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What point is there to for you or Apple spend money on R&D to "innovate like a mofo" (as Apple does) to just have me come in steal your or Apple's innovation for nothing? That is why we have patents; to encourage and reward people and companies to innovate.And what does come out of if nothing else is Apple may be rewarded with a licensing fee paid out by HTC, so that in effect their R&D is not free.
There's "Open" and then there’s Open. I’ll Take Apples curated and proprietary iOS platform over Google’s curated and proprietary search results any day.
This is professional video program which is the industry standard. It had been $1000. If you hadn't tested it out before at that price, it probably isn't for you or your not a pro. Most everyone else should be happy with the price as is.
Wasn't RIM's CEO telling us all to stayed tuned for new hardware today? Looks like RIMM is going to make same transition SEGA made.
When they open their Search algorithms to the World. What is more important in big picture; who controls a hardware platform and proprietary OS, or who controls access to information? Googles open source fans who would never buy a Mac because Steve jobs controls it never seem to address that fundamental truth.
That is simply not true.
And he is proven right. They cant beat apple's leverage on the cost of components and first to market advantage. Thats the benefit of a being a industry leader as opposed to a follower, other wise know as a drone. Someone please send this memo to Motorola and their ad agency. This was certainly a worthy follow up to their CES video rendered with 1990 technology.
Mostly true, but Infinity blade is much better than anything my Xbox could achieve.
TThis is all find and good, but if Sony is expected to subsidize the cost of this hardware with $20, $30, $40 games, they will surly fail. Especially with the Android fan boys, who expect all their games to be free, knocks offs and pirated. It wont be a sustainable model for either Sony or their developers.
This reminds me of a cool game for iOS “Epic Win” which is yet to be released within weeks. Of course Android users want it on their Android phones, but from their posts to developers website, it is clear me to they don’t want to PAY for anything. More than half of them say make it a free web app. This is the problem Android faces, users who are happier stealing content, or simply don’t want to pay for anything. I believe it is a cultural, generational problem and I...
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