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Where all car companies fail more or less is the CUI - the Car User Interface. Apple will fix that.   For everything else - who needs Apple?
Pink it's my new obsession  Pink it's not even a question,  Pink on the lips of your lover, 'cause  Pink is the love you discover  Pink as the bing on your cherry  Pink 'cause you are so very  Pink it's the color of passion  'Cause today it just goes with the fashion
No.Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones all modells combined.
Pushed back 6 months because of poor display yields? Yeah, very believable....
Doesn't make sense as the packaging isn't done by the foundry (neither Samsung nor TSMC).  Those rumours were entirely wrong. 
Tesla who?Apple will play with the big boys: Ford, Toyota, VW
If there are two possibilities to explain something, the obvious one and a conspiracy theory, a lot of people jump on the second one. Must be their boring lifes or it's a government driven plan to....
And on weekends they use the parking area in the main building as a windtunnel?
trilobal = with three lobes
 Exactly how we drive here on the Autobahn. Only we do it at over 200km/h.  btt:Even if Apple would aim at the upper class part of the market, the margins would be very thin compared to their current business.For comparison, Daimler has an operating margin of ca. 8%, BMW 10.5%, Ford 4%, VW 4.5%, Toyota 8.5%, and GM - don't ask! So analysts really think Apple will make big investments (and you need big investments in the car industry) in a business where the best have an...
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