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Thanks! The RV351 is just a RV350 on a 110 nm process, also rated 400 MHz. Found in the german periodical c't #11 review of the PM 2.7 GHz that the RAM on the 9650 is indeed rated 350 MHz. Gentlemen, start your ATIccelerator
Is it true that the RAM on the 9650 is Samsung 2.86ns ? And is the GPU a RV350 or RV360 ?
Blade Prototype from IBM.
The 9650 won't fit in a AGP 2x slot.
Henrik Wannhedens has a fantastic chart
This childish.
Thanks mattyj, I already thought I cracked my Radeon 9600
Did you restart Safari after en-/disabling Q2DE?
Could someone verify please: Go to this site and run the test with Q2DE enabled/disabled. I get 60/4 sec for test 6
You are wrong. The problem is the LCD display which is operating at it's maximum heat level right now.
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