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Sure - as I didn't want to buy an iPhone! I was looking for an iPad. No Touch ID, only 1GB RAM, no buy...
So Apple is thought to completely ditch the format of the most successfull phone on the planet?
"requiring users to subscribe to its Office 365 service for editing documents."   After that I stopped reading.
Derek Jeter? On a list of the world's 50 greatest leaders?   Americans are so funy...
When the first Maintosh came out I had as much RAM in my Apple //e.Some time after the 128K Mac came out a friend started to change them into Fat Macs even before the 512k came out - the owners were willing to take the risk as they were so in need of more RAM. So no, it was not. But it was very expensive to have more and for several years RAM was one of the most expensive upgrades you could do.
Satellite communication! 
Obviously Apple doesn't take OS X seriously anymore. To wait several days for the 10.9.2 release to fix a severe bug like this - I'm gobsmacked how non-professional Apple's behaviour in this case is.
The glory and the misery of copy and paste...
iPhone 5C = cheap iPhone for developing markets Apple will resume iPhone 4 production for developing markets Same rumour just with other wording...
No!The two responsibilities of universities: research and teaching!
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