?
i'm chearching an Applescript to sleep the display on my iBook running Tiger. I visited allready all the dutch apple forums but I didn't find, so if someone can give me an easy applescript?
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