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Im convinced the surface is vaporware or  "just a design point", never intended to be manufactured by MS the same as Intel's Ultra book design was intended to drum up excitement to compete with the MB Air. That  he says it "was created for hardware makers to reference as a kind of halo device" make all their bluster from a couple weeks ago bullshit. They got all the media attention they desired and now think they are as savvy as Steve Jobs in marketing.   The...
Sad end to a great American company. I don't fault them for doing this. They have to as they are OBLIGATED to return as much value to their investors as they can, which means using even tool at their disposal to do so.
looks nice. But i think the aluminum will be more likely dent or ding if dropped than compared to the steel and glass of the 4. My original iPhone with aluminum back dented quite easily from hitting objects as hard as my shoe while I was sitting.
Originally Posted by Palex19  2% is not that much actually.  Google don't have to worry about IOS map update.....     Which explains the press conference where Google showed their new half baked 3d maps that crashed 3x on on a iPad a week before Apple did their own and kicked them to the curb. Why? What was there to gain from showing a product that will not be the default on your main competitors platform before it was ready if you were not sh*ting bricks about...
I don't why it would take 6 months for it to be ready after it is announced. The only reason they pre announced the iPhone and maybe the iPad was that they couldn't keep it under wraps once it was submitted to the FCC for approval. If they have to wait 6 months there will be Samsung clones on the market in S. Korea 2 months after Apple announces.
Awesome. Thanks for posting that
No Link to video? 
Facebook will only negotiate if Apple can leverage mobile sharing of music better and faster than they can. Even then, they are now in it for long haul now that they are public. Being beholden upon Apple is no more attractive to them than it was for Steve Jobs by other companies technologies. That lesson from Apple success has been understood by Google (whose founders he mentored)  and I think now Facebook.    Given that Facebook just plugged low hanging fruit of the...
I agree that FB vastly over paid for Instagram. This app instantly is connected to all your FB friends and has a built in network of 900 million users. As much as I like instagram, the app, thier talent and user base are not worth a penny more than what FB spent building this app.
Your right. At the current rate Google is earning revenue off of Android, it would be 20 years before this deal pays for itself. Given they already have roughly 45-50% of smart phones sales, I don't see how dropping 12 Bil on Moto will help them achieve more growth. 
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