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Yes: Board IDs = "Mac-06F11FD93F0323C5", "Mac-06F11F11946D27C5" SSDs = "SM256G", "SM512G", "SM1024G" SSD revision = "BXW1PA0Q"  
Threats Chinese phone manufacturers Google's Android operating system   Yeah, Apple is really a threat to both not leaving them a lot of room for breathing...    @Ppietra Apple proforma CY 2014  (up from CY 2013) Revenue $199.6 B  (+14.7%) Profit $44.5 B  (+20.0%)   @chasm  No that's clearly not true. Apple's revenue in that period was $212.1 B.
To put things into perspective, the 1st generation iPhone was expected to sell 1 million units - and then to die...
Berlin: And I thought that "Cathedral towering over a Town" was situated in the Neue Pinakothek in Munic. Hmmm...   BTW: Don't think the curry in Currywurst has anything to do with indian curry. It's a sauce which is one off the most disgusting things the german kitchen has ever elaborated.  
It is not.Samsung's 14FF LPE had a small advantage over TSMC's 16FF.But 16FF was retired when 16FF+ went into production last month. To keep up with 16FF+ Samsung needs to replace 14FF LPE with 14FF LPP which they haven't done yet. Once Samsung switched to LPP both 16FF+ and 14FF LPP will have the same fin pitch, gate pitch, and metal pitch.We may see hardly any noteworthy advantage of one over the other.
Industry sources? Rumour-mongers! @cnocbui Why would Apple bother with Samsung's 14FF LPE when TSMC's 16FF+ is available?
And making an update for all users of a 9.7" iPad less interesting will help?Apple already made that mistake with the iPad mini 3.
Exactly the modus operandi of the company I work for.And the team is chosen by how good the number of team members fits the numbers of employees to be laid off...
It is much worse than you think: They are stupid and resistant to learning!
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