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Why not. You've been able to pick up Samsung Galaxy Gear from the rummage table of garage sales for over a year now.
Where is the "hear" on a person, is it close to the taint?
Several means less then a lot but more then a few.
VISTA. Never forget.
Why does anyone even ask this blowhard anything. He hasn't been right on a single thing since he had a giggle at Apple's iPhone in 2007, but I suspect he was wrong on practically everything leading up to then. Uncle Fester needs to go run a basketball team into the ground...
Apple may let things cool off after the end of the year spasm of gift giving but Apple will be back to beating the drum soon enough, making the watch even more "cool" and something no civilized human can life without.Apple is a master at long-term planning and long-term marketing. For example, I'd willing to wager the current planning on the watch marketing and enhancements go out further then just a couple years, maybe as far out as five years.
I'm sure you're right. You no doubt have heard that the "END" is near, and we're all headed to that big recycle center in the sky before the end of December.Really, who wants to spend their last days shopping for a smart watch when drunken debauchery has filled your calendar??
You totally missed the point... Yes, even if the trend is for less sales than in the past; the numbers missed that softer projection by a factor of 2 to 3 times. This was not a tiny course correction, this was a zig or a zag to projected business.
All you Swiss watchmakers are alike. Well Apple is not going to tell you squat!
What in the world has Nick Hayek strapped on his wrist! It's no wonder that his company's sales are in the dumper!
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