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How does a computerized system that does buys and sells on "nanosecond price changes" have fat fingers? If anything they are obfuscating the fact that those who are wealthy enough to afford access to BATS and other such systems reap millions or billions by the nano second while mere mortals have to watch the market crash and rebound as they profit in both directions.
This is stupid and petty and probably reflects a poor understanding of operations. Any Apple products purchased for MS were bought for a reason. They needed to use them for some development purpose. The fact the levels of these purchases are "low" and that is the justification for it re-enforces my opinion. Does anyone doubt Apple has at very least copies of Windows handy for Bootcamp use if not full blown Dells for doing development for Safari, iTunes or for Jonny...
What "debacle"? Apple INVITED Nightline to Foxxcon and gave Nightline complete access and only declined on interviews with Cook and Ive. If it was a debacle, it sure was a quite one. I haven't seen a peep about the show anywhere on any tech or main stream media news site since it aired. Apple should not settle anything with Proview, because all that would do would be to invite more frivolous law suits in future.
It is my understanding their technology is the back of iCloud
I love how they think this was a peak quarter given that the iPhone 4S hadn't sales in China are not reflected in these numbers. Analysts are idiots.
I have read multiple accounts in his passing thats Jobs favorite thing was to take long walks and walking and talking and looking at the trees was his preferred way of discussing big ideas one on one. Even when he was on vacation in Hawaii, thats how he worked. With that in mind, think of his plans for the new Apple HQ and all the trees he wanted.
Someone please remind Eric Schmidt what Google's phone looked liked before Steve Jobs showed him the iPhone.
The difference between market share, mind share and profit share. Because when it comes to desktops, they are only winning on the first, which has lead to his utter failure in all three in mobile.
What point is there to for you or Apple spend money on R&D to "innovate like a mofo" (as Apple does) to just have me come in steal your or Apple's innovation for nothing? That is why we have patents; to encourage and reward people and companies to innovate.And what does come out of if nothing else is Apple may be rewarded with a licensing fee paid out by HTC, so that in effect their R&D is not free.
New Posts  All Forums: