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It'll be fun watching the sidelines during the second half when the Surface Pros are all running on extension cords....
 Well, since Blackberry is dead but still on its back bicycling its feet in the air, you could be right.
 You gotta draw a line somewhere.
 According to my pole of iPhone buyers, the most popular iPhone is the 4.7 with 64GB of mass storage... and that's NOT due to the 6+ shortage. The iPhone 5s is selling rather well because of its compact size more then other reasons, such as price. I watched several shoppers come up to the display, lay their iPhone 5 or 4s on top of the 4.7 iPhone 6 and decide in a few seconds that the iPhone 6 was not going to be a problem. So, it's more of a decision between the 5s and...
The problems with the questions being asked Schmidt is that the correct answers didn't fit the revisionist history in the Schmidty book he's hawking...
I hope the Apple/IBM magic produces the richness Davy Packard and Billy Hewlett produced the first night they camped out in Davy Packard's old man's garage.
You want camera roll...? Open Camera app. You want pictures, open pictures app. With six you get eggroll.
iPhone 6+ no problem http://www.imore.com/iphone-6-plus-skinny-and-not-so-skinny-jeans-test-will-it-pocket
I've wondered much the same thoughts. His failure at leading the charge to change up J C P, as he was fain to call it, was a spectacular failure. So much so, it calls into question his whole apparent Apple success.
Don't worry, Apple will have a software fix out shortly. As I understand it, when the iPhone senses unacceptable forces, Siri will start raising a fuss and screaming her head off. Things will go badly for you after that resulting in you being let go from whatever pro team you play for. Eventually you'll find yourself living under a bridge and being shunned by even the men on the sex registry.
New Posts  All Forums: