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This is a classic comment.
I hate to continue beating this drum, but does anyone believe IDC or Gartner?   Does this report pass the smell test?   Does anyone believe that 45.6% of all tablets sold are some UNKNOWN brand or white-tablet?   Does anyone see half of all tablets in the real world as UNKNOWN brand tablets?   I do not doubt that tablet sales are slowing, but only because Apple tells me so. They report actual sales.   IDC and Gartner makes these "reports" for their clients who...
Williamsburg store will open soon. Downtown (World Trade) will open end of year.
You forgot West 14th Street store in the Meat Packing District.
That doesn't mean they won't comment on it. They will definitely get questions about it on the conference call.
"Apple might announce" "They could lose..." I think my post was clear that I am not sure but that they might.
I have to give Slice credit for having the guts to make this call only hours before Apple might announce the actual number that shipped over the weekend. They could lose all credibility or be revealed to be a terrific research firm in about 2 hours....
I guess that "very small percentage" is taking their sweet time getting their batteries replaced.
Of course no actual replies to what he said, Tallest Skil. Why would we? This is not some political blog, it's a tech blog. Why would anyone respond to his inane blabber which has nothing to do with the article. If you want to encourage this kind of irrelevant comment, go ahead but it will be the death of AI if you succeed.
What made you think anyone cared about your political views regarding California, state government or anything. This is a tech website focusing primarily on Apple. If you can't help spewing political BS, please move on to a political website. You will not be missed.
New Posts  All Forums: