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trilobal = with three lobes
 Exactly how we drive here on the Autobahn. Only we do it at over 200km/h.  btt:Even if Apple would aim at the upper class part of the market, the margins would be very thin compared to their current business.For comparison, Daimler has an operating margin of ca. 8%, BMW 10.5%, Ford 4%, VW 4.5%, Toyota 8.5%, and GM - don't ask! So analysts really think Apple will make big investments (and you need big investments in the car industry) in a business where the best have an...
That's okay, everyone who uses electricity for heating has to be punished 
The sun is shining 24*365 in California? BTW in a 25 years long period you should calculate the year with 365.25 days  
Move the 'iTunes' folder from /Users/your_user/Music to where ever you want. Put a symbolic link to that new location named 'iTunes' in the /Users/your_user/Music folder. Done, hassle-free iTunes.
I hopped on the new boat when iTunes 11 arived. But when iTunes 12 showed up, even uglier than 11 and even less usable, I gave up and switched back to 10.7. And what a relief when all the insufficiencies and annoyances that had bugged me were gone     Who needs a new widget when you can have the mini player of 10.7?
And we should stop using those stupid month names.Much better to use Apple's 4th fiscal month, Apple's 5th fiscal month, and so on... 
You forgot to mention that he used that stupid AnTuTu benchmark as proof 
Oh come on, I thought we were done with that nonsense  
No but it will take 2 years longer till Scrooge McApple has to build the next money bin...
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