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How do sales grow at a "torrid" pace? Talk about horrible word choice.
Ditto for me. When I bought Snow Leopard I was looking forward to Exchange integration with iCal. No luck since we use Exchange 2003. When Office 2011 came out, I was looking forward to a full Outlook client. No luck since we use Exhcnage 2003. There's a pattern here.
I would suggest one of the following: 1) Take a C programming course at a university. Being able to bounce questions off an instructor and other peers is a good way to go. And, depending on the quality of the instructor, you might get far more insight than you would from just reading a book. 2) "C Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritchie. http://www.amazon.com/Programming-La.../dp/0131103628 Actually, #2 might end up being your textbook for #1.
Yep. I still use Quicken 2006 since I'm tired of paying Intuit for upgrades that never fix anything. I looked at some alternatives like MoneyDance, but, (heh), it's a Java app.
You're thinking of the subscription-based accounting for the iPhone where the income for the iPhone was spread over 24 months.
Actually, that would be kinda cool. Suppose Mr. Jobs were to visit a random store once per month just to connect with customers. I could not imagine any other CEO of a fortune 500 company doing something like this. But I could see Jobs doing it.
Not mean. He has a short fuse when in the presence of incompetence.
That's probably Adobe Flash hanging you. Disable Flash and see if you have better luck.
WebKit is also the foundation of Google Chrome.
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