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If samsung is so innovative they should have no trouble creating something new and original to compete with. Microsoft did. That would be good for customers. 
It seems just as slow as always. Interface still sucks. They should hire LinkedIn's app development team
so much for "doubling down on secrecy" There has never been a product in Apple history that has been as dissected as this one was pre-relese. Not one. The only parts that are a mystery that I can think of are camera, CPU, GPU and memory.
Its not. It the glass is thiner and there is no glass on the back. It is about as thick as the metal band on the Iphone 4
I don't envy this jury. I have my own thoughts and opinions from having followed Apples innovation for the iPhone closely for years. To have all this crammed in 2 weeks must be mind boggling. I expect the jury to be hung.
it wasnt the legal suit Apple brought which caused things to go badly, it was that Apple as they hadn't protected themselves in their agreement with Microsoft with a non compete
I think this is sloppy reporting.   From an earlier Apple Insider story which makes a WHOLE LOT MORE SENSE:   "According to the Journal, Apple has reportedly formed a group with Microsoft and patent firm Intellectual Ventures to bid against Google's group of powerhouse companies Samsung, HTC, LG and patent firm RTX. The groupings are similar to a previous Nortel patent sell-off that pitted Apple, Microsoft, Research in Motion, Sony and EMC against Google and...
If your honest you would admit your Nokia wasn't a personal computer in your pocket. If your honest you would admit Apples iPhone has battery life comparable if not better than most smart phones on Market. If your honest, you would admit that this is the state of battery technology and that 5 days between charging  you want is the trade off for phones that do all the things your Nokia couldn't.      You can still get what you honestly want. Go buy an old Nokia or a...
Yeah, because Samsung was doing so many amazing things prior to IPhone worth stealing. The truth is not what you think. http://nicklazilla.tumblr.com/post/29202801252/samsung-is-apples-biggest-fan
I guess if you cant give them away 2 for 1 no one wants Sammy's junk
New Posts  All Forums: