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Most every time whenever these "analysts" use their additional channel checks and supply chain sources" to predict Apple's big picture plans they entirely wrong. How they get paid for being wrong all the time is beyond me. And i woud love to know where they get "TSMC appears unwilling to accept margins short of 40 percent." Which is it, they are or they are not. There is no "appears". If they are not in room with Tim Cook and TSMC CEO, it's BS.
There is nothing innovative about a larger screen. Anyone can do that. Or do you really think Apple is incapable of making a phone bigger? As for a new game plan, Following others down the race to the bottom is not a game plan for innovation or long term success
Android is winning!
i concur, I use turn by turn several times a week. I hardly miss street view which I used maybe once a month. Images above dont take into account that more information becomes visible as you zoom in on Apples Map. This is a design choice that the media often flames as lack of data.
Another thing... these  cant count as sales as long as they sitting in a Microsoft store, but if they push them out into the channel of Best Buy and etc, doesn't that count as sale even if no ones buy it?
funny, the story a couple weeks ago was they were cutting orders by half. And now they are expanding its retail presence. Translation: They have a a ton of excess inventory to move and they need to get it in front more eye balls in a hurry
Photosynth from MS for iOS ios best thing they have done. try it
Thank you for providing common sense on this. You are one of only writers out there at understand this very fundamental thing.
the market was MS, Google and Apple. It is now Apple, Google and MS, it soon will be Apple, Google and Samsung as the post PC era destroys the incumbents of the PC era.
He clearly has no idea of what he speaks and doesn't understand what exactly is going on here and how it differs with the Samsung suit.
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