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love ever note and use to keep my notes synced between my home & work computers and my iPhone. Absolutely essential app.
No problems here in Maryland with the maps at all for me. The turn by turn works beautifully, and reroutes very well. I miss street views but will use turn by turn more. I only wish traffic was shown stronger.
I haven't had any more problems with Apples map than Googles. I expect like all things it will get better. This is the press having their first Steve Jobs schadenfreude moment.
Tripled down on secrecy this time!   Seriously, there has never been a year were apples products have been so thoroughly dissected BEFORE they were released. Gizmodo was nothing compared to this year.
You don't think Google would litigate if i stole their search IP?   Google is a hypocrite. They complain about software patents and IP when it suits their PR needs and to make Android fans swoon. The truth is they own plenty of software patents they would aggressively sue over if Apple did they same as they do to Apple.
As an Apple stock holder and fan, its not what I want.   No way.   I want iOS to be distinctive with Apple's technologies. If Google can just steal or license that freely, how is iOS different than Android and where is the innovation if they don't actually compete?   Necessity is the mother of innovation, and there is no necessity if you can't leverage your innovation to make more money than the next guy. At some point there will no more room for growth in smart phone...
I really can't stand Andy Rubin's face.
I'm looking forward to Apples new fly over. Google street view is very fun and useful. I am also looking forward to when Google releases it as a stand alone app for iOS. I can have my cake and eat it too.   Frankly, as an Apple stock holder, I agree with the strategy of starving Google of data mining and revenue from arguably one of their best products. Google started this war when they developed  Android and Google Maps is the collateral damage,
Where was there a challenge? You offer nothing of substance.
New Posts  All Forums: