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Rumor has it some kid installed some ransom ware on Apple's main servers. Apple had to cough up some Steam games, a new Samsung S5 phone and a season pass to a local movie theater...
All imaginary numbers aside... Here's what included in Android "feature phone" numbers... multiply this by the number of bazaars throughout the third world and it comes to nearly 2.5 billion. Even the numbers of used phones in Turkey (of the 2.5 world), are impressive. PS: While some "look' like smart phones, they are not.
I must warn you, I have a rose gold belt in the ancient (2014) art of ShawWu... I also find the 5c nearly equal in robustness to the 5s.
Apple is smart like a fox doing these Apple Camps. In the 50s through 70s IBM owned the typewriter business by having typing students fall in love with the Selectricâ„¢ typewriter while in school. So much so it was the typewriter of choice when the student hit the job market.
That's part of Apple's determination to diversify its sources... They were too dependent on Samsung, who is not Apple's friend. At the same time neither Apple or Samsung are likely to strip all ties just to spite the other.
Seems so... I seem to remember some album covers with the confederate battle flag on them... Oh, and book covers and some movies as well...
Today's eyelashes flutter a lot more easily than a generation ago. These days, one's umbrage is always teetering on being upset for the smallest thing...My personal jimmies are rustled when some one calls "rap" - music. To my ears it's some ghetto black vomiting out crap about bitches, drugs or gangs - all being set to a boring percusion line... what a come down from the people who gave the world the blues and Jazz.
Some people don't drag around every email, text message, photograph and song they own... They just don't. For me, 8 Gb isn't enough, but that's just me.As for people not having enough free space on their iDevices to do an OTA upgrade, that's been solved. As for shrinking the iOS to work on an 8Gb iPhone, have you forgotten that it initially ran on iPhones with HALF that memory?
I'm with you on this. My iDevices have become more important to me in my daily life, in addition the imagination of app developers make the iDevices even more "magical." If that wasn't enough to make me want more storage, the whole ecosystem just gets better and better... and then Apple tops it all off with an incentive to quadruple my storage!Velly clevel, those Cupertinos....
Once again Apple skated to where no one else expected the puck to be.I have to be wondering how much the IBM partnership may be feeding "big data" to Apple to even further sharpen its ability to see future trends.
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