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Better look again at Apple's site. The SODIMMs come always in pairs. And you do not want to change that because the GMA950 needs the bandwidth (10600 MB/s in a Mini!)...
Yeah 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 EE on a dual channel DDR2-553 memory subsystem. Surely what we expect in a Mac mini or iBook The fun with GMA is that it runs nicely on a highend system and sucks very bad on a slow system.
Mail in X.3.9 denied opening such a jpg attachment. Apple fixed something that was not broken.
Apple should add Mail to that list
There are people out there not using a DP? *shudder*
A CPU is a CPU is a CPU For me CPU = central processing unit = 1 chip. Was a long time true since the times of CPU + MMU + FPU = 3 chips. But I might have to reconfigure my vocabulary...
This is definitely future hardware at least for France, Germany, Spain and UK. The Apple Store here still only shows 1.67 and 1.83 GHz models.
DIB means independent bus per CPU not per core. Tigerton (4 cores on 1 die) is expected to have a new independant bus for each core. Cloverton (2x Woodcrest MCM) will have one FSB. But 10.6 GB bandwidth isn't too shabby 8)
What nonsense are you talking about?
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