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The glory and the misery of copy and paste...
iPhone 5C = cheap iPhone for developing markets Apple will resume iPhone 4 production for developing markets Same rumour just with other wording...
No!The two responsibilities of universities: research and teaching!
This patent is from 1996.P.A. Semi was founded 2003.
How well did Apple fare in CY 2013 (2012)?   in billion $ revenues:  173.99  (164.69) net profit:    37.03   ( 41.75)   in million Macs:       17.11  ( 17.00) iPads:       74.23  ( 65.70) iPhones: 153.46  (135.80)
WSJ: "Shen said while China Mobile will help boost Apple’s market share in China, the U.S. technology giant is facing rising challenges from other smartphone vendors in the saturated high-end segment."   Apple's China Mobile deal will grow their selling numbers by 50% in the 'saturated high-end segment'. Not Apple is facing challenges, all others are!
@sog35 Your numbers are insa… oh, never mind, he just jumped out of the window 
Did the CEOs of both companies meet to discuss the take over? 
Old Applications and applications from third parties will not be recompiled.And at that time Apple switched to a much faster CPU (same when they switched from 68K to PPC).
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