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  The problem is not with the speed of the flight. The iPad's GPS antenna is not sensitive enough to reliably pick up GPS signals in many aircraft. Aircraft are made of metal which interferes with GPS reception. It is possible to mount an antenna on the exterior of the airplane, though, and connect an iPad to that.
The reason you turn off your iPad and iPhone below 10,000 feet has little to do with the possibility of electronic interference with avionics. That is a myth, albeit widely believed even among flight crews. These devices have already met the FAA standard of having been proven to not interfere with aircraft electronics. The reason you turn them off is because of FCC regulations governing cell phones. Moving in a jet, your device rapidly switches from one cell tower to the...
Samsung will copy it and make defective duplicates which their customers will try to return to the Apple Store. Apple will sue for patent infringement and Samsung will claim that they actually invented the process. Samsung and Google will issue press releases saying that not allowing customers to choose between "Apple" and "Fake Apple" limits consumer choice and that not allowing Samsung to copy stuff "stifles innovation." Fan-boys on both sides will riot. Samsung and...
Wayne Goodrich is available?
I can't imagine what the holdup is. The new processors are available. Thunderbolt is well developed. Better graphics cards are available. Everything is there. So release the new Mac Pro already. What, are they waiting for it to grow legs and deliver itself?
  The Supreme Court has also affirmed that no one is obligated to arrange their financial affairs to pay more taxes than they have to. This is one of the first cases you study in income tax law. Even IRS agents know it. The fact is, corporate taxes are double or triple taxation on the same income. The corporation pays taxes. Then the shareholders have to pay taxes on any money they take out of the corporation. They also pay taxes when they sell the shares at a profit. The...
I see no reason why any company should pay more taxes than it absolutely has to. Businesses are run for the benefit of their owners, not the benefit of government tax collectors. I would consider a company that did not minimize taxes to be incompetently managed. I would be willing to bet that Apple and GE's critics take every deduction they can get, too.
Well, I hate to say it, but change the background color from black to white and you have the Nintendo Wii!
Two thoughts: many very elderly people cannot pick up an iPad without messing up the screen -- even with the wide bezel. A narrow bezel would make the device totally unusable for them. They just don't have the dexterity and hand strength to hold an iPad by its edges. On the other hand, many complain that the iPad is too heavy. If they fall asleep while reading in bed, the iPad falls on their noses and wakes them up!
What I do not understand is the motivation for posting faked pictures of everything from unreleased products to tornados and tsunamis. What's the point? I don't get it at all.
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