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Woodcrest is the DP version of Conroe. The quad core Tigerton is expected to be released in H2 2007. And you are talking about the price of the CPUs alone, aren't you?
End of discussion
Does anyone know the specs of a Yonah Celeron? It could be a 1.6GHz dual core with 1MB L2 ( = 30% reduction in die size) on a FSB533. Really not a step back from a 1.5GHz G4
And then having to have a keyboard screen saver. Matrix
Sounds like TN panels. For graphical works?
That's understandable - it's only the fastest laptop cpu ever
For thermal design a CPU is just a hot spot. I don't see Apple having a problem they can't handle here. A lot of cooling solutions can be found in the market already and I'm shure Apple's engineers know them all.
powerbooks are slow
English version of the article.
webmail first of all that's 480Mb/s! Mb/s = Megabit per second MB/s = Megabyte per second 480Mb/s = 60 MB/s. Just the max transfer rate of my 200GB Samsung ATA HD running in an external FW800 case.
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