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If a cpu is able to feed all its working units properly without HT then you don't need it. P4 has a problem with bubbles in it's extrem long pipeline. HT helped to fill them.
You can only pressure a vendor if you're really a big customer. Apple is not (yet 8) ). But Intel will give Apple whatever Jobs wants - as long as it fits in their own plans. SC Yonah was planned for Q2 introduction - Apple got it immediately.Highest demand, smallest market, highest profit. I think we will see single CPU tower systems but no single core! I'm shure before the end of 2006 you won't be able to buy a SC machine from Apple anymore. And btw Conroe is really...
Bluetooth needs a driver boost from MS or it will die. BT support in Windows is abysmal but without Windows the market is to small to succeed
You're right, but who else can make use of it? The others will have to wait 3 years till MS changes Windows, Apple could make that change in Mac OS X immediately. But why add another co processor? There's already one - called GPU...
Calistoga, the chipset for Yonah, can only address 2GB on a 667MHz memory bus and it supports 4GB on a 533MHz bus. But as THT already said there are no 2GB SO-DIMMs. So the 4GB from Acer and Lenovo can't be considered as lies but they don't tell you the whole truth as you cannot buy a 4GB model from them and WinXP can't address the whole 4GB when the 2GB SO-DIMMS finally become available. THT, I seem to remember the barrier at 3.5GB? 2.5GB sounds very ugly! Sossaman...
The 9200 is a version of the 8500. The 9550 is a version of the 9600. GMA is no competition for a 9600 class chip.
I hate you
Better look again at Apple's site. The SODIMMs come always in pairs. And you do not want to change that because the GMA950 needs the bandwidth (10600 MB/s in a Mini!)...
Yeah 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 EE on a dual channel DDR2-553 memory subsystem. Surely what we expect in a Mac mini or iBook The fun with GMA is that it runs nicely on a highend system and sucks very bad on a slow system.
Mail in X.3.9 denied opening such a jpg attachment. Apple fixed something that was not broken.
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