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...and then he closes him demo by showing the Liquid Metal watch bouncing all over the display table...How could anyone resist that pitch!
Everything you said makes sense, but Apple is able to pull hats out of a rabbit (and not harm the rabbit). Remember speculation leading up to the Keynote on the iPad expected it to cost upward to $1200. Apple's disruption was the $499 price point. I suspect you're pricing estimates to be accurate, however Apple is setting up expectation in advance with various tiny clues, but it may all be misdirection too.
 What I cant quite figure out is why this GPU was announced at all. If Apple was planning on using this in a product, it would be hidden under that Apple Cone of Silence until then. Even Imagination's ability to make such a GPU ordinarily would be cloaked... This doesn't make sense to me...?
Wrong-o! Plus this story is not about the events running at the exact same time, it's all about the 800 pound absent gorilla and what Apple may announce shortly after this event. Apple spends no money advertising or attending the Mobile World Congress, yet everyone is talking about them - more possibly than if they were in attendance. The MWC has been promoted for months and Apple throws out a press release a couple weeks before their even... it's no coincidence, it's...
True. And it gets even more complicated because even a person with good taste, can't articulate what it is that draws them to a certain design, nor do they necessarily have the ability to create equally well designed objects.
Sounds reasonable. If so, we will hardly see 8.3 settle down before the rumors start up about what Apple will do stir into 9.0. Since Apple doubled down on secrecy what ever they have planned for new iOS releases is usually pretty much a surprise. In fact, I can't even speculate, based on patents and clues, what Apple might announce at WWDC... but I expect it will be more to increase the difficulty of other brands to duplicate whatever Apple offers.
Microsoft should be there trailing a bunch of techie loosers behind them.I can remember back in the late '80s when the world revolved around what MS was announcing. Now it's what Apple is doing. Funny thing, Apple sucks the oxygen out of the room and they aren't even there. I don't think MS ever had that much power.
I'll join you. We can make it a class-action suit. It's all the rage in Texas, I hear.
I don't know what causes the xBox and PS games to be so large but I can guess that the hardware needs to be so powerful is due to brute force way graphics are implemented. It's interesting to me how Apple is building iOS to handle graphics quite differently from other platforms. I see Apple getting the iPad to where it can do immersive graphics easily as good as any other platform. Especially with Swift and Metal included in the mix. I don't think the low end as you...
The U.S. government allow the purchase of ONLY Samsung phones with KNOX included. Neither Microsoft phones or tablets are allowed for purchase. All Apple phones and tablets are allowed. In fact ONLY Apple can sell tablets to the government. Footnote: BB has some phones the government can purchase, but seems to not be doing so. The current GSA contract is good for the next 2-3 years and may be automatically renewed for another 3 years afterwards.
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