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In fact, you do exactly that. You want legislation to support your opinion and you want others' opinions to be suppressed. What makes your opinion more valid than the opinion of others?
There are three great conversations going on at all times. All three of these conversations are attempts to arrive at truth. All three are dependent on circular arguments -- you cannot be certain that any one of these conversations is any more valid than the other, any more than you can be certain that the entire universe is only five minutes old and your memories are not real. The first is that between Man and Nature. We call this conversation 'science.' Science is an...
You seem to have confused respect, cooperation, love, and compassion with agreeing with you. That seems rather self-centered. Where is your respect, love, cooperation and compassion for those who disagree with you? Freedom of worship and freedom of expression are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other. There seem to be a few people here who want to return to an authoritarian government that burns heretics at the stake -- only in this case, the...
Seriously? Do you really believe that religion is always used to discriminate and cause harm? What about churches that teach non-discrimination? What about churches that devote their resources to helping the poor?
So you claim that if you want to run a business or earn a living, you must surrender your civil rights? Talk about abhorrent and revealing.
The First Amendment protects freedom of expression, worship, the press, and association. Nowhere in the Constitution is there a requirement that any business or person serve another unwillingly. In fact, the 13th Amendment specifically abolished involuntary servitude.   Yes, discrimination is a bad thing. But the Constitution does not protect you from discrimination by anyone except the government.   People do need food, shelter, clothing and other necessities of life....
 It was very positive. "Every step is a first step." I like that message. "Every shot is a school." It is! Learn something! "Every day is a rededication." That is a great truth. The message was "Stop dreaming and start doing." What is negative about that?
I am truly amazed. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Saying that this movie was shot with an iPad is a bit of a stretch. There must be dozens of iPads in there performing all kinds of functions from scripting to filming to editing to sound recording and mixing, each of them dedicated to its task. Many scenes appear to have been shot with two or more iPads at different angles. Plus, you have the external mics, booms, dollies, stands, directors' chairs, etc. This ...
Honestly, Apple needs to take a look at some of the ads. "Boom Beach" is getting to be really obnoxious with its cartoons of people overjoyed at the opportunity to take down the enemy with cannons.
Kids on the school rifle team, for one. Back in the '60s when I was in junior high and high school kids took their guns back and forth on the school bus. There are still schools that have rifle teams. I don't know how they transport their weapons nowadays.
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