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Apple? Isn't that the company that uses a Radeon 9200 on a 64bit bus?
At ebay someone sells this.
Now? Says who? IBM didn't say anything!
DTP for a Pentium D 820 is 95W While Dothan is nice - especialy on Sonoma - Yonah will be the real deal. And expect a transition to Merom within a year...
Who cares? You have a floppy drive on the the PC too and seriell port, parallel port, and PS2 ports... I consider these just as unnecessarily as the second optical drive I kicked out of my G4 FW800.
The Radeon 9650 uses the RV351 GPU which is just a die shrink of the RV350 from the Radeon 9600 Pro. There should be no difficulties to run that card in an AGP 4x slot. BeigeUser already posted the link with the instructions you need. Could you please take a look at the RAM. Is it really rated GC2A ?
Do you sometimes think before you hit the submit button?
What's the difference between this card and the retail X800 XT card? Almost none. The GPU of the X850 is a redesign for easier production and is clocked a bit higher.
New BTO option: "NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT DDL The groundbreaking NVIDIA GeForce 6800 graphics processor also features a 16-pixel pipeline architecture and support for the world's fastest GDDR3 memory to raise the bar for 3D graphics performance. The specifications for the GeForce 6800 GT DDL include memory bandwidth of 32GB per second throughput, 525 million vertices and 5.6 billion textured pixels per second. The card features NVIDIA's industry leading CineFX 3.0...
People just ignore the difference between margin and gross margin. Especially on this board
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