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For another $5500 will they put hands and numbers on that watch???
Путин считает, что русские люди так же слепы и немы, как они были при Хрущеве. Он в шоке.
That's pretty much how I read it too. All of the same old problems with the retailer being hacked and the account into being tied to the customer still applies. Plus now, we have a phone/dongle containing the same info but now on a non-iPhone with a much lower level of innate security...AND the signal with the card strip info is being transmitted into the open air in an unencrypted manner. If we can read a digital signal from the edge of the solar system, someone can read...
Apple Pay is very new, but already there are tens of millions of iPhones capable of utilizing it. That number moved Apple Pay from infancy to adolescence in a matter of a month or two. Along with the adoption of all the major banks and most of the major retailers, Apple Pay has moved to a place that is well beyond the chicken/egg place and is now established. Regardless of what we may conjecture about what Samsung may have done, the fact that Apple made the leap from...
Apple has a huge pile of cash and nothing attracts litigatous lawyers like available cash.Here's a joke that points out how lawyers think:A young banker was having a drink with his lawyer classmate when a beautiful woman walks into the bar. "Boy, I'd love to **** her," says the banker. "Out of what." asks the lawyer?
I think you're right. Especially now that the fund managers realized they screwed up big time this last year or so.
I'm under the impression that Nokia still has phones built under their name in Vietnam. If Gartner is counting Nokia (the part separate from MS) shipments in with those phones carrying the Nokia and Microsoft names and manufactured under Microsoft's contracts, then it's one way of inflating the Nokia shipments, keeping them ahead of Apple.
I hear what you're saying Phil, but this isn't a comparison of Smart phones, but of manufacturers of cell phones.In this comparison Apple still compares beautifully... tight on the heels of Nokia, an established low-end manufacturer , and beating out all other low-end manufacturer except Samsung. To fare so well against such a diverse crowd is quite remarkable!In 2007 when Ballmer snarked and laughed at Apple's emergence into the phone market, he had no idea that his miss...
I just experienced something of that sort from Google a couple days ago. My email address is with gmail. I sent off some email and got a pop-up from Google that told me I was using an unsecure mail app (Apple Mail) and I should switch to a more secure app, and then the message suggested the Google Mail app. Whoa, talk about being cheeky!!
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