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I can't imagine why anyone out side of cupertino would have access to IOS 8 for nay reason at this stage of the game. Software is always the last thing they let of the bag, nor have any screenshots like this from china  ever been leaked before for iOS or OS X.  
good, they should appeal this.
if I was an olympian I would tape over the Apple logo just as Samsung wants. I then would write the letters APPLE with a big black sharpie pen
I just don't buy this.
what are you talking about? You still can sync locally. That never changed, I am looking at the sync settings in iTunes 11.1.3 now.Change sync from iCloud to "This computer". Couldnt be easier I really cannot stand people who speak FUD without looking first. THAT is bone-headed sir.
Best non-story of the day.
I'm not sure we can. What are the other phones? Who makes them and did their company have any profits? Mostly likely not, given that Samsung is the only profitable android maker right now, I really would like to know. To the real point, who cares and so what if they are not profitable? Right now, given this latest news from Samsung, Apple is the only high smart phone maker whose highest margin phone is actually expanding in sales significantly.
You obviously do not own any AAPL, because if you did, you would call this newsworthy.
All I ask is when will Siri read me my emails or allow me to change a reminder or calendar item after if was created?
"It came out in court, however, that Turvey had drafted the statement with his lawyers, and the executive was unsure who exactly wrote the crucial allegations. Shouldn't that be perjury? He made statement he signed as saying that this was his testimony and then conceded that not only didn't he write it, but what he signed off on was ""likely" told to some else. Why wasn't that someone else providing testimony and does he read what he signs? Either way, he is not very...
New Posts  All Forums: