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 So, 20% this quarter and nearly that last quarter...people are still upgrading. If most current users hold onto their iPhones for two years, the nymbers look right to me. Then you have a group of buyers that hold out for the "s" version... While the purchasers are starting to be spread out all over the calendar, there are still a massive number that want to buy the day of the new iPhone release. Apple can expect to see a lot of switchers through out the whole year because...
My thinking is that the asshole analysts aren't sure which way the wind is blowing yet... so they don't want to stick their neck out the wrong way and look like a ...well... an asshole.
I wouldn't have believed it but the comparison photos said it all...
Another thing that cuts the cost to consumers is a phone service that dishes out a lot of broken connections IF you are even able to establish a connection to begin with.One might as well be Amish.
On one hand I'm not surprised that Maxfields would give special treatment to their long-term loyal customers - vs. potentially new customers who may buy a watch and not be seen again. On the other hand, it's short-sighted to not look at this unique opportunity to develop some new affluent customers who may usually shop at their competitor's store (who doesn't have the watch to offer). In any event, management did get to see the interest and value of the Apple brand as a...
THINK, man, think!! The watch has emojis for responding too. Who wants to fuss with a damn alphabet device when you got siri, dictation, and emoji ways to respond...plus, in the slim chance you use an iPhone, there are also pre-programmed responses built in.
I think I know why you're saying what you're saying. Much of the media today are playing to the young "MTV attention span" generation. Once you spend some time with any one of the ads you can see a story playing out... but it's barely being hinted at.
Agreed, but leaving me wondering, "Were these done in-house or at the ad agency?"
Actually, that idea is incorrect. Warrantees are a marketing device first and foremost. Marketing use warranties to instill confidence in completing a purchase.As usual, the big type giveth and the small type takeith away.
I suspect there was a lot of discussion around what to cal the device Apple eventually named "the watch." By calling it a watch, the mind instantly assumes that time-keeping is its primary purpose when that function is in a far second-place. Apple may have called it a "watch" to qualify it as a luxury item...or since it attaches to the body where a watch usually resides.
New Posts  All Forums: