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Of course Apple is suing aggressively. No one is copying Samsung or anyone else in smart phone or tablet markets. 
I like them, especially the air plane ad. I also like the fact they kid is likable and there is no snark involved.
If i'm not mistaken, iTunes has webkit baked into it for the music and app stores
I think you misunderstood his point.
Your absolutely correct. Whatever Apple had chosen to do would have been seen as being desirable to copy as they were first to market and thus first to success with the product concept and designs.
Anyone who uses a Z in replace of S cannot be taken seriously.
So Google is saying if we steal your idea and make it ubiquitous because we stole it and used it against you, it should no longer be a valid patent. Wow, just wow.
glad to see he is distracted by from his satellite map nonsense. This is about the only smart thing the NY Senator has said in the last year. I'm a liberal Dem and even I find what has come out his and Franken's office on technology this year absurd. I would rather they focus on just about anything else, as it has to matter more than this, and in this year.
No, Samsung stealing is at heart of Apples complaint. Your comment is totally without merit.
Im convinced the surface is vaporware or  "just a design point", never intended to be manufactured by MS the same as Intel's Ultra book design was intended to drum up excitement to compete with the MB Air. That  he says it "was created for hardware makers to reference as a kind of halo device" make all their bluster from a couple weeks ago bullshit. They got all the media attention they desired and now think they are as savvy as Steve Jobs in marketing.   The...
New Posts  All Forums: