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 It was very positive. "Every step is a first step." I like that message. "Every shot is a school." It is! Learn something! "Every day is a rededication." That is a great truth. The message was "Stop dreaming and start doing." What is negative about that?
I am truly amazed. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Saying that this movie was shot with an iPad is a bit of a stretch. There must be dozens of iPads in there performing all kinds of functions from scripting to filming to editing to sound recording and mixing, each of them dedicated to its task. Many scenes appear to have been shot with two or more iPads at different angles. Plus, you have the external mics, booms, dollies, stands, directors' chairs, etc. This ...
Honestly, Apple needs to take a look at some of the ads. "Boom Beach" is getting to be really obnoxious with its cartoons of people overjoyed at the opportunity to take down the enemy with cannons.
Kids on the school rifle team, for one. Back in the '60s when I was in junior high and high school kids took their guns back and forth on the school bus. There are still schools that have rifle teams. I don't know how they transport their weapons nowadays.
Friend of mine bought a "Rolex" watch in the Philippines. Somebody asked him if it was real. He replied, "If it isn't, I got ripped off for twenty bucks!"
 They may know a lot more than you think. But people care a lot more about what affects them personally than what is going on in the rest of the world. Their arthritis is more important to them than thousands of people dying in Syria. I don't give a hoot whether some guy in China gets his iPhone 6. I care about my iPhone 6. Does that make me ignorant of corporate finances or global economics? Not this retired CEO. Rather, it is reality: the things that command my attention...
They are caught up, eh? Time to introduce the iPhone 6S.
This watch has "FAIL" written all over it. Expensive, doesn't do much of anything more than an iPhone (which you have to have with it to use many of the features), not waterproof, and now advertising. If you paid me enough, I might take one and keep it in a drawer long enough to be of interest to a museum.
Again, 'losses' are representative of net income rather than total economic activity. Using your measure, both the United States and North Korea have smaller economies than any profitable corporation since they both have expanding debt.
Total wages paid to all workers is included in a country's GDP. But his point is taken. I certainly won't believe anything you write. http://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/199.asp
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