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I read the above and thought to myself, "Besides the 'any POS devices' there will be the fantastical iDevices too!True, however I would want every terminal to have the following printed where every customer would read it: "The following advances in privacy and security is brought to you by the Apple Company. Eat shit and die all you haters!"
The world was full of great fun extensions and ints back then. I remember the fun of slyly moving one of those off of a floppy you got onto a victim's Mac so that it would do something or make a sound after a computer was shut down and then restarted later...
Ah yes! But WHICH reality does it have nothing to do with!!??
AND annoyingly top-heavy too!
...does it float?
If Apple wanted everyone's data all they need to do buy it on-line after the Android malware extracts it. But why would Apple want that date... we already know that Android users are cheap bastards that use their smart phones to text and surf facebook. (Although today I saw a user talking into their cell phone trying to get it to do a voice search for a restaurant location... it told him (via the display) that it couldn't connect to the internet at the moment, and it...
You're just jealous that steve only talks to me now. Now, be quite, I think he's trying to tune into me now.... "Steve? Are you there Steve? Talk to me Steve...? It's your friend, Bozo here...
But more RAM uses more energy... Apple may keep it lean for that reason. And the RAM is not as inexpensive as the rest of the memory... different and faster animal.
I'm not sure what he was saying, but the Android OS is such a memory and battery hog. I like how the current turds shipping soon by Samsung can only run all out for a few minutes before being throttled back due to heat issues. The iPhone can run full boar until you're done using it. Oh wait, the Samsung turds are water proof, so maybe that's how you're suppsed to cool them down to use... but do they float? I say they're slimy sinkers...
I mistyped - I meant it (the new iPhne 6) was twice as fast as my iPhone 5 (not the 5s)... SInce the 5c is essentially an iPhone 5 internally, I'm not sure what Apple may have been referring to...? Anyway, I was basing my comment off the charts in the article above.
New Posts  All Forums: