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as of April 2005 was correct. But plans change
No. There is no JEDEC specification beyond DDR400 / PC3200 for DDR RAM. So read the restriction for operation and the terms of warrenty very carefully...
No, but thanks for clearing that up.
Intel is in a transition phase. After trashing the Pentium 4 derivates the line will look like: Server CPUs -------------- Pentium M Desktop CPUs -------------- Pentium M Laptop CPUs -------------- Pentium M
Wasn't the tape out of Merom already in june ?
.wmv for QuickTime bought the Player Pro and it works perfectly trashed the Windows Media Player immediately
Radeon 9550 is a low cost down-cut version of the 9600, with programmable vertex and pixel shaders in hardware. But the 64bit memory bus and only 32MB RAM is prohibitiv
Apple? Isn't that the company that uses a Radeon 9200 on a 64bit bus?
At ebay someone sells this.
Now? Says who? IBM didn't say anything!
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