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Apple should add Mail to that list
There are people out there not using a DP? *shudder*
A CPU is a CPU is a CPU For me CPU = central processing unit = 1 chip. Was a long time true since the times of CPU + MMU + FPU = 3 chips. But I might have to reconfigure my vocabulary...
This is definitely future hardware at least for France, Germany, Spain and UK. The Apple Store here still only shows 1.67 and 1.83 GHz models.
DIB means independent bus per CPU not per core. Tigerton (4 cores on 1 die) is expected to have a new independant bus for each core. Cloverton (2x Woodcrest MCM) will have one FSB. But 10.6 GB bandwidth isn't too shabby 8)
What nonsense are you talking about?
Woodcrest is the DP version of Conroe. The quad core Tigerton is expected to be released in H2 2007. And you are talking about the price of the CPUs alone, aren't you?
End of discussion
Does anyone know the specs of a Yonah Celeron? It could be a 1.6GHz dual core with 1MB L2 ( = 30% reduction in die size) on a FSB533. Really not a step back from a 1.5GHz G4
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