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No, but there's been a lot of folderol surrounding it.
Oooo... snappier!
Don't be silly. Tapeworms make the ideal pet. Goes where you go, eats what you eat. You never have to clean up after them or let them go outside in the middle of the night.
I'm holding out for the iBooger. It's powered by a little paddle wheel that's sent whirling as you breath in and out. The iBooger is neatly concealed inside the nose except for a bit that dandles down near the mouth to talk into. The Google Glass people will eat this up!
You're saying that Rolex had no hope when Texas Instrument offered $20 digital watches in 1977. Interestingly enough TI is out of the watch business and Rolex is still going strong. Cheap crap cannot compete in the luxury market.
You are absolutely correct. In fact, Apple's traditional path to allowing a new feature, like Siri or Touch ID, to be available to third-party apps is to open them to Apple apps first. I'm curious to see what WWDC announcements regarding Siri or Touch ID may be made on June 3rd.
In other news today, the New York Times, who's traditionally been anti-Apple (and likely sucking at Samsung's teat), released a comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and the seven-month-old Apple 5s announced the following results:According to The New York Times, the brand new Galaxy S5 really doesn’t complete on any level with the iPhone 5s, which is nearly seven months old at this point.“By just about every major measure you’ll care about, from speed to design to...
I think of Samsung does it , it will be to copy someone... likely like this with a big ass touch screen...They will come in black for formal wear and neon for night wear at the rave.
You've been watching too many old "Get Smart" reruns.
If these patents are as worthless as Samsung claims, then why don't they just drop them out of their products? They'd lose nothing of any value, by their logic.
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