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We will never know. This Fire phone like the Kindle readers, sales will never get reported. It will just be added into the Android category as further proof that Android is winning.I had to chuckle at the "Dolby sound" bla bla bla... as if you were gonna listen to vinyl records on it. "Hey Joe, where do I stick in the 8-track on this thing??"
You, my friend, have no taste in design... a perfect customer for Samsung or other rounded rectangle devices. "Sure, it looks like it dropped out of a dog's butt; Ii think I'll buy it."
If the 5.5" would fit into an inside suit jacket pocket while keeping its weight down, then it could have a place in areas of enterprise. My eye sight sucks, but I think I'd still enjoy a 4" or a bit larger iPhone as a companion to my iPad Air. I really don't care whether Apple produces a bigger iPhone this time around, I will select from what is offered and enjoy the new feature set iOS8 will bring.
Just you wait, these Nest devices will be installed on all future jet packs and self-driving cars... In addition, Google Glass will channel your home security camera so you can see in real time which room of your home is a flaming inferno...
I think Kanye is thinking Apple will read this interview and give him a billion and treat him like he was Dre.Ain't goona happen, Kanye. You're more of a nobody than you realize.
Kanye West's mouth moves a lot without his brain being anywhere nearby... Now that he married into the Kardashin family he is even more of the background noise to me than before.
Since Nest's devices connect to the Internet for added functionality like push advertising alerts and alarm and conversation tracking, the firm has been able to update most Protect devices to disable the possibly dangerous feature.
While I'm not smart enough to argue if one solution or the other is superior in performance - I'd wager that Apple's HW/SW solution runs cooler and longer on a battery.
Apple was working on speech recognition many years ago... I think even before Steve returned. Maybe Steve killed it to focus on keeping the company alive. I used to have a CD where it was discussed and the presenter was saying why it was so important to add content to speech recognition because just by listening a computer can't tell the difference between saying "I see," and saying "icy."On buying Nuance, Apple may have all the licenses it need in place to use what they...
It's totally a guess that Apple will be using Liquid Metal. After Jony made his announcement, Samsung announced they will be soon be making their cases out of unobtainium. You heard it here first folks!
New Posts  All Forums: