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What's the story?
Maybe they were distracted being busy selling dozens of Millions of iPhone 5 to those who were not?
Strange how people often ignore the 8 Billion tax loss carry-forward Motorola had.
That's because the hardest competition ist always the iPod from last year.
Am I the only one who thinks Apple failed in Greater China? Europe showed the expected decline due to the economic crisis. But the decline in China came unexpected for me. What did I miss?
As Rogifan mentioned, we are waiting for the iPad 5. Apple will get our money a little bit later this year...
Wow! World domitation for a beer! 
The $6.5 million sum being charged in France is minuscule compared to the billions in income taxes that some believe should be paid in the EU.   TFTFY
What I like about the iPad is its 4:3 screen.
It's not an issue - it's a No Go!
New Posts  All Forums: