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Industry sources? Rumour-mongers! @cnocbui Why would Apple bother with Samsung's 14FF LPE when TSMC's 16FF+ is available?
And making an update for all users of a 9.7" iPad less interesting will help?Apple already made that mistake with the iPad mini 3.
Exactly the modus operandi of the company I work for.And the team is chosen by how good the number of team members fits the numbers of employees to be laid off...
It is much worse than you think: They are stupid and resistant to learning!
When you look at Apple's CY 2014 instead of their FY 2014 they already surpassed Chevron and Berkshire.So that wasn't a very difficult prediction to make. 
That's just the underground loading area. There will be a separate delivery vehicle access point at North Tantau Avenue.
Unfortunately that was spreaded to Mac OS too.Yosemity was a BIG step in the wrong direction.So I'm using Mavericks and I'm still using iTunes 10.7 because the usability degraded. A lot...
Thanks for telling us you don't know anything about the EU.
Apple had no experience in this Industrie.This is why they started hiring a lot of engineers from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, especially system integration engineers. And if Apple really wanted to build a car the big automotive suppliers like Bosch, Magna, Continental, Denso or Johnson Controls and independent producers like Valmet or again Magna will be very happy to help... Buying Tesla is a waste of money and that's it.
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