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This list is unfortunately 1 year old. Prescot and Athlon 64 are around 90W now. The Turion 64 is 35W @ 2.2GHz, Sossaman (desktop twin of Yonah) is expected with 31W @ 2GHz (LV version 15W @ 1.67GHz).
For $0.02AUD you only get a GMA 900 running at 325 MHz. I put my € 0.02 on this. In the Mac mini and perhaps also in the iBook replacing the Radeon 9200.
We are talking of the downside of the market, so it will still be nVidia GF6200 Turbocache ATI X300 Hypermemory Why do you think Apple will not drop a dedicated graphics chip from the Mac mini motherboard, when they can have an integrated graphics core for free that does everything they want a Mac mini to do? Obviously Apple already has a driver for the GMA 900 of the i915G chipset, so I don't think they won't be able to make one for Calistoga. But perhaps you are right...
A mild form of reason a plus a big portion of reason b = no buy till fall 2007.
The integrated graphics core of the Calistoga chipset will be faster than most ATI X300 solutions. So we will see it in the Mac mini. I don't know what Apple will do with iBook and eMac but all others will have dedicated graphic chips for shure.
Intel's design team for Pentium-M chips is located in Israel.Intel's roadmap for non-Netburst architecture Yonah mobile CPU is expected to be released in Q1 2006. Yonah is part of the Napa platform and the successor to Dothan. It is expected to be built on a 65nm process and contain two CPU cores on a single die taking 151.6 million transistors. Yonah is expected to feature a 667Mhz FSB speed and a 2Mb L2 cache shared between the two cores and will feature an updated SSE...
The laptops are surely the main reason for Apple to switch to Intel.
It's so easy - Intel showed Steve a Yonah prototype @ 2.5GHz and Steve decided to switch Did you never run a PPC Mac emulating a 68040 emulating an Aplle II 6502 running a programm on that build-in 16bit software cpu?
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