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This fire was supposed to have damaged all the sapphire furnaces but the fire department put the fire out too quickly and messed up that plan so the damage was minimal. Now the GT Advanced Technologies CEO is trying to raise money using the fire as the basis... the guy is as crocked as a dog's hind leg...
What gives Xiaomi any traction in China is that they've also knocked off the Apple ecosystem - not just the look of the iPhone. They offer an iTunes-like experience with music, videos, and apps. It's all designed for the Chinese consumer. I don't think Xiaomi could transplant the experience outside of China as easily as Apple has.
NOW we know why the iPod Touch was updated this week!!!
IBM announced this week that they have successfully created a process for sub-10nm chips. While this new process is not ready for production, it has essentially halved the current 14nm production limit. Significantly, the research done by IBM was done in conjunction with a group of global partners (including Samsung).
If the 6s were to be a pinnacle for some time then Apple's iPhone growth would level off. You can trust that Apple has several generations of iPhones planned out beyond the 6s, and each one as compelling to upgrade to as always. As we near each new release the new standards become a bit clearer... who had ever heard of "force touch" a year ago?No there are many reasons for Apple to "bother" with TMSC:1. Apple uses TMSC to bid against Samsung to keep Sammy's profits thin.2....
Waaaay too many products in the sub $200 category all the iPods and the iPad mini...
If you don't get what I'm meaning, I have a barge or two to sell you.
Yes and no. This article did give me a good idea of how the Touch specs compared to known existing iPhone specs. While the masses may have uses for the Touch different from a phone, this article defined the Touch around specs I could understand.
...and those who might have bought a GameBoy tomorrow have a much more compelling reason to re-think that decision. Right now nobody but Apple owns the portable gaming business like Apple. Apple is there with the speed, the price, and the quality HW.
The kids can call out from most public school campuses and even from colleges and university campuses due to the broad use of wifi... and you're right about the power of this 64-bit iPod... the new chip will support Metal-able apps... where the games are highly represented...
New Posts  All Forums: