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If Amazon doesn't make profits and declares big loses, the FTC might get all over them for predatory pricing... which in some cases is true. I wonder at times if Barnes and Noble still being in business might be what keeps the watchdogs off of Amazon. The final insult is that like spas that sell "memberships" to cash flow themselves, Amazon sells "Prime memberships" to their biggest suckers spenders, and according to this report has burned through all that money too......
I'm not gloating. In fact I love some of their products, like the used books and used CDs. Oh, wait, that's the stores they serve as a portal for. Anyway, While you see them being around for a long time to come, I grew up thinking the same about Sears and Roebucks. Who would have guessed they would have slipped so far in my lifetime.
I totally enjoy my iPad for reading content ... maybe my 70+ old eyes like the brightness, I don't know. When I'm outdoors I prefer to look at the scenery and listen to nature than to read a book. If I had to endure a bland ride on a bus or train, I can't imagine not taking in the surroundings. If Steve Jobs intended you to stick your nose in a book when you could be enjoying the world around you, the iPad would have been made in eINK.
It would have even been more informative if this article had anything to do with cell phones or tablets or Apple or Android or Google or even if there was an app or anything to do with Apple tangentially... or does it...?Only the Shadow knows...
It would seem to me that the large expenditure of R & D precedes the production of a new or highly revised product and some new or exotic production procedures are planned. The former used to begin a year or so ahead of production, while the latter could continue right up until production.The purchasing of components for a production run is usually charged to manufacturing, not R & D.
I totally agree! It's not in Apple's DNA to do that kind of business... While to a lot of people it may seem to be similar, it's a whole different animal. The way I see it, buying IBM and trying to run that kind of business would be like buying McDonald's so you can sell Happy Meals and ask "Would you like some iPads with that?"
I didn't quite understand your explanation on the "C" group. Are you saying that 125% effort is expected out of that group now?I have an acquaintance that worked for IBM back in the 1970s and at that time they had a "no layoff" thing going, but when they didn't need him any more he only got offered some shit jobs north of the arctic circle or some such.One thing that always impressed me was how IBM was not afraid to ask a shit-ton of money to lease you equipment and...
Indeed, "corporations are people," brought to you by the same government that declared rabbit meat is "chicken," and that it takes no less than 2.4 cherries per slice of pie, to still be sold as "Cherry Pie."
Never heard that one, but I do remember: IBM = I've Been Misled.This time around IBM is much smarter in many ways. However, like always, IBM knows how to take care of clients and make money where most corporations fumble around and give variable service while making less money.
No, no, for me the screams are music to my ears.
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