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The Formac is really an excellent display. The Apple 20" has the best colours in the market but it's a slow panel. So it depends on what you will use the display for. The Oxygen has DVI, the Platinum DVI&ADC connectors.
Let's see: bandwidth = 800 MB/sec, memory test = 1400 MB/sec Is the rest of this "test program" just as good as this result?
Would please come here to to me? Thank you - you have been in the radius of Steve's RDF Effective this effective that - it doesn't matter what they call it. It is a 500MHz bus running with a 1:4 ratio! Double-pumping gives you doubled bandwidth and not doubled speed. With the max bus speed Apple is using right now the 970 could only reach 3GHz. Take a look at arstechnica they can explain it much better than me. Did I say only reach 3GHz
In fact, IBM said 1:2, 1:3, and 1:6 FSBs are supported beside 1:4 - which is used by Apple now. Don't confuse marketing and reality
Could you explaine what you mean? The 970 VMX consists of a permute unit fed by one queue and a simple interger unit, compex integer unit and floating point unit fed by a second queue. How can I let this act as a 256-bit unit?
Checked the forum - no
I'm fine with 2 drives and don't need RAID. Why should 90% of the buyers pay for something you or Matsu think to need? Stop whining about Apple not to build <>. It's boring after the 1000th time!
IBM stated the Power5 will be 4 times as fast as the Power4 when it was introduced. The statement related to a 2GHz Power5 and a 1GHz Power4.
This is the same reference quide as above only presented in another way. The numbers in the Performance section are the same as those from the MPF 2002. So could 47W be a typo and we still have to wait for real numbers?
Just dumped my post reading your table Two remarks: - I think the maximum numbers for the 970 are higher. This chips has to handle much more data when charched to capicity then a 7457. - IBM claimed the 970 can reach only 1.2GHz @ 1.1V. But this is the future hardware forum so you meant the .09u version
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