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If these patents are as worthless as Samsung claims, then why don't they just drop them out of their products? They'd lose nothing of any value, by their logic.
Who knows, they may be a bunch of drones... Don't assume they know anything unique.
Sure...the more they sell, the more they have to pay Apple in infringment costs.
Like the old Texaco adage, "You can pay me now or pay me later." The railway company will just be shopping for new phones and tablets sooner then if they had bought Apple, and they won't get squat for their old equipment... so if it was a savings, it was a very thin savings.
I'm impressed with the quality of speech recognition I've seen most new products have. I'm still remembering how bad they were in the '80s and '90s... and slow too... s l  o   w...   The improvement in voice response is equally impressive.
 The premise that there can only be one successful company in a market, is false. Most often there is one company that leads a market with a couple others snapping at their heels. This has not been the case with search engines, for example, nor has it been so with OS companies. But, as we see with Microsoft, HP, and Motorola, various circumstances can make a strong company vulnerable to losing their dominance or having it seriously challenged. I've seen whole markets move...
 The security issue may be the very reason the Russian government uses Android. It's much easier for the former head of the KGB to look over everyone's shoulder... While the U.S. federal government has only approved a single modified version of a Samsumg phone as the only Android device, they did approve several current versions of BlackBerry phones and all versions of Apple iPhones (and tablets). Interestingly enough several large departments of the governments are...
People think it don't be like it is, but it do.
That would be AltaVista.
Samsung's dishonesty starts from the very top. Their president is a multiple felon within his own country.
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