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You forgot to mention that he used that stupid AnTuTu benchmark as proof 
Oh come on, I thought we were done with that nonsense  
No but it will take 2 years longer till Scrooge McApple has to build the next money bin...
iPad Pro would be A8X.iPad Pro would be 2560x1920.20nm production. 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM and 16/64/128GB storage. Hey, this is still Apple we are talking about 
The bad guy sitting in front of the computer is Joe Average, the owner, logged in as an admin clicking on something found in the internet. Your personal account is doomed  BTW sudo doesn't allow to run code as root but to run code with the privileges of root.  
"I'm proud to be gay" Why is he proud of that? Is he also proud of still having hairs on his head and not being bald? It is just the way he is and that's it. It's neither something to be proud of nor something to be ashamed of.   my 2¢
I'm sure Anand already got his hand on it  
 Oligopoly in being
Three years lost.Leo Apotheker wanted to do the splitt 2011 (personal systems only, the weakest part of HP) and was fired.Personal systems and printing combined is half of HP's revenue.Last 3 quarters revenues (there are some intersegment net revenues in the numbers):   Q1  HP $28.15 bn; personal systems $ 8.53 bn, printing $5.82 bn, combined $14.35 bn   Q2  HP $27.31 bn; personal systems $ 8.18 bn, printing $5.83 bn, combined $14.01 bn   Q3  HP $27.59 bn; personal systems...
If the 2014 iPads get the same A8 as the iPhones then in doesn't make any sense to let Samsung produce A8s.If they get an A8X model with a different die layout (e.g. with a GX6650) then it could be produced by Samsung. Seeing it is believing it...
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