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The embedded market doesn't need a second FPU and Motorola didn't want (read: spend the money) to redesign the core of the G4 for Apple alone. And I don't think they will do it in the future. We will see a bigger L2 and a memory controller. Expect the e700 to have the first redesigned core. It's just a business decision.
I think this is the very same G5 130nm northbridge - just with an IBM logo on it.
May be you missed per square inch ? Moore's Law is about the density of transistors on a chip not the quantity! But to your question: yes, sometimes they are behind and sometimes ahead of Moore's prediction. Chip technology advances in leaps. For Motorola it was quantum leaps And quantum leaps will be the end of Moore's Law...
Unreal really sucks on my mac (G4 1.17GHz GF4MX). Slower than on my Pentium3 (600MHz GF4MX). Hopefully the game engine of UT2004 is a better port from DirectX than the old engine - a lot of games will use thise engine. Onlooker I hate you! Now I have to download 200MB
You can't find it because it's not there. IBM did not report the voltage to achieve 12.3W @ 1.4GHz. The 0.85V is an estimation made here in the AI forum.Here is IBM's reference (page 9).
AirSluf, I really don’t get it. In a 2GHz G5 the FSB runs at 500MHz which is a quarter of 2GHz so it's a bus ratio of 4:1. Anything else doesn't matter. Not that the bus is double pumped and not that there is one way out and one way in. And thanks a lot for your advice!
That's easy: Even the crippled IIsi was as expensive as a DP 2GHz G5 is today.
In a 2GHz G5 the FSB runs at 500MHz - there's one channel for read and one for write only for each cpu. It is double pumped, so it's called 1GHz. As with all DDR (or QDR as in the P4) buses doubling the speed declaration is a marketing trick. DDR does not virtually double the speed of a bus - it would be better to say it virtually doubles the width of a bus. Read the article about SDR and DDR at ars technica "understanding bandwidth and latency".
The economical consideratoins of his post become not untrue by that. Back to iMac Future: Put a 970FX @ 2GHz and an ATI 9600 AiW in it and everything would be fine. The specs would justify the price and it would be a real All-in-One. But I think the next iMac will be a complete new maschine. As the G5 a more "industrial" design but still cute for a high WAF
There is a difference: 2* 1GB DIMMs will make a bigger hole in your wallet OS X IS faster with 1GB than with 512MB. But normally it's not a big difference. Some applications like Photoshop see a real boost with more memory - let's talk about 4GB If your Rev. B has 8 memory slots buy 2*512MB. If it has only 4 slots buy 2*512MB as well.
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