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Nonesense! Sure he creates economy. Even if he was only a child spending his pocket money he would create economy. And consuming is creating economy. Yes, the scale is much smaller than a big company but he's not alone. There are 314 million others.
They both grew their market share by 2%...
The time wasn't ripe. It would have been just another failed revolutionary product from Apple as the Lisa was. And Apple wasn't in the economical shape to bear that.
But it was very close.   In every market there is a minimum marketshare you need to survive. If the market has a lot of players this minimum is low. The less players there are the higher the minimum is.   As in the PC business in the smartphone market the number of players is not determined by the companies selling phones but by the number of OS platforms in use. And I'm really confident Apple is now big enough to survive even the death of all other players besides IOS...
Citigroup? Aren't that those guys who needed a little help recently because they knew their business so well?
Yep, this is mother nature at work - evolutionary pressure is still high...     First time someone is describing Frederick William II. of Prussia as infamous 
In emerging markets only small parts of the people have the money for iPhones. If this part is big enough Apple will go into that market at full prices and ignore the rest.
I hated the new mini player the very moment I opened it first time.
 Yes he is.At least 425€ (550$) for the UMTS version, 494€ (639$) for the LTE version. Both including 19% VAT.Iphone 4 = 399€ (516$),Iphone 4S = 579€ (749$),Iphone 5 = 679€ (878$),all with 16GB.BTW: I hate the new forum style. It's stupid and it's not even beta.
Au contraire! Apple aims for 30 days of channel inventory. So even for 14M iPads sold 3.4M channel inventory is low. I think we've seen here a momentary snapshot of already drying out of new iPad inventory making place for the new new iPad.
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