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Surely no former RIM customer bought an Android phone the last year 
John Sculley has never known what Apple needs.
It's very tempting!
65% of the market in pieces, 6.5% of the market in money. Yeah, sure the way Apple will go!
Just made it to over 400 posts. Only short 16 1/2 years left to pass the 1000. 
From their point of view that only means there are now less positive news left in Apples future 
Munster maybe a member of the "Church of Market Share" as John Gruber names it.
Nonesense! Sure he creates economy. Even if he was only a child spending his pocket money he would create economy. And consuming is creating economy. Yes, the scale is much smaller than a big company but he's not alone. There are 314 million others.
They both grew their market share by 2%...
The time wasn't ripe. It would have been just another failed revolutionary product from Apple as the Lisa was. And Apple wasn't in the economical shape to bear that.
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