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I'm looking forward to Apples new fly over. Google street view is very fun and useful. I am also looking forward to when Google releases it as a stand alone app for iOS. I can have my cake and eat it too.   Frankly, as an Apple stock holder, I agree with the strategy of starving Google of data mining and revenue from arguably one of their best products. Google started this war when they developed  Android and Google Maps is the collateral damage,
Where was there a challenge? You offer nothing of substance.
Please challenge us with specific examples of juror bias, right here, right now. Please do not references to other sites. Otherwise you are engaging heresy, the weakest form of evidence for your points.   Oh by the way, Samsung picked this jury as well as Apple. Everyone has a bias of some sort, even jurors Samsung picked. The process of choosing jurors is to eliminate unfair bias as much as reasonably possible with any group of people. Both sides had a fair chance to do...
Oh please do tell I have read the Verg, and all the coverage of jurors post trial remarks. Please do educate us on one or two of these "dozen" examples of "bias".   Your full of sh*t
McFly, Hello, Isn't the more likely answer that it has nothing to do with the court case but rather people who already wanted to trade in for a new iPhone in 2 weeks?
  I think their tag line is Inspired Lawyers to Convince Jurors We Didn't Willfully Infringe
Oh, so you worked with him and know this from first hand experience?  Has to be, I wouldn't dare imagine you pulled that definitive statement of slander out of your ass to justify your own sense of awesomeness.   Also, I lost the links for all of your successful ad work. Could you please repost it here? Everyone would love to see it.
These jurors are much more sensible than most android fans   " "There are other ways to design a phone. What was happening was that the appearance [of Samsung's phone] was their downfall. You copied the appearance?. Nokia is still selling phones. BlackBerry is selling phones. Those phones aren't infringing. There are alternatives out there.""
Not me. I hated all cell phones and only used a pay as you go phone if I absolutely had to. They sucked. Tiny screens and small buttons, horrible menu systems.   I remember a sales person asking me what i wanted in a phone. This was 2006 or so. I said I wanted a phone that could do multimedia well. Not even knowing what that might be, but I imagined Apple would get right if they ever tried. He showed me some thing and said this one does.   I recalling thinking that I...
I would argue for that very reason she was easy on Samsung when she could have sanctioned them multiple times their bullshit. She knew anything she did to punish them would be used for appeal.   In fact, I think that was part of Samsung's strategy, to piss the judge off to use that for the appeal process.
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