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nexus - it's an u declination
1.5M tablets isn't much but it is $1B revenue for MS where before it was zero. And while I think Win8 is stupid I have to admit that MS didn't come up just with another iOS copy!
"TSMC is ready to "tape out" the new A7 chip on its 20nm process" That doesn't make sense. Tape-out is done by the chip designer.
I found that here in Germany even in small villages a lot of POIs popped up recently.
Last year Apple sold 230M iOS devices. 
Instead of a dime you see $10.60 per share p.a.
Where from do you have those Samsung numbers? They are completely wrong. And you don't need to do currency conversion as Samsung is providing their numbers also in $.   The numbers for Samsung Electronics are (CY = FY) 2010 - $136.28 B revenue and $15.60 B net income 2011 - $144.98 B revenue and $13.15 B net income 2012 - $187.26 B revenue and $23.45 B net income   The numbers for Apple are (Calendar Years!) 2010 - $  76.28 B revenue and $16.63 B net income 2011 - $127.84...
The number of outstanding shares already dropped. And btw shareholders would even benefit if the share count just didn't increase anymore as it did for decades.     It doesn't make sense to make a big acquisition just because you have the money. That's a very stupid business model.
"the China Times report cited an unnamed industry watcher as saying that Apple plans to use Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC's 28nm process to build the cheap iPhone's Snapdragon SoC."   Bad translation? Apple may buy or not Snapdragon SoCs; but for sure they are produced for Qualcomm.
If the mini had a retina display I'd be interested. In the meantime I'm waiting for the iPad 5 whether it's a step forward big enough to replace my iPad 3. The iPad 4 wasn't.
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