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Yeah, Apple should drop the opportunity to win the complete youth of an emerging country of 75 million people to save some percent margin!  
And this time Samsung really sold all those shipped tablets? Lies, damn lies, Samsung shipment numbers...
I hope the 'A5X' is a 28nm part from TSMC and this time both Cortex-A9 cores are active.   AnandTech found a S5L8947 mentioned which is most likely a die shrunk 32nm "A5XR2" made by Samsung.
Number of shares was already up to round about 941 Mio. - is now down to 939 Mio.
Exxon Mobile revenues for Q4 2012 should be round about 125 bn $. Revenues for 2012 may reach 480 bn $ and earnings may reach 36 bn $.   Apple's pro forma 2012: 164,6 bn $ revenues and 41,7 bn $ earnings.   Samsung Electronics' numbers: some 188 bn $ revenues and 23,5 bn $ earnings.
  Considering Q4 2012 was one week shorter than Q4 2011 this is good result
Surely no former RIM customer bought an Android phone the last year 
John Sculley has never known what Apple needs.
It's very tempting!
65% of the market in pieces, 6.5% of the market in money. Yeah, sure the way Apple will go!
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