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those three plastic bins stacked up on the left would not have existed in the 1990's , never mind the 1970's. The look like they came straight from Walmart.
Where as I do and have done well by my investment and I too see this as pump and dump.
Eric Shmidt: Technologies Michael Bachman.
WinBOX One OSX360 Home WinBOX One OSX360 Professional WinBOX One OSX360 Home Premium WinBOX One OSX360 SUPER Professional 2015 WinBOX One OSX360 Home Premium CLOUD
He is apparently pumpingĀ GT Advanced Technologies stock.
Another paid advertisement.
Still cannot see a wearable being "ground breaking" unless it is wired to your brain.
The only website I can being correct within days of any Apple annulment is the WSJ. I dont buy flexible sapphire for a second. Curved? I also don't see them doing wireless charging unless iPhone has it as well. Otherwise, people might justifiably say, I will wait for next years iPhone with wireless charging.
Oct 10 is not "long after the iPhone 6 is going be on the market". Apple will still have shortages for various SKUs well into November as they normal do. This is without question the WOSRT piece of journalism on this site ever, this is a PAOD ADVERTISEMENT.
Wow, that is the least necessary phone launch ever.
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