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 The issue I see is that the rotating bezel locks the design to a round face. The round face is attractive at first blush, but then I'm highly reminded of the old pre-smartwatch wearables where the watch is a fresh face in the crowd. Apple's UI has the advantage of working well with any shaped device; round, square, or rectangle. Advantage: Apple
 Once again (like the IBM partnership) it's the iOS devices that get all the love. Are the Mac based products a stealth offering? I'm thinking of the laptops primarily.
 I see Tim's hand in the moves by Apple to be aggressive about enterprise. Steve wanted these customers, but never could quite nail it like this. Unlike the quoted poster, I do see a connection of some sort between this announcement and Sept 9th., but have no idea how it will announced or what products it affects.
 Haha, I like how you think!
 Management are the only ones who know where the bodies are buried...
 Uncle Fester blew away a decade of market lead in which Apple moved from a pimple on Fester's ass to a bleeding boil on his nose, and you say MS doesn't worry too much? There's a reason that Win 7 is the most installed MS OS, and Fester and Friends aren't worried? In 2007 MS got woke up with the iPhone and despite eight years of effort, the MS phone is STILL not a finished product. I'd be more then worried. MS once had every IT manager firmly in their pocket 10 years ago...
 See, you're thinking like a considerate person. What would spoil the joy of owning an watch is witnessing assholes keeping their "always on" display showing all the time. "Look at meeee! I have an watch!"
I agree with you, but I didn't clarify as I was thinking of entry-level configurations as that's how most pricing is set...
Low skilled workers couldn't do what the line workers at Foxxcom do. It's a misconception that drones can do what worker bees do. Robots can work tirelessly and accurately but require highly skilled and educated people to set up and service. Finally, let's discuss worker productivity. The Chinese line worker has a great incentive to be productive as there are thousands of potential replacement milling around outside waiting for them to fall down on the job. The less said...
I think the Pro's price can't realistically exceed the price of a MBA. So. I'm guessing $895.
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