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I was mid-aged when the practical limit was thought to be 1000nm... what anyone thinks may be a practical limit, is only based on the kind of technology one is imagining being used. Current technology is already far beyond anything I can imagine.
It does function easier than you imagine.What I find intriguing is how simple the digital crown is constructed inside the Apple Watch. The mechanical design is a wonder of simplicity. With the patented digital crown and force touch folded into an iPhone or iPad Apple will move the desire for those features to where the "me too" manufacturers will be left further and further behind in Apple's dust.Whatever allure the MS Surface has currently will lessen as it appears to be...
Jony was nearly inconsolable over it...
Soooo ... who get's the 4S this year??
The current specs makes for a good billboard ad... come on!!
Ballmer would be perfect, but Elope has the stripes. The position calls for a polecat.
I hear what you're saying, but being first means they have some old ideas built in that they can't design out... Times change and the infrastructure needs to address current enterprise needs. This is the crux of the value of the IBM/Apple partnership -- BB was once solidly inside and the position was theirs to lose, which is what happened. Now that they are outside the pendulum won't swing away from Apple/IBM for a while... if ever in the coming decades. A squandered...
Wow! 1.6 million! ... that's like... um... er... like one every now and then!
Microsoft is already acquiring rights to the new brand name which will encompass all their current phones AND the Blackberry brand: Raspberry.
Jony wasn't happy being like the other SVPs. With Great Responsibility comes Great Hear Gear...Hear you go, Chief...
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