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AMD plans to ship desktop dual core cpus by the end of the year. They announced (the anouncement of) an Opteron 875 (2,2GHz) for a 4 socket server system. Opteron 275 and 175 will follow later. 2,4GHz planned for 2006. I'm sooo impressed
Some LCD monitors do not have buttons anymore, all adjustments are done via a windows program and you can't change the factory preset on a mac. So last year I bought a Samsung SyncMaster 910T for my office instead of a SyncMaster 193P
I bought a D-Link DI-624+ and after two days of trouble with it I exchanged the antenna with a bigger one. Never had trouble again.
An analog port can be as good as a DVI port. A cheap LCD monitor can have a good analog port.1000:1 Start reading here There's nothing to add to this!
They use 1 PCI-E 16x for each controller. So you need a dual processor with dual controller system? GPU---Controller---CPU---CPU---Controller---GPU
The SLI solution from Nvisia also uses 8 PCI-E lanes per card. Did anybody see a speedlimit therefore? BTW the internal MPX bus of the 8641D has 5300 MB/s peak bandwidth (in or out), the 970 in the 1.8 GHz iMac has 2100 MB/s (in) plus 2100 MB/s (out).
Since when is PC4000 a JEDEC standard?
Not everyone buys a new PM every year. So the question is what will be the difference in a year or two. I got a fw800 device 1&1/2 years after I bought a fw800 mac. We had the very same discussion when AGP came out. Ask those with a PCI mobo how happy they were to buy a Radeon 7000 PCI at the price of a Radeon 8500 AGP. I wasn't And you don't think the same will happen with AGP/PCI-E?
Originally posted by wizard69 Right now the PowerMac is a dead end! A lot of people don't want to buy a PM because they are waiting for PCI-E replacing AGP. 3GHz is just a nice-to-have. PCI-E is a must-have! Well Apple can't wait a year for dual core technology, by that time AMD will be shipping mother boards supporting 8 cores and 4 cores cheap.! Cheap as Apple defines cheap or cheap as the PC market defines cheap? I think my cheap is not your cheap
Testing every card at a different resolution/adjustment doesn't make their comparison very reliable. And btw SLI = PCI-E 8x for each card.
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