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1.2 GHz 970 19W @ 1.1V typical 1.3 GHz 970 30W @ 1.3V typical TYPICAL The thermal design of a powerbook will be guided by the maximum power consumption of the cpu not the typical. BTW Hanibal used the 1.6V version of the 7455 in his table. The 1.3V version is listed with 15W typical and 22W maximum.
970: 30W typical n.n. maximum 7457: 19W typical 26W maximum I wouldn't call this roughly the same. IBM & Apple didn't publish maximum power consumtion for the 970 but for the 1.3 GHz part expect it to be near 50W. This chip is not only fast and it's hungry too!Throw in more transisors for the same functionality - get less power consumption - think of it as in static and dynamic RAM.
I'm so envious! Clive will be able to carry around two G5 all day long and I will hardly be able to afford one of them. Perhaps Apple even will enclose styptic pads for him?
MS hired six guys from DEC to do the job. The OS was originally build for the i860 (which had the code name N-10). They needed five years to get WinNT out of the door and another three years to build a usable GUI (ever had to use WinNT 3.5? ). But your explanation for WNT is more fun
Both data sheets are still at the Motorola site:MPC7457EC/D 1.3v versionMPC7457RXNXPNS/D 1.1v version
That is the table for the 1.3v versionCode: Table 7. Power Consumption for MPC7457 Processor (CPU) Unit Notes 1 GHz Typical 7.5 W 1, 2 Maximum 12.5 W 1, 3 ... Deep Sleep 2.0 W 1, 3 This is the table for the 1.1v version
You mean the same IBM who couldn't scale the 750FX to 1GHz? IBM is pushing the POWER5 very hard to bring it to the market as soon as possible, jan/feb 04 seems to be the timeline now (Itanium2 is the name of the game). There is no pressure like that for IBM with the 980. But I have no doubt we will see it in a POWERmac (I like that, thanks LBB) only a 3/4 year later. BTW the POWER5 is claimed to be 4times as fast as a POWER4 when it was introduced. So don't expect more...
IBMs Dave Siegel has last week at the International Supercomputer Conference confirmed that the POWER5 test systems indeed quadruples the speed of the POWER4 (when it was introduced). He named especially SPEC, which would mean 2500 SPECint and 3500 SPECfp (POWER5 is expected to run up to 2GHz) Seems the the 970 is shabby. And the Pentium4, Itanium2 and Opteron too.
I did, especially the blue one.
Let's have a look, dual 2GHz cpu draw 4.5 times the power of a 1.2 GHz cpu. Nine fans divided by 4.5 is 2. One off for a heat pipe. Tight fit but G5 Powerbook introduced next month, availabe in august
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