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I'm writing this reply on an old MBP that can't be upgraded past 10.4.7I use it as my throw-away internet crawling computer, for which it works wonderfully. As the tag-line goes, "It just works!"
I hadn't seen that shade of green since Linda Blair vomited it in the movie, Exorcist.
You missed a few categories of Android users:5. You can't make the right decision, ever, when given a choice.6. You wear a sign on your back that reads, "Kick me,"7. You are a born loser. You buy a smart phone the day before the new models come out. You bought the last Saturn to come off the production line. You left the store with hamburger just as the meat department announced over the PA that they are pulling all hamburger due to a terrible contaminated batch. The guys...
Apple wasn't hyping the watch. They were creating a luxury category and needed the buy-in from the top luxury-goods mavins. This Christmas season sales will be telling whether Apple was successful in establishing the watch as a Luxury brand in a slightly expanded luxury watch category.Keep in mind the actual sales of the watch, while important in and of themselves, may be secondary to Apple's other goals of using the watch to boost the Apple brand firmly into the luxury...
Even faster with badgers, but I don't want no stinking badgers...
With that argument then Apple also was reacting to Samsung's Galaxy Gear watch when they came out with two sizes of watch. Of course, it's all becoming clear now ... Apple is following Samsung's lead, and we have no idea what Apple will come out with next because even Apple is waiting to see what Samsung will bring to market next so they can copy and release it in two sizes!! Stop the presses!
Samsung will start building the equivalent into their flat screen TVs which will be the default device requiring the user to watch a demo of the Samsung alternative before being offered a menu to chose the ATV... every damn time you turn on the Samsung TV... It's gonna be a dirty fight.
Pictures! This article had pictures!
I thought I was the only one on this forum still using an iPhone 5.I'm so gonna love having more than 16 GB this time around!
As part of their severance package each departing employee was given a brand new Kin phone...
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