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If you drive down Route 85 going 85 mph, how long will it take you to go 85 miles?For the answer, watch porch philosophers struggle with this on YouTube:www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOFJpsDmKvU
Google keeps track of the expression "steaming pile of malware" - do a search and read 420 more references to android (duplicate references omitted).
You ask an interesting question, that has a revealing answer.The Apple chip, at it's current design and clock speed, can run at full speed without having to dial back performance. Unlike Samsung's design, that has to dial back within a matter of minutes due to over-heating issues. This means Apple has designed in headroom in performance... so, if you believe Apple is not taking advantage of the full power of the A8, you may not have considered this issue. Samsung's new...
Samsung has no glimmer of an idea what's on the silicon they're cranking out to Apple's specs. For example, Samsung made 64-bit chips for Apple and were shocked to learn that once it was announced. Apple does make it viable for Samsung to push into 14nm territory by offering contracts for successfully producing yields at that scale, but I'd hardly call that "partners."
OMG, a gaming box at a fraction of an X Box!!! This would finish off Sony too.
Apple hirings would seem to indicate Apple is working on Plan B that I emphasized in your quote above. Perhaps they did try to buy the IP from Qualcomm and got rebuffed - no one may ever know.
Also, since battery performance entered the equation, increasing die density is only important in how it may lower chip power consumption. This is why Intel is sucking air... it didn't update the equation with the new variable. Apple is also leading the research on increasing speed performance via Metal and power management. This helps keep hardware costs in line... gone are the days of brute force, damn the power requirements, hardware design.
I think newer games/apps running Metal need to iPhone 6/6+ to even download. Try to download the new Zen app and read the message telling you to bugger off. Try to use Apple Pay with even a 5s iPhone...wait, no NFS built into the device. I'm writing this on a 2005 MBP that can't handle anything newer then OSX 10.4.11 so regretably upgrading is in the wind for me too.
I disagree with you both. There's more to it, and there are more reasons Android is a steaming pile of malware and OSX/iOS is quite the opposite.
This is another lost attempt by Microsoft to muscle into a market and set their own standards. This is no longer the 1990s where Microsoft could impose their second-rate solution on a pliable populous certain of Microsoft's superior technical standing.
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