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Satellite communication! 
Obviously Apple doesn't take OS X seriously anymore. To wait several days for the 10.9.2 release to fix a severe bug like this - I'm gobsmacked how non-professional Apple's behaviour in this case is.
The glory and the misery of copy and paste...
iPhone 5C = cheap iPhone for developing markets Apple will resume iPhone 4 production for developing markets Same rumour just with other wording...
No!The two responsibilities of universities: research and teaching!
This patent is from 1996.P.A. Semi was founded 2003.
How well did Apple fare in CY 2013 (2012)?   in billion $ revenues:  173.99  (164.69) net profit:    37.03   ( 41.75)   in million Macs:       17.11  ( 17.00) iPads:       74.23  ( 65.70) iPhones: 153.46  (135.80)
WSJ: "Shen said while China Mobile will help boost Apple’s market share in China, the U.S. technology giant is facing rising challenges from other smartphone vendors in the saturated high-end segment."   Apple's China Mobile deal will grow their selling numbers by 50% in the 'saturated high-end segment'. Not Apple is facing challenges, all others are!
@sog35 Your numbers are insa… oh, never mind, he just jumped out of the window 
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