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So let me get this straight, Beats has 110,000 subscribers while iTunes has 800 million credit cards on file and beats is worth 3 Billion how again?
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If this is true, then it is the biggest waste of money in Apples history. No offense to either of these two guys, but no two mean are worth 3.5 billion dollars for their connections. They both could die in car accident next week and the money would be gone with them.
"it could use the keynote as an opportunity to formally introduce its two newest executives"   Let me help you write this accurately.   "it could use the keynote as an opportunity to formally introduce its RUMORED two newest executives"     Nothing has been confirmed and yet you write as if it has been.    That said, if this were true, given the reasons that were laid out why the would make sense for Apple, it would be the biggest waste of money in Apples...
Not for $8 Bil they shouldn't. Apple could build one for a less than a hundred million and outspend all the competitors combined on advertising for another $100 million.
I know 4 friends with business that use Square now. The only thing they have of worth is the customer base who already is using iPads, iPhones and iPod touches to interface with the product. Apple's customers. I can't imagine they have any technology Apple could not replicate. Its a credit card reader with syncing. Its piggy backs off the iPhones wireless for christ sake. If Apple made a better product, they just might switch if the hardware costs to dont set them back.
Funny, about 18 months ago they were saying Apple was lying about it's electrical output.
Also, Textedit is a leftover from Next, its an afterthought to Apple and has never been of use for marketing in 14 years since OS X was first released.   There is absolutely no reason for them to push it as feature today when it hasn't been modernized in all that time. Preview is also of no use on iPhone. Preview of what? The image you have in Photos or iPhoto which already display your image?
I can't imagine why anyone out side of cupertino would have access to IOS 8 for nay reason at this stage of the game. Software is always the last thing they let of the bag, nor have any screenshots like this from china  ever been leaked before for iOS or OS X.  
good, they should appeal this.
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