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You just pointed out Apple's difference from the usual subscriber business model... Apple doesn't have to make a profit off the entertainment if their goal is to strengthen the ecosystem which increases hardware sales. Above all, Apple is a hardware company, not a service provider. iTunes makes some serious profits (compared to many other companies) but in the whole picture of things, it barely moves the needle on Apple's overall profit picture. I have to give it to Apple...
We'll need to wait and see how everything works out, but my feeling is Apple's News app will not carry the kinds of ads that eat up data and annoy the users with dancing cockroaches and other animated crap designed to catch attention.
Google is getting hit on both ends by Apple. Apple's making it harder to get ads through to the Apple-users and harder to pin-point the iOS user via search terms. Finally, Apple is making it possible for Mac users to do more searching via Spotlight, which pulls more searching away from Google.Yeah, Google, how's that Android idea working out for you?
I agree. I don't think companies, like Apple Insider, don't realize how annoying it is to come to their site only to have Samsung ads shoved in ones face... Hello??? I have to wait for Samsung ads to load so I can read the Apple rumors... no thanks.incidentally, I PAY for the AI app for iOS. No ads, but then I can't read (too tiny) the comments, nor can I post on the iOS app. One step forward and two steps back!
The fact Gazelle will buy iPhone 4S is crazy! That's a four-year-old iPhone, and Gazelle is figuring it has another year or two of life to go... Here's a photo of year-old Androids embarking on another 3 to 6 months of stuttering performance...
We? Is that an imperial "we"?When pigs fly.This will happen on the 9th of September along with a bunch of other enterprise related announcements. The whole show will wrap up with a tired old band coming out on stage and playing some grade C music and giving away songs no one wants.
It's clear to me... Sept 9th.
 Soo, If I read you right, that's a "no" on the carpet?? What would you say if we just flocked the floor?
 The issue I see is that the rotating bezel locks the design to a round face. The round face is attractive at first blush, but then I'm highly reminded of the old pre-smartwatch wearables where the watch is a fresh face in the crowd. Apple's UI has the advantage of working well with any shaped device; round, square, or rectangle. Advantage: Apple
 Once again (like the IBM partnership) it's the iOS devices that get all the love. Are the Mac based products a stealth offering? I'm thinking of the laptops primarily.
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