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What I like about the iPad is its 4:3 screen.
It's not an issue - it's a No Go!
Mac mini:   1. Haswell 2. Haswell 3. Haswell   iMac 27":   1. User-accessible HDD/SSD bay 2. User-accessible HDD/SSD bay 3. User-accessible HDD/SSD bay   Mac Pro:   1. A real Mac Pro 2. Really a Mac Pro 3. I can buy'em in Europe....
Exactly my first thought!
Some people obviously have no life...   Having skipped the iPad 4 I hope the iPad 5 will be a good replacement for my iPad 3.  Smaller volume, less weight, longer battery life, and less warming up will be welcomed. Much more CPU and GPU power will be expected 
In nuce.
Samsung does finally what already was aticipated for some time: It starts to build it's own eco system.  Now waiting for step 2: Samsung's own Android fork.
"the team spoke on a number of topics related to Google's overwhelmingly popular operating system."   Overwhelmingly popular? I think most users of smart phones don't give the OS of their mobile phone a single thought. 
Finally the mini player isn't a complete fail anymore. For the rest? I'm still considering going back to iTunes 10.
That's easy. Sold units in the EU: Zero
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