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Indeed. Where the PPC would shine though was parallel processing via AltiVec. For some applications, AltiVec would make the Mac a screamer. But, most user applications do not do anything that requires parallel processing of this nature.
I'm calling BS here. So called "enterprise compatibility" is a moving target created by IT guys who don't know what they are doing.We recently upgrade from Exchange 2003 to 2010. Snow Leopard and Lion both are out-of-the-box compatible with the Exchange Web Services protocol introduced with 2007. Our IT folks deliberately reconfigured Exchange so as not to work with either Apple Mail or MS Outlook 2011. Then they turn around and blame the Mac for not being compatible.
Another way to look at this could be that it took Steve 12 years to undo the damage done to Apple's reputation by the previous three CEO's. And now that work is bearing fruit.
I will miss the keychain sync mostly.
Okay, so first everyone's complaining that Apple is a monopsony when buying flash RAM, and now they are complaining that iCloud will reduce demand for flash RAM. \
What makes you think no apps written for earlier versions of OS X will run on Lion? That would be a huge change for Apple.
... would be a good title.
St. Louis Cardinals baseball hat.
The plural of virus is viruses. There is no such word as virii.
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