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I guess 1 million more is pretty good...
OK, I think you took the last line a little too literally.  Of course for the general public c stood for color. But the reason they created the iPhone 5c was so that it would work on China Mobile. I thought AI and AI readers understood that, but based on this article and your response, I see that is not so.
The fact that AI doesn't seem to understand what the 5c was is kind of sad. For the last time, the 5c was not the same as the 5. Its radios worked on China Mobile, that's the carrier with 793 million subscribers. The c in iPhone 5c stands for China.
 Yes, Apple PR will use their numbers when they are good for Apple PR. But their numbers are so clearly made up or based on things so vague that their "information" is really just wild guesses.  So my question is: does anyone really believe their numbers?
Does anyone really believe IDC number at all?
The iPhone 5c has been completely misunderstood. It was created because Apple wanted more of its phones to work on China Mobile. The iPhone 5 would not work on China Mobile. The iPhone 5c had new colors and plastics but the important change was the RADIO.    The iPhone 5c has always been completely about China Mobile. By the end of this year, all current Apple iPhones will work on China Mobile. That alone was the reason for the 5c.
Apple would own itself. It would become self aware on August 29th 2017 at 02:14 am Eastern Time. Apple would then launch its nuclear missiles at Russia to incite a counterattack against the humans who, in a panic, tried to short it.
IDC seems to always predict the ultimate success of Microsoft. Does anyone buy Window Phone going from 2% to 10%? I, for one, do not.
Two things, first "lowers drops" is a term I'm not familiar with. Second, this explains why no pre-ordering of iPhone 5S.  They don't have enough to fulfill pre-order demand.  I hope they get it resolved soon. I want my iPhone 5S now!
Actually, I think I know why.  They needed the new radio frequency chips that would work globally including on China Telecom and the iPhone 5 didn't have it.  So they had to release new phones that would work on China Mobile.  They kept the 4S because there wasn't enough differentiation between the 5C and the 5. 
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