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The firmware on the cards still has to be mac specific, regardless of the interface to the system controller (be it PCI, PCI-X, AGP, or PCIe).
Isn't there always a next PowerMac?
They use a 16x slot but only 8 PCIe lines per card.
X1300Pro in the highest model. X1300 in the others. Both speed crippled. Hey it's Apple we're talking about.
This is an iMac - so what?
No. Dell is expesive in Europe. BTW most people over 40 don't like so high resolutions - 100 dpi is already to much. And so with 40 I bought a 96dpi display - with 44 I bought a 86dpi display Maybe the next needs to be 76dpi
Start a diat, stop smoking, stop drinking, steal money
c't has just published a new version of the iBook Screen Enhancer for Tiger.
I have a DI-624+ running for a year now and absolutely no problems. I use it for both my Mac and my IBM T40 notebook (WIN2K) with WLAN only.
Originally posted by MacRonin Expensive, yes... Yeah, I know at least 9320 reasons not to buy such a machine. Let's say 2GHz speeds for the cores And now already 12112
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