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You left out the iPod - why do I need an iPod? I've got a perfectly good 8-track in my car and another in my living room.
Just for shits and giggles lets pretend the number is right... that would mean Apple has some different marketing plans to move that kind of volume... Bundling? Price drop? How could Apple shake up the phone market in such a way to do that???
No one has any idea what these tens of thousands of ex-Nokia employees were doing. But if they were engineers working on future design enhancements, then MS just ceded the future to Apple and certain of the Android manufacturers. A ton of staff is needed if you want to push performance in Batteries, Integrated Antenna design, new features, Touch ID, and Materials Design...even if you only want to make a couple phone models.
HAHA!! Thanks! The only company the WIndows Phone overtook was BlackBerry by about 1%. For MS to be slaughtering their Nokia minions like flies, it doesn't bode well for any "push" in the near future or beyond.
Microsoft has been working on a cloud services for enterprise for quite a while. HP's ex-CEO wanted to throw off their PC and Printer business and go after the market Microsoft Cloud customers... and while HP has some presence there, I can't see them ever building to where MS is headed... HP just started in that direction too late and doesn't have the reserves to be aggressive.Amazon has a ton of extra servers they rent out to enterprise customers, but they don't seem to...
Who's left that might want what's left of Nokia? Google sold Motorola but had to leave a lot of blood on the floor... If MS finds a fool to buy what's left of Nokia, they are gonna have to bleed a few billion more... If MS is smart they will just get out of the phone business. They have no traction and I don't see any thing in the immediate future that could add traction... MS is on a slopped greased surface and not a rope in sight...
This Morning's news - Microsoft writes off $7.6 billion from Nokia deal, announces 7,800 job cuts By Tom Warren on July 8, 2015 09:08 am Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella didn't waste any time dropping the company's previous focus on "devices and services" after he was appointed as chief executive last year. In recent weeks former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has departed Microsoft, alongside the company's head of phones Jo Harlow. Nadella warned of "tough choices in areas where...
Quit ignoring the low memory warnings...
It's probably an old analog phone, or requires a type of superseded digital connection.
 I agree. Lets all turn our hymnals to YouTube and sing along as George Carlin leads us in a rousing list of words you can't say on TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyBH5oNQOS0
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