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You are still allowed to use the iPad 3? Amazing 
Why do people always want to buy a cow when they only want milk?
Oh yes. Slow Netbooks. Really exciting.   We are talking about Macs meaning at least an i5 with 1,7GHz (turbo up to 2.6 GHz) running circles around any ARM CPU. And that's the weakest Mac you can get.   Next year Haswell will make the biggest step forward since Intel introduced Core 2. Apple would be stupid not to use it.
In difference to Geekbench Sunspider does only utilize 1 Core.
  Apple may sell 50 mio iPhones but not 50 mio iPhone 5. This FY Q1 they sold 37 mio iPhones and "only" 22 mio were iPhone 4S.
Don't be sloppy, it's 163.057!     Since when?
Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.   Don't fear trojans - fear the greeks!
Woz is still an Apple employee. His ID number is 1. The ID number of Steve was 0 before he left Apple - I don't know if he got that back when he returned.   If someone asks Woz what he thinks about this or that he will honestly answer what he really thinks and not what someone else thinks he should answer. I appreciate that a lot.
The bullshit is not the quad core the bullshit is to claim it's based on Samsung's Exynos 4 architecture.   And btw Apple has now 4 designes: A4 (45nm / Cortex-A8) A5 (45nm / Cortex-A9) A5X (45nm / Cortex-A9) A5 (32nm / Cortex-A9) and none of them is based on any Samsung design.   Personally I think we will see a dual Cortex-A15 design in the next iPhone. It's questionable though whether Apple was able to already incorporate a G6x00 (PowerVR...
Don't travel by plane. Don't live in areas with granite subsurface. Don't live near a coal dump.
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