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Samsung could not do "cunning" if their business existence depended on it....As for "dangerous," they've already did that to themselves... They've yet to replace their head designer who did a double-gainer out of the HQ building a year or so ago.
I'm not a big phone hater, but Apple's big iPhones came out too late to affect either company's sales/profits. The effect of Apple's big iPhones have hardly had a chance to drop-kick Samsung's sales into the bottomless pit... HINT: Samsung hasn't seen anything yet..!Large-screens on Apple iPhones that also handle Apple-Pay and knock-your-socks-off game-console-quality games on Metal/Swift is a killer combo of features.
Coming soon: Rotary dial landline phones....I think it's appropriate that for the Halloween season, Blackberry should loose a zombie product upon the continent....
 I seem to recall some company recently running an ad that showed a mixed race couple and THAT caused a dust-up. A lot of folks like to believe that world is different than it is and don't like to be reminded of reality. "They don't think it be like it is, but it do." Recently the Lincoln Nebraska Public School System tried to erase any reference to gender in the classroom and schools. This was to accommodate children who may have a different gender identity than their...
Well, that was awkward! It couldn't have happened at a nicer time. :-)
Wallmart is into a 'splaining mode lately... do a search on chubby girls halloween costumes.
at least Alabama leads the country in being able to marry your own relatives...
In a sense Ron Johnson did much of what you suggest. He changed the name to the letters "JCP" in a red box. It was no longer J. C. Penny in the ads or on more and more buildings. Ron was also working within some HUGE financial constraints, so he "opened up small stores within the larger stores with products aimed at younger, more trendy shoppers. Finally, he did let the old people go shopping elsewhere - and sales plummeted. He was trying to do too much too quick with too...
I disagree. The technology was not most defiantly there. Apple has mentioned on multiple occasions that one of the biggest difficulties they faced in the development of the iPad Mini was getting a good yield of touch screens with an accurate color gamet and brightness across the entire screen... a requirement that has never bothered Samsung.
Interestingly enough, the Chinese pre-orders were about equally interested in both iPhone 6 models.
New Posts  All Forums: