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What's more, everyone used to the same ring tone.
I understand that when Apple releases their next iPhones, Samsung will have scruffy-looking guys in shabby trench coats hanging around the lines trying to sell Galaxy Gear to the faithful.
Keep in mind that the watch guys have all the best outlets for the goods. You wanna sell watches, better go where the rich people buy watches. I'm sure the sports versions have their own locations, etc. but I don't think Radio Shack will hanging these on hooks for their regular customers.
Sounds like... then Apple showed him what they had and he changed his tune.
Since, supposedly the music business has tanked, all this growth must be coming from app sales and/or in-app sales??
In any good diverse ecosystem there are important niches for bottom-feeders and sucker fish.
I too didn't expect there to be a connection between the Swift language and the IBM partnership. I hadn't heard the 20% to 60% numbers before. When did Cook say that? If that is their goal, then that will indeed blow the lid off of sales of iDevices. In fact a 60% penetration of Exxon alone would be worth breaking out the century-old champaign.That hole out behind Microsoft's Redmond offices needs to be expanded to hold all the Surface Pro 3s. When filled and covered, I...
no. Basic apps don't require Swift.
To illustrate how little we know about Apple's long game in strategic acquisitions, the following list shows that the best minds have only uncovered about a third of the chess moves Apple has made in the last 9 months. . . 29 acquisitions - not counting Beats. 1. LuxVue, micro-LED maker 2. Spotsetter, social search startup 3. SnappyLabs, developer 4. Burstly, TestFlight maker 5. Catch, note taking mobile app developer 6. BroadMap, navigation 7. Embark,...
THIS is nothing like Samsung tried to get a jump on... and Apple patented it, Boy did they patent it! Back in 2011 too... Tying it into the whole Apple line adds value to everything Apple makes. When iOS 8 ships everything I own by Apple is connected, and with this I get connected into my Apple devices as well....
New Posts  All Forums: