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Virginia Tech System X Upgrade In Progress: Assembly - Completed! System Stablization - In Process Benchmarking - approx. start, July 19, 2004
Unfortunately! Apple should use standard ratio modells to bring the cost down.
No. The problem is Apple wanted to have its name on it. Dell, HP, Sony, they all won't adopt a technology, even if it's superior, that carries an apple in its name. FireWire did well - no Apple in the name included.
The card still has the power connector that was used to power the monitor through ADC. It seems they used that to provide some extra juice to the card. Did you see that area with discret stuff behind the cooler. Looks like voltage regulation.
No G5 Mac will run without active cooling. BTW I haven't seen a Cube with a G4 > 1GHz that doesn't need active cooling.
On-chip cintroller helps a bit, but the biggest problem is the cycle time of the memory which will not decline till DDR2-533 ram with 333 timing comes to market.
Now take a look at the active window. Its shadows are wider so it's easy to distinguish it from other windows. You can identify the active window without thinking about it because this is one way your brain identifies if one thing is closer to you than another. Changing the colour of the title bar is not the same. You always have to think about "red is active - blue is inactive". It's not an automatic process. Things like this divide intelligent from pretty.
That's easy. Steve will commit to take 400000 per year and IBM will invest in a new version. Or Steve doesn't want it - IBM doesn't build it. I'm not as confident as Outsider that the 970FX can do 3GHZ, but considering the POWER5 is planned to run 2.5GHz on the same process, why not?
If you only have one PCI card in the machine, it doesn't matter
Yes, bleeding edge technology will make the consumer model cheaper
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