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More than 170M iPads were sold to date as we learned in the telco just yesterday.
The iPad mini was Apple's answer for the buying interest shifting to smaller tablets.  BTT:I think the level of success of the 5C is dwarfed by the higher than expected level of success of the 5S.It's a perception problem, not a real one.
 You really don't get it. Right now those giant companies are paying nothing.And even after closing the loophole Ireland is still the best tax country in the EU. So where is the risc for Ireland?
Obviously you don't know anything about the Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich
There is no "overnight" for iCloud!
It will make a dent in their profits (revenue 197 bn $ / profit 26 bn $ in the last 4 quarters). 
Maps in iOS7 was a big step in the wrong direction. Hopefully they fix that first. 
138 million China Mobile subscribers use 3G right now. These are the potential iPhone buyers.This compares to  China Telecom 100 mln 3G subscribers  China Unicom 87 mln 3G subscribers(All numbers from end of June; over 15 mln 3G subsribers are added each month; source: Reuters).
What's the story?
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