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if you look at eBay, a non-working phone is only worth a fraction of a working phone. Even then, an iPhone is usually worth about $100 more then a current model Android phone being sold for parts.
Hombre, Apple don' make no steekin' PeeCees!
Ironically the Android manufacturers would be in a world of hurt if they made decent quality phones and couldn't increase their sales by relying on replacement units. Fortunately for Android manufacturers there will always be a supply of dumb people who can't tell the difference between an iPhone and a paper weight.
It's not like Apple is hurting their competitors by using aggressively low prices. Or giving two-for-one pricing. Or blanketing the planet with $13 Billion in advertising expenditures. No, all Apple is doing is giving the customers the best possible user experience and charging the highest prices.
I don't recall anyone saying Wall Street hates Apple, it's the damn analysts that talk down Apple like it's going bust from one prognostication to the next. Reading such story headlines, such as this one, give me such a warm feeling I need to check that I haven't pissed myself. I always root for the little garage start-ups.
If MicroSofty had 1/10 the sales of the iPad they'd have sold twice the number of Surfaces then they did.Id Samsung sold 1/10 the sales of the iPad, they still would exaggerate the real number.
You know what they say... "If you love sausage don't go work in a plant where they make it."
I'm pretty sure a 25 pound lead-acid battery will keep that watch going and going and going...
Not only those things, but Apple is doomed... doomed, I say!!! Buhahahaha!!!
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