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Given if you use google street view to look up Apples headquarters the default view is thier garbage bins in ally, I'm betting this is not a bug.
Last time I checked, APPL made more money last quarter than any tech company in history. If anything, Google is in most trouble as Android continues to be forked and shutting them out of the revenue streams in customer data. Android is a break even proposition for them as desktop search has already peaked.
Steve jobs said a few years before his death that Apple was in its DNA a Software company that made hardware. I will go with what he said.
Need to send out at about 8:20 pm http://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/13/03/18/chinas_state_media_attack_on_apple_appears_to_have_backfired.html
"Yay! talk about free publicity" Most everything on AppleInsider is PR according to Orwell. %u201CJournalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.%u201D %u2015 George Orwell
As someone who used to work for and supports Greenpeace, they are using Apple for fund raising headlines. No other company would be greater link bait. Their campaign against Apple has felt more like a political campaign than educational.
Finally. They probably saw the numbers after the airplay update and said Holy Sh*t we were wrong.
Sounds like a bad idea. analysts are almost always wrong anyways.
Great sign. That is probably probably half of what MS sold in phones last year
Really? Did I mention share price?   You probably thought Browett was a good choice too.  If you think Cooks ability to pick Apples' VP leadership for the next decade is not questionable than the only one here that should be ignored is you.    I have skin in the game, I want Apple to do great. And this guy is not a great choice.  
New Posts  All Forums: