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I'm impressed! There are still believers out there
One Xserve + two Cluster Nodes?
Hey, that's Wizard69s part
I'd say it's a waste of money to drive such a LCD through the analog port!
Oh come on - those maschines producing liquid nitrogen are not that big anymore
Some good cooling and that problem is solved too
Good cooling and the problem is solved
Wrong address - tell that IBM!Dual-core AMD Opteron™ processors for servers and workstations will launch in mid-2005 followed by dual-core processors for the client market in late 2005 So where is your problem?
I have a new theory On a G5 the OpenGL numbers scale with the speed of the CPU not the speed of the GPU (if you don't look at the FX5200)! It's a single CPU test - not a GPU test. The heading is only a mistake
I didn't want to say that the GPUs only have 4 pipelines but that in this test it doesn't look like more than 4 pipes are beeing used. Sorry for my bad expression.YES Code:GeForce 6800 Ultra 1794 Radeon 9600 XT 1636 Radeon 9800 XT 1723
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