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I'll join you. We can make it a class-action suit. It's all the rage in Texas, I hear.
I don't know what causes the xBox and PS games to be so large but I can guess that the hardware needs to be so powerful is due to brute force way graphics are implemented. It's interesting to me how Apple is building iOS to handle graphics quite differently from other platforms. I see Apple getting the iPad to where it can do immersive graphics easily as good as any other platform. Especially with Swift and Metal included in the mix. I don't think the low end as you...
The U.S. government allow the purchase of ONLY Samsung phones with KNOX included. Neither Microsoft phones or tablets are allowed for purchase. All Apple phones and tablets are allowed. In fact ONLY Apple can sell tablets to the government. Footnote: BB has some phones the government can purchase, but seems to not be doing so. The current GSA contract is good for the next 2-3 years and may be automatically renewed for another 3 years afterwards.
No worries. Governments have approved buying lists, but they also have approved ways around buying off the lists. If one makes a good case for buying Apple products, and Apple isn't on the approved list, the sale will be approved on a case-by-case basis. It just happens. Finally, anyone that does business in China learns quickly that rules and regulations are more like "suggestions" in how they are obeyed.
AI reports on the "reports" to let us know what's going on that we might be unaware of. If we can gain anything from such "reports" it is a sense of how many stupid people purchase crap, or are swayed to buy other crap because the seller is gonna add some more crap to the sale for free.John Ruskin said this back in the 1800s: “There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man's...
I never think of someone who buys such a piece of shit as a "lost potential sale"... it's more of a "delayed sale" instead. The buyer will be back when the junk craps out... this time (hopefully) a bit wiser buyer then before.
I used to be in sales.... the term, "Shit Sells," is alive and well...
Wallgren's had some sub-$100 tablets that were nearly all DOA right out of the box... some kids got the 21st century equivalent of a piece of coal for Christmas. The brand name on the box was a well-known radio brand from the early 20th century... Ever heard of Emerson? The company's dead but the brand lives on ...
You need to read the article again. I'll bet you really believe if the table has GE stamped on the frame, GE must have made the tablet... Dho!
Discriminating consumers are not misled by cheap substitutes... especially those still in public school. There's Apple products and then there's the stuff the unlucky kids get as a gift who's grandparents think all tablets are the same. "Oh look, the tablet grandpa got you already has all the software included..."
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