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Mac Shuffle
I think that came from the editor Anton Shilov not from Pat Gelsinger. Did anybody read the article on DigiTimes (membership needed)?Confirmed! PowerBooks will use Yonah first and then switch to Merom
The FX5200 is an AGP-Pro card and doesn't fit in non G5 macs (unless you are willing to use a Dremel )
The firmware on the cards still has to be mac specific, regardless of the interface to the system controller (be it PCI, PCI-X, AGP, or PCIe).
Isn't there always a next PowerMac?
They use a 16x slot but only 8 PCIe lines per card.
X1300Pro in the highest model. X1300 in the others. Both speed crippled. Hey it's Apple we're talking about.
This is an iMac - so what?
No. Dell is expesive in Europe. BTW most people over 40 don't like so high resolutions - 100 dpi is already to much. And so with 40 I bought a 96dpi display - with 44 I bought a 86dpi display Maybe the next needs to be 76dpi
Start a diat, stop smoking, stop drinking, steal money
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