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You made me smile!Though I do wonder at what altitude the Amazon drone drops the package onto the Amazon beacon/sign. This could be important as I intend to order a bowling ball and put my beacon/sign in the dead center of my backyard trampoline...
Ohh, a playground taut. Go ahead, impress me. I double dog dare you!
Happy for you. These capabilities are beyond my pay grade, but I am happy that Adobe is supporting Apple products with their creative suite.
Let's see... 3% don't like the functionality and half of them would buy again. We've essentially located the 1.5% of the AppleWatch buyers that love the appearance/style/fashion alone.
I think some useful information can be gleaned from the expectations of those who are/were unsatisfied."Other that that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"
Can't have those Chinese knowing what's going on inside their own country. Next thing you know it will be happening in North Korea, and then who knows what will happen next! /s
"This area" under discussion is ON-LINE sales. Go ahead and wave your iPhone at your modem all night long. It'll keep you off the discussion groups.
Apple has been preparing all year for this coming holiday with subtle ads in all kinds of media, with more to come. So Apple will reap a rich harvest and it should be of no surprise... except, to me, I'm still awed by it all.
I think you are both correct. Sometimes a new idea is best nurtured from a small focused group, and sometimes it's best done in a large community. Since this method of facial recognition is unique to the seminal group, which are still together, and owned by Apple (who have their own development ideas), the research may be not enhanced by an open community, and the patentable method may be lost.
Wait! Those are all Korean names! What's going on with Apple? Have they been hiring away Samsung engineers to learn what DOESN'T work?
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