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GDP is not the same as "net income." A closer correlation would be gross income. You have proved my point, actually. But here is a reference. I doubt that mere facts will persuade you, but others might find it interesting. http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2014/12/19/sony-really-is-larger-than-the-economy-of-north-korea/
Unfortunately, it is an affectation common in some circles to say that that the US is responsible for every ill that has befallen mankind since the dawn of time. People who suffer from this mental affliction cannot be reasoned with. They assume that they are intellectually superior to everyone else and therefore no one else knows anything.
This thread is proof that the Internet will not end ignorance. Instead, it just spreads conspiracy theories faster.   The fact is that North Korea's GDP is about the same as Sony's income. But North Korea's "workers' paradise" requires 30 million slaves to produce their GDP, while Sony does it with only 140,000 employees. Admit it or not, Sony has some very bright people working there, some who are quite capable of taking North Korea's internet system down permanently....
If an object will not fall faster on the heavy side, then Apple's shifting weight mechanism wouldn't work, would it? And Spaceship 1 and badminton birdies won't fall nose first. Maybe someone needs to go back to their high school physics book and realize that we don't use iPhones in a vacuum.
Uh, they could achieve the same thing by weighting the side they want it to land on. No motor, no computers, etc. Perhaps next they could try a little parachute that deploys whenever the phone is dropped.I remember this, too.
This is exactly the sort of corporate backbiting that has prevented widespread adoption of electronic payment systems in the past.   Very well. I will never use CurrentC and will try to avoid any other system that tracks my personal information.
Next up: Uri Geller bending iPhones.
Battery life: Too short. Forget about those apps that monitor your sleep quality; your watch will be recharging. Compatibility: Requires an iPhone 5 or 6 to work. Since you have to have an iPhone with you all the time and the only thing additional the watch does is give you a heart rate monitor, then carry the phone and buy a heart rate monitor. The Polar FT80, for example, will run for a year without changing its battery. And it is $30 cheaper. And it works with...
Bose is right, though. Their noise canceling technology is the best in the industry. I first saw it in their aviation headsets many years ago. I ended up choosing Lightspeed, though, for overall sound quality. And, well, Lightspeed was cheaper, primarily because I worked at a place that was a Lightspeed dealer. Sorry, but if Beats is infringing, then Bose should move to protect their patents. Some people here seem to think that patents and copyrights are not worth having...
Does anyone else find it ironic that the state media of a totalitarian country worries about 'privacy?'
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