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Thank you for providing common sense on this. You are one of only writers out there at understand this very fundamental thing.
the market was MS, Google and Apple. It is now Apple, Google and MS, it soon will be Apple, Google and Samsung as the post PC era destroys the incumbents of the PC era.
He clearly has no idea of what he speaks and doesn't understand what exactly is going on here and how it differs with the Samsung suit.
now THAT my friends is a reality distortion field. His reality is clearly distorted.
It works perfectly for me.
2 words. Lazy media. No they did not have to apologize . 100 million people now have iOS on their devices and there is not the rioting outside of the Apple stores the media lead us to believe would happen due to how bad the Maps supposedly was. Guess what? It's not that bad and is in fact pretty good. Whatever Apple does there will be people in media who find it is easier to get web hits sensationalizing "news" than actual investigating an issue. 
Its also interesting the waited until after the earnings report. This has been in works for a while and they choose this day, week intentionally.
if thats the case I am disappointed as I agree with him. The Map gate was largely media driven as at had become a meme before hardly anyone had gotten an iPhone in their possession. Most if not all reports were just an echo chamber of one or two stories from Canada and Ireland. In Maryland, the map has worked perfectly for me for everything i have thrown at it. Certainly no worse than Google's map.
I know Forestall wasn't popular with the other VP's at Apple and i find him rather odd, but i hope there more to this than Mapgate which i think was over blown by a lazy press eager to drive a negative story on the top selling gadget of the year. the new Maps has worked mostly great for me and as advertised. The new iOS Contacts app on the other hand is completely unusable.. Oh yeah and that empty suit Browett can et the door hit him on the way out.
New Posts  All Forums: