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I guess that "very small percentage" is taking their sweet time getting their batteries replaced.
Of course no actual replies to what he said, Tallest Skil. Why would we? This is not some political blog, it's a tech blog. Why would anyone respond to his inane blabber which has nothing to do with the article. If you want to encourage this kind of irrelevant comment, go ahead but it will be the death of AI if you succeed.
What made you think anyone cared about your political views regarding California, state government or anything. This is a tech website focusing primarily on Apple. If you can't help spewing political BS, please move on to a political website. You will not be missed.
Let's revisit your opinion after Apple's announcement.
Let's revisit your opinion after Apple's announcement.
With this and HBO's announcement, I'd say the odds of an AppleTV announcement have skyrocketed from 10% to 70% now. Can't wait to see Apple kill the cable companies. Bye bye evil monopoly.
Keep the tips coming, they're great content.
I'm also having that problem with almost all their numbers: 80 minus 74 keeps coming up as 6 when clearly it's 8%.  78 minus 75 keeps showing up as 3 when it's obviously 4. My suggestion, if you're going to completely make up numbers to get press at least make the math work. We can check that ourselves. We don't really have a way to double check their ratings but I'm sure they must be accurate.
I guess 1 million more is pretty good...
OK, I think you took the last line a little too literally.  Of course for the general public c stood for color. But the reason they created the iPhone 5c was so that it would work on China Mobile. I thought AI and AI readers understood that, but based on this article and your response, I see that is not so.
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