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Apple had no experience in this Industrie.This is why they started hiring a lot of engineers from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, especially system integration engineers. And if Apple really wanted to build a car the big automotive suppliers like Bosch, Magna, Continental, Denso or Johnson Controls and independent producers like Valmet or again Magna will be very happy to help... Buying Tesla is a waste of money and that's it.
While I do not disagree, the most super rich people right now are self-made.Or better: They are super rich because others bought shares of their companies for unbelievable amounts of money hoping to make even more money that way. We are such a greedy species 
No.They increased channel inventory by 1M.And they sold 13.6M iPads as they reduced channel inventory by 1M. Apple does report shipments.This is why you should attend the quarterly conference calls.It's where Cook & Maestri show you the whole picture.
Yes, you are right.Apple shipped 61.6 Mio. iPhones and sold 60.6 Mio. iPhones. Are you happier now?
Obviously some people on this board think that Samsung's 14FF process is smaller than TSMC's 16FF+ process. How funny....
You forgot that they can put in three times the sensor area and they don't need the colour filters on the sensor dots anymore or to interpolate the colours.
As an european the non-usage of tower cranes looks strange. Here in Europe big construction sites look like this.   As tower cranes are the most efficient cranes why aren't they used in California? Legal restraints?
Nokia, Erickson and the others thought they were still in the mobile phone business.In reality the phones had become handheld computers. They had stepped in to Apples territory and Apple crushed them.
Where all car companies fail more or less is the CUI - the Car User Interface. Apple will fix that.   For everything else - who needs Apple?
Pink it's my new obsession  Pink it's not even a question,  Pink on the lips of your lover, 'cause  Pink is the love you discover  Pink as the bing on your cherry  Pink 'cause you are so very  Pink it's the color of passion  'Cause today it just goes with the fashion
New Posts  All Forums: