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Henrik Wannhedens has a fantastic chart
This childish.
Thanks mattyj, I already thought I cracked my Radeon 9600
Did you restart Safari after en-/disabling Q2DE?
Could someone verify please: Go to this site and run the test with Q2DE enabled/disabled. I get 60/4 sec for test 6
You are wrong. The problem is the LCD display which is operating at it's maximum heat level right now.
ATI (Bruno Fernandes) clearly stated there will only be one driver for Mac OS X. No FireGL driver - no FireGL card. ATI didn't want to comment OpenGL 2.0 plans from Apple. Don't know about Nvidia Quadro cards/drivers. Isn't Apple developing drivers for Nvidia GPUs?
From the Apple Store:I translate that to 1. "old" 9600 XT @ 400 MHz 2. 9600 @ 325 MHz 3. 9650 @ 400 MHzNo. The 9600 is not fast enough to really use 256MB RAM. Download ATIccelerator II and save $50
This in Australia, Canada and the US. 24 hours at several online stores in europe - as in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Japan - same business day. Next rumor please
They are related but not the way you think. When you turn the brightness up contrast goes down and response time goes down too. If you use the lcd as a computer display you may need a brightness range from 50 to 150 cd/m2. If you use it as a tv display it should have >250. Response time is a little bit difficult. The manufacturers give you the time for black to white changes which is faster than grey to grey, especially for TN panels (twisted nematic). VA panels (vertical...
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