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X1300Pro in the highest model. X1300 in the others. Both speed crippled. Hey it's Apple we're talking about.
This is an iMac - so what?
No. Dell is expesive in Europe. BTW most people over 40 don't like so high resolutions - 100 dpi is already to much. And so with 40 I bought a 96dpi display - with 44 I bought a 86dpi display Maybe the next needs to be 76dpi
Start a diat, stop smoking, stop drinking, steal money
c't has just published a new version of the iBook Screen Enhancer for Tiger.
I have a DI-624+ running for a year now and absolutely no problems. I use it for both my Mac and my IBM T40 notebook (WIN2K) with WLAN only.
Originally posted by MacRonin Expensive, yes... Yeah, I know at least 9320 reasons not to buy such a machine. Let's say 2GHz speeds for the cores And now already 12112
From IDF: In his key note Pat Gelsinger showed the absolute performance of Dempsey and Woodcrest in a chart, but only relative to a current dual Xeon (Irwindale, 3.6 GHz, 2 chips, 2 cores). Dempsey (2 chips, 4 cores) was said to speed up the SPECint_rate_base2000 around 88% (that would be from 38 to 71). Woodcrest (2 chips, 4 cores) added then another 52% (to 108 ). A HP ProLiant DL385 with 2.2GHz Opterons (2 chips, 4 cores) reached 65, a IBM eServer P5 570 (2...
Paxville is Pentium IV based. It's unlikely Apple will use them at all. Woodcrest is the name of the game
Merom was originally planned as the successor to Dothan in 2005. But that Merom (single core) isn't the Merom (dual core) which will succeed Yonah. Sometimes plans change alot...
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