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Thats nice... I have doing that with Photo-synth for years on iOS. Thats what happens when you have a healthly app eco-system.
Will end users be able to take advantage of this ins anyway? I made overlays for Google earth i would love to see on Google maps on my phone
You have no idea of what you speak. That you speak of share price proved your a fool. In fact, your entire post is idiotic babble with a childs understanding of Wall Street and investing.
Utter BS and as a long term AAPL owner will vote down on these. Now that Apple has a cash pile they want to walk in and drink the milk shake and walk away. They milked it for all the growth (they) could imagine, now they want the cash. They know its not good for investors like myself who have owned Apple longer and continue to own it longer than Einhorn. That's why they don't want it to come to a share holder vote. This is an attempt at extortion to arm twist Apple's...
Also, It would be nice if Apple insider reported another point of view other than vulture capitalists.
I see it as an opportunity to for Einhorn to seize Apple cash for his rich customers from share holders such as myself.
I concur with you 100% This guy is a parasite. I encourage all APPL owners to vote along with the board recommendations, not this jack ass
I will vote against anything this guy puts asks forth. He ultimately does not have my intrests as an APPl investor at heart, but rather his rich clients.
Google Docs was real threat to MS Office. This was a stupid move, but Im not sure what other choice they had. Office is MS cash cow. They can't compete on price with Google or iWork, so they have to push their customer base towards their subscription model whether they like it or not, and they won't. Compete with free or piss your customers off. Sounds like a lose / lose scenario.
  your right but your wrong. I have seen that and then a day later, same store, same time all those people are booked. There are ebbs and flows and you need to have people when you need to make the sale.   If your short staffed someone your paying $8 an hour and it costs you a $2000 sale, how is it smart?   The cost / benefit ratio of staffing averages out over the year, not any given day. Not unless you are totally seasonal. Apple isn't. They have the highest...
New Posts  All Forums: