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I'm sure Anand already got his hand on it  
 Oligopoly in being
Three years lost.Leo Apotheker wanted to do the splitt 2011 (personal systems only, the weakest part of HP) and was fired.Personal systems and printing combined is half of HP's revenue.Last 3 quarters revenues (there are some intersegment net revenues in the numbers):   Q1  HP $28.15 bn; personal systems $ 8.53 bn, printing $5.82 bn, combined $14.35 bn   Q2  HP $27.31 bn; personal systems $ 8.18 bn, printing $5.83 bn, combined $14.01 bn   Q3  HP $27.59 bn; personal systems...
If the 2014 iPads get the same A8 as the iPhones then in doesn't make any sense to let Samsung produce A8s.If they get an A8X model with a different die layout (e.g. with a GX6650) then it could be produced by Samsung. Seeing it is believing it...
So true! The A7 in the iPhone 5S has to drop the speed significantly after half a minute.If the A8 could behave in the iPhone like the A7 in the iPad Air, only a slight drop after a much longer period, than the 20% more speed in Geekbench would transform to a 45% speed increase under heavy usage.Something that wouldn't show in the usual benchmarks but benefit the user in real life... And maybe they need the power envelope for the GPU 
Are you from Suisse romande?
People are speculating that the shares of the company of their choice will do well. An often overlooked difference...
But after the iPad 3 even the iPad Air, nice as it is, was not tempting enough to upgrade. Main reason was the lack of sufficent RAM.
Cons * Lousy antireflection coating What is all the fancy stuff good for when I can't see it?
After stripping the marketing bla-bla Samsung's "14nm" process is 20nm FinFET, as is TSMC's "16nm" process. GloFo dropped the further developement of their own 20nm FinFET process in favour of Samung's. So Samsung could become Apple's contractor and outsource part of the production to GloFo if needed assuring continuousness of production.
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