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The whole case was a perversion of anti-trust law in an effort to protect Amazon's monopoly.
Sure, a self-driving vehicle might be able to go 150 mph on a track. But from everything I've read about them in real world driving scenarios is that they drive like extremely cautious elderly people. Granted, they are supposed to be safer -- although Google's car has a very high accident rate. Because of their conservative driving habits, self-driving vehicles tend to get rear-ended a lot. They also tend to get hit when they don't clear intersections fast enough. Google...
The problem with self driving cars is they can't be very much fun to ride in. They drive well below the speed limit. They creep through intersections. The only difference between a self driving car and a blued haired little old lady who can't see over the dashboard is that the self driving car probably doesn't have its turn signal on. Then again... the way it drives, if something breaks,  you can bet it will be the turn signal.
I have never yet seen a water saving shower head that actually saved water. All they do is make people take longer showers.
Too many driver distractions.
Um, "smaller pixels." That is pretty much how camera manufacturers have always done it. Cameras with larger sensors generally have to be larger cameras -- with much larger lenses.   And in other 'news,' internal combustion engines still burn gasoline.
High fashion can cause a temporary lapse in judgment. Tattoos and Apple Watches may both be passing fads, but at least you can take your watch off.
Bah. Android vs. iPhone is a silly argument. They could have been arguing about something really important, like Nikon vs. Canon. Or Ford vs. Chevy.
No you may not. However, I will take your non-response and refusal to acknowledge my answer as an admission that I am right.
Your post is dripping with irony. Kelly was well aware that witch hunts are not limited to the far right. You are a perfect example of what Allan Bloom pointed out -- a society's greatest madness is invisible to itself. If you don't like witch hunts, stop hunting for witches. It is that simple.
New Posts  All Forums: