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Benches were run with 512 MB on all systems, ATI radeon 9600 PRO, 64MB on Macs, 128MB on x86. MP3: iTunes 4.01 / Magix MP3 maker 2003 diamond MPEG-4: QT 6.3 / Windows media Encoder 9 P4 3.2 GHz = Dell Dimension 8300 Toronto 2x Xeon 3.06 GHz (with 1M L3) = Dell Precision 450 all other x86 self built by c't. Additional Photoshop test with 2GB RAM: 2x 2GHz G5 : 261s 2x 3GHz Xeon : 260s 3.2GHz P4 : 316s MacOS X was 6S80 for 2GHz and 6S74 for 1.8GHz. Cinebench...
Apple will have the OS updates ready much sooner than I will have my credit card
The Formac is really an excellent display. The Apple 20" has the best colours in the market but it's a slow panel. So it depends on what you will use the display for. The Oxygen has DVI, the Platinum DVI&ADC connectors.
Let's see: bandwidth = 800 MB/sec, memory test = 1400 MB/sec Is the rest of this "test program" just as good as this result?
Would please come here to to me? Thank you - you have been in the radius of Steve's RDF Effective this effective that - it doesn't matter what they call it. It is a 500MHz bus running with a 1:4 ratio! Double-pumping gives you doubled bandwidth and not doubled speed. With the max bus speed Apple is using right now the 970 could only reach 3GHz. Take a look at arstechnica they can explain it much better than me. Did I say only reach 3GHz
In fact, IBM said 1:2, 1:3, and 1:6 FSBs are supported beside 1:4 - which is used by Apple now. Don't confuse marketing and reality
Could you explaine what you mean? The 970 VMX consists of a permute unit fed by one queue and a simple interger unit, compex integer unit and floating point unit fed by a second queue. How can I let this act as a 256-bit unit?
Checked the forum - no
I'm fine with 2 drives and don't need RAID. Why should 90% of the buyers pay for something you or Matsu think to need? Stop whining about Apple not to build <>. It's boring after the 1000th time!
IBM stated the Power5 will be 4 times as fast as the Power4 when it was introduced. The statement related to a 2GHz Power5 and a 1GHz Power4.
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