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Apple has been preparing all year for this coming holiday with subtle ads in all kinds of media, with more to come. So Apple will reap a rich harvest and it should be of no surprise... except, to me, I'm still awed by it all.
I think you are both correct. Sometimes a new idea is best nurtured from a small focused group, and sometimes it's best done in a large community. Since this method of facial recognition is unique to the seminal group, which are still together, and owned by Apple (who have their own development ideas), the research may be not enhanced by an open community, and the patentable method may be lost.
Wait! Those are all Korean names! What's going on with Apple? Have they been hiring away Samsung engineers to learn what DOESN'T work?
When I pick up the morning paper and the ad section slips out and lands on the floor The contents of the ads nor the paper have changed. It is no different with the site, the ads are still on the server just as before. If you run an ad blacker and I don't, I still get to see the ads. Your lawyer doesn't understand how an ad blocker works.
When Apple has it all done and polished and the whole ecosystem is ready to go, the ads have been shot and major players in place,,, they will announce whatever it is.Within 48 hours HP will announce they have a partner and will be doing the same thing. Meanwhile Samsung, will announce they will be doing t too...soon.These Apple followers just don't get it. You can't compete with Apple by throwing together some quick piece of shit, while ignoring the whole ball of wax...
I'm not sure I'd want a beta voice answering my business messages. I'd much prefer a nice confident alpha male voice... or at least a spunky female voice like Siri.
Some advice: Never drink alone or early in the morning... or especially both at the same time. And for God's sake stay away from a keyboard after you've done both of them things.
Adding ApplePay to China's iPhone hot market will be like pouring gasoline on a roaring blaze... Could Apple boost China's economy enough on it's own to make a difference?
I'm not sure how it will be implemented in China because of how everything seems to have to meet different rules. Even if ApplePay is forced to be "similar to" CurrenC in some way, it will still be better in some other ways.
I hope Apple does sell the hell out of the iPad Pro over the next three month, just to hear the jaws hitting the boardroom tables in certain tech companies up and down the west coast, if nothing else.
New Posts  All Forums: