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Oh I'm sorry, you set Apple's standards now? This looks to be similar to every iPad ad they have ever run. They are doomed for showing how easy the product is. I guess that explains why they only have 80% growth YOY with them. Damn standards!
The title of this is misleading at best. Apple has always promoted the iPod and Mac in drastically different ways. This is more of that tradition. Apple hasn't ditched anything. Also, only people who have found the genius ads "controversial" are tech pundits and geeks.  We know from the last controversy of igate their opinions really have no impact with the masses. They do drive web hits however.
That Samsung's lawyers keep asking how much the Apple experts are paid should be inadmissible. The fact they are compensated has nothing to with their expertise. But then again, they cant win on facts, only on innuendo and obfuscation.
When they introduced FaceTime Jobs said they were going to let other phones use the standard as they wanted it to be everywhere. What happened?
As if Apple will stop working on it the day iOS ships. Google had years to gets its mapping in place. Apple will outsource the local transit to 3rd party developers, who will swarm at the opportunity to make money under the umbrella Apple has left for them. The choice of such will be much greater at better in the long run than if Apple did it all themselves. Sure, this is not the usual Apple way, but it doesn't mean it wont work either.
The only companies I think Apple should by that I know of are Yelp and Nuance. They use both their technologies now with Siri.
If Jobs ever had said there might be something worth copying, IF, and they didn't actual copy anything, why ask? I think Samsung is trying to confuse the jury. What was Samnsung doing before than iPhone and iOS that was even worth stealing?
This just in, GreenPeace  says "While we applaud Apple leading the way with both solar and bio gas to create the most carbon friendly server farm in the world, we are distress by the lack of ponies."
Would pissing off the judge help in the appeal process in anyway? I too think he is playing long game, in that it's guaranteed they will appeal if in the even they should lose. No one can doubt that. So what are strategies for appealing?
How can Samsung argue Apple copied Sony by internal commissioning an original design with Apples internal staff to create a phone concept that was like nothing Sony ever made?
New Posts  All Forums: