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I sooo agree! I see nothing but long term upside to this partnership.
I agree...he was damn near booed off the stage when he last preformed. I have no use for the arrogant act he puts on.
I agree with you except being worried about Windows... it will arrive at the fate it earned... just not as soon as it ought to.
The other big issue with Windows is how hard it is to set up and run a networked room of them. The average teacher is not able, so a technical staff is required.I thought Apple had created software that allowed a group of iOS devices to be wiped and re-purposed as a group. Maybe I misunderstood how that was to done.
Has anyone tried to determine how many of the 100 apps have been released, or would this not be possible, due to privacy constraints? I remember an AI article a few months back that mentioned a few such apps.Folding in Apple Watch to the MobileFirst initiative is an exciting development and further pushes Apple (and IBM) out in front of the "me too" heard.
With the wearer's permission, of course, the heart-rate sensor will be able to chart when and how the nurse or other emergency responder is being stressed during the course of performing his/her duties.Such feedback could detect police officers becoming over-stressed, losing their cool, and making poor decisions that can become dangerous to the officer or the public. The right actions then could be taken to bring that officer back to his/her training and prevent...
The scale of even the "small" building is so huge that my mind kept scaling everything back to sizes it could handle... and not leaving the buildings be as expansive as they really are...!
I've never read a more inane statement of what Apple should do.
Horry Shit! Fassbender looks exactly like Steve Jobs if Steve had been Fassbender!!
 The 2014 laptop is gonna dive in resale value in a couple weeks... The former owner was damn happy to unload it while it had resale value... Think of it this way, you made someone's day!
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