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It's usually begins in the second year of college. However some students take a bit longer to mature. Girls, for example will continue to send nude selfies until several years after their undergrad years.
There is nothing handicapped about the iPad. I view iOS as still locked down compared to where it will be in a couple more years. I think the educational market embraced the iPad too completely before Apple and the school management fully figured how to manage the iDevices.I also think the Chromebooks will turn out to be too cheaply made to stand up in a classroom environment while Windows boxes or Surfaces have always been too hard to get configured and keep operational...
Some time ago (when Apple Pay was announced) it was mentioned that the Watch needs to paired/authorized with the iPhone when placed back on the wrist. This is to prevent someone stealing your watch and making payments.Also, there's no loss if your Watch is not receiving/relaying notifications while it is on the charger because your iPhone will still be doing so. I don't believe the Watch is storing anything relating to notification; it is merely relaying them from the...
Makes me wonder what a fellow might find out about his sleeping body. He might discover that his body is carrying on a steamy romance with the young divorcee next door. He could be pissed because (a) he found out his body is cheating on his wife, or (b) his body's having a better sex life then his conscious self.
Welcome to the club. Butt Frost must be blocked by most of the board members because few even respond to his drivel.
It's a lotus flower... lot's of Eastern symbology there. It's not gonna be lost on most of that side of the planet where the New Year is also about to begin.
$299... not in a million years. Look how long it took for Apple to move the price down to $299 for the iPod Touch. Also Apple will NOT let the Watch become a commodity product - the price will stay well above the commodity range.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
 Trust me. Apple is really bummed that they didn't get any product placement credit on this show...
 Wait! Samscum has a store??!!  Who knew!! 
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