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Microsoft's pushing of Xbox is the best strategy they have had in years. Maybe they saw how Apple came along with iPhones and iPads, devices seemingly unrelated to Window's core market in the business world yet having a great effect on businesses approach to technology almost from day one, witness the number of 'Fortune 500 testing/using iPhone/iPad' in every keynote. The Xbox strategy is to disrupt Apple's disruption, come in from underneath where people aren't really...
Foxconn has seen Sammy's success copying Apple, they will join the party next.   Supplier companies always have their eyes on the leader, they would like to emulate the success and brand recognition of leading brands whether it be Sony, Apple, Caterpillar, BMW or whoever. Subcontracting/outsourcing is a gift in technology transfer and when the supplier is well known as has become the case with Foxconn making Apple products for so long they are bound to want to...
 McD specified a temperature to the cup makers for which the plastic foam must maintain its stability. Lower temperature = lower cost. McD put higher temperature coffee in to the cup than was specified, the cup deformed due to the higher temperature, the coffee spilled, injury followed.Your use of "babble" should be put in to context.
In UK products are required to be "fit for purpose" and be of "merchantable quality", if you buy a product that fails sooner than you reasonably expect it should you can seek recompense through the small claims court. The court will make a judgment based upon the individual circumstances of the case, in the case of consumer electronics (including computers and mobiles) on average the period is a little over two years, for domestic appliances nearly three years.   The...
Surface, is creating a "seam" between software and hardware and a chasm between MS and its licensees. Meanwhile Apple's software and hardware is seamless. Ballmer seems as clueless as ever if not more so, chucking out buzzwords like a salesman.  
 I wonder whether it'll sink or swim, or be a floater and eventually get flushed.
 Not so. In Europe the customers contract is with the retailer, the retailer has a duty to supply goods "of merchantable quality" that are "fit for the purpose". In the UK this is judged by the court and a small claim action can be instituted for £10 ($16). The average life expectancy of consumer electronics as determined by the courts averages in excess of 30 months. Apple is far from the only company that tries to enforce the mythical one year warranty, it is the...
"Samsung says it will review 250 suppliers for labor violations" I thought Samsung made everything themselves, well not really but that's the impression created by their advocates.
 $15 per unit is not trivial, it would make it one of the costlier components. With activations at one million per day that's 15 million dollars per day, five and a half billion dollars per year.
If this article has been linked from AI I haven't seen it so apologies in advance if it has but otherwise enjoy the read. Samsung: power, corruption and lies. Mic Wright wonders why Samsung isn’t more closely scrutinised, given the company’s chequered past and allegations made against its ruling family’s professional ethics. http://www.kernelmag.com/features/report/3028/samsung-power-corruption-and-lies/
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