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An analog port can be as good as a DVI port. A cheap LCD monitor can have a good analog port.1000:1 Start reading here There's nothing to add to this!
They use 1 PCI-E 16x for each controller. So you need a dual processor with dual controller system? GPU---Controller---CPU---CPU---Controller---GPU
The SLI solution from Nvisia also uses 8 PCI-E lanes per card. Did anybody see a speedlimit therefore? BTW the internal MPX bus of the 8641D has 5300 MB/s peak bandwidth (in or out), the 970 in the 1.8 GHz iMac has 2100 MB/s (in) plus 2100 MB/s (out).
Since when is PC4000 a JEDEC standard?
Not everyone buys a new PM every year. So the question is what will be the difference in a year or two. I got a fw800 device 1&1/2 years after I bought a fw800 mac. We had the very same discussion when AGP came out. Ask those with a PCI mobo how happy they were to buy a Radeon 7000 PCI at the price of a Radeon 8500 AGP. I wasn't And you don't think the same will happen with AGP/PCI-E?
Originally posted by wizard69 Right now the PowerMac is a dead end! A lot of people don't want to buy a PM because they are waiting for PCI-E replacing AGP. 3GHz is just a nice-to-have. PCI-E is a must-have! Well Apple can't wait a year for dual core technology, by that time AMD will be shipping mother boards supporting 8 cores and 4 cores cheap.! Cheap as Apple defines cheap or cheap as the PC market defines cheap? I think my cheap is not your cheap
Testing every card at a different resolution/adjustment doesn't make their comparison very reliable. And btw SLI = PCI-E 8x for each card.
I have one HD with 10.3.3 installed, updated step by step to 3.8 and second HD with 10.3.3 installed, updated to 3.7 (combo) and now to 3.8. Now for the second installation Software Update offers me security update 2004-09-16 which was for 10.3.4!
The editor must have been excited about the 4 GHz too. So he forgot to mention the speed of the POWER core - 1 GHz. 4 GHz is for the APUs only. I would prefere a 970MP @ 3 GHz
What are you talking about? The common home user doesn't buy a 10.000 RPM drive! He buys a 160 - 250 GB 7200 RPM drive. Or deletes files he hasn't looked at for 2 years
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