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Seems it would be easier to install a small Mylar fan folded up inside. The phone senses that it is falling and deploys the fan like a wing, slowing the fall. Or you could just get a case that puts a rubber edge all around the phone. But I don't want a phone that saves itself. I want a phone that saves me! The iPhone Emergency Rocket Pod and Ejection Seat! Press a button and I'm outta there!
What happened to "Do no evil?"
ScotteVest already has this wired, so to speak. They sell vests, jackets, and other clothes with special pockets for iPods, iPhones, and even iPads. The clothing has loops inside it to run your earbuds up through the clothes -- no external wires. The pockets allow access to your iPhone or whatever without pulling it out. Almost invisible. And better than Dick Tracy style watches that cause problems for people with skin allergies.
Now, at least, the thieves who stole your iPhone will be able to catch their train.
Not satisfied with taking away citizens' Second Amendment rights, Bloomberg has gone after the First Amendment's guarantees of freedom of expression. Register your electronic devices. Then monitoring what you do with those devices. Finally, bans and confiscation. Limiting your access to advanced communications will be rationalized by pointing out the vast problems caused by Internet fraud, identity theft, flash mobs, etc. The mainstream media, eager to regain absolute...
  I read Ken Rockwell every day. I don't always agree with him. He also cultivates an aura of being bombastic on his web site -- his way, I suppose, of ridiculing real technical experts for things like "pixel peeping." Nevertheless, his views can be valuable. Ken's real point has always been that it is the artist, not the artist's tools. So he sometimes says things that really are more aimed at getting you to think about why you need a particular camera or piece of...
  Of course, this is not something peculiar to Apple. Every update of Photoshop tends to break all or most of your plugins, too.   Real professionals have learned: don't update your software until the rest of your tools have been updated to work with it. If you work with raw files, for example, you don't buy a new camera until your editing software has been updated to read the new file formats.   There is absolutely no reason to update to the latest and greatest if it...
  I have used both of these programs extensively and I really like them both. Lightroom has better editing capabilities. The curves tool is more like that of Photoshop, for example. Some people like the organizational structure better, too. Lightroom's interface is more customizable and allows a great deal more personalization such as branding. Aperture does seem to me to interpret Nikon raw files better -- meaning I personally like their look better than what Lightroom...
  Glad you decided my computer is not defective without even looking at it. Did you use your crystal ball or did you determine this through astral projection? However, it does not do what they claim it will.
  It is a $4,000 computer. It is defective. I have no idea where you get the 30%.
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