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The number of outstanding shares already dropped. And btw shareholders would even benefit if the share count just didn't increase anymore as it did for decades.     It doesn't make sense to make a big acquisition just because you have the money. That's a very stupid business model.
"the China Times report cited an unnamed industry watcher as saying that Apple plans to use Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC's 28nm process to build the cheap iPhone's Snapdragon SoC."   Bad translation? Apple may buy or not Snapdragon SoCs; but for sure they are produced for Qualcomm.
If the mini had a retina display I'd be interested. In the meantime I'm waiting for the iPad 5 whether it's a step forward big enough to replace my iPad 3. The iPad 4 wasn't.
No. As always we're seeing confirmed "sold" for Apple and guessed "shipped" for everyone else
Everyone else in the top end systems is using Sandy Bridge. The Mac Pro stopped being a top end system a while ago, especially the chip set and the GPUs are really outdated!
No, they just ignore them.
Woz was busy at the time developing other things for Apple. He simply hadn't the time doing it himself.   And damn! yes he was really brilliant - as an electronic engineer and as a programmer!
  Obviously you never heard about "Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich". If you don't have a clue stop making dumb statements yourself.
They didn't pay taxes offshore in the first place. Was that fair?   Why do people think Apple is sitting on a mountain of money like Scrooge McDuck?     15.147  U.S. Treasury securities 15.630  U.S. agency securities   4.063  Non-U.S. government securities   0.763  Certificates of deposit and time deposits   0.144  Commercial paper 42.405  Corporate securities   5.398  Municipal securities 13.742  Mortgage- and asset-backed securities   These...
Woz is a nerd (have you ever seen a picture of his work bench?). He wants always the newest features in his toys. All of them at once. I want that too. But I'm not responsible for the operations of a 165 billion $ company. Neither is Woz.
New Posts  All Forums: