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That was funny
Steve Jobs would not have approved of the lower case j the title reference a proper name. Also, now it is made for TV? I thought this was a indie flick for the theaters.
You nailed it. With all those what is Samsung's profit share vs market share? All those low end device have vert little in margins for Samsung. Apple's unified approach maximizes profit. Samsung, like the rest of them in PC biz in early 2000's in a race to the bottom. Most of those player turned their back when they realized they weren't making any profits.
and a copy of Star Trek 4, neither of which you apparently have
The judge is basically telling them to settle. That is BS. Apple or any company should have the right to have judgment that their case has merit or not, and if they are in the right, force the offending company to change their practice of stealing and profiting off others IP and work
I will dare say this is the fragmentation that will drive Google to do as has been suggested on other sites today that Google would distance itself from Android and focus on the Play brand. With the top selling manufacture of phones that run Android even suggesting of undercutting Google's goal of revenue from mobile ads, what choice would Google have? All those Open Source fans who thought Google was as ideological as they will have a lot of shit to swallow as they...
So much of this story and the talk back reminds me of the "Beleaguered Apple" stories we Apple users had to endure in the 90's. Hard to imagine Apple is the most valuable company in the world today and how many of their peers they have blown away in the last 10 years. The difference between Apple then and RIM today however, RIM doesn't have a Steve Jobs to come and save them and whereas Jobs was decades ahead of his time in some respects, RIM's ex CEO's & co-founders are...
You obviously own no AAPL stock. You obviously have no idea how much revenue and profit Apple creates off the iPhone. Things of value are worth protecting. That is not childish.
It's a terrible design, a step backwards and an eye sore. I shudder to think the best they have to offer now is to implement a 5 year old rejected design.
How does a computerized system that does buys and sells on "nanosecond price changes" have fat fingers? If anything they are obfuscating the fact that those who are wealthy enough to afford access to BATS and other such systems reap millions or billions by the nano second while mere mortals have to watch the market crash and rebound as they profit in both directions.
New Posts  All Forums: