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You really need to look into getting more fiber in your diet.
Seven years on and we both remember those ads... A company really gets their marketing dollar's worth when an ad has such legs...
Apple doesn't do ads, they do campaigns. I still remember the iPod campaigns in Chicago many years ago, that were at many of the train stops. iPods, many years ago, and if I described them, you'd say, "Oh yeah, I remember those..."
Apple just knows stuff us mortals respond to.
Does this mean the Samsung device owners are left fruitlessly waving their devices at the scanners, while commanding aloud, "Openus Gateus!"
I think the wheels came of Axel Springer's idea wagon...
Wow, that was a mouthful of nothing. HP hasn't "reinvented" a thing. Their logan ought to me, "Chasing markets; catching none.""At HP we're wondering what's happening. Before we can get our donkey harnessed to the cart, everyone's on to something else...??"I give this product group the possibility of succeeding on par with the HP smart phones for emerging markets. That idea hardly made a blip on the HP profit/loss chart.
At Samsung—Where white is the new green!
By the time Apple's competitors know about Apple's new innovations, Apple has been working on them for years. That's where the wheels came off of Uncle Fester's plan on being a fast-follower of Apple... best illustrated by the eight-year delay it took MS to make a viable answer to Apple's first iPhone. I never imagined the iPhone would evolve this much in so few years.
Well, LG sure isn't planning on filling any demand for high-end Samsung phones or watches.Maybe the extra production is to fill a future demand bump Apple has ordered. New product category coming??
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