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I have one HD with 10.3.3 installed, updated step by step to 3.8 and second HD with 10.3.3 installed, updated to 3.7 (combo) and now to 3.8. Now for the second installation Software Update offers me security update 2004-09-16 which was for 10.3.4!
The editor must have been excited about the 4 GHz too. So he forgot to mention the speed of the POWER core - 1 GHz. 4 GHz is for the APUs only. I would prefere a 970MP @ 3 GHz
What are you talking about? The common home user doesn't buy a 10.000 RPM drive! He buys a 160 - 250 GB 7200 RPM drive. Or deletes files he hasn't looked at for 2 years
I'm impressed! There are still believers out there
One Xserve + two Cluster Nodes?
Hey, that's Wizard69s part
I'd say it's a waste of money to drive such a LCD through the analog port!
Oh come on - those maschines producing liquid nitrogen are not that big anymore
Some good cooling and that problem is solved too
Good cooling and the problem is solved
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