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I know the answer, but it was so obvious that I didn't think it needed answering: "Practice, practice, practice... But then it would have helped if you had included the name of the violin player as part of the joke... I liked it anyway.
 Another good question. I'm not a lawyer, so my opinion may not hold water, but since Apple has not been able to effect a ban on out-of-date Samsung products that Samsung has openly admitted in court as infringing on Apple patents, it would seem that banning Apple products that are currently being manufactured as being too injurious a remedy. Apple could be asked to post a bond, as Samsung did in the case I mentioned before, and that would be a more reasonable remedy....
 You are onto something there... I always gave the customer enough information so they could make an emotional decision while thinking it was an informed one.
Quote: Ya'll don't know what you're talking 'bout. Let me 'spain this way:If you go out and call on the customer and you come back with an order - Ya'll were sellin'.If you come back without the order - ya'll were marketin'.
There was a point? Maybe you think there was a point. Your broad generalities failed too. It's all fail.
Mac hasn't had a decent pop-out cup holder for years... WTF!! /s
 Good example. First off, since I'm unfamiliar with the nature of the patent, let's assume it is not an essential patent and subject to FRAND. So, Apple is doing something that VirnetX says they have covered with a patent. We don't know that what VirnetX alleges is true or not, and Apple may or may not agree that VirnetX's patent is being infringed on. VirnetX may ask for an injunction and at that hearing Apple may testify that injunction relief is premature as it has not...
Your example fails. Every car and TV have details or style elements that set them apart. If they all look the same to you it is because you have no taste and can not discern quality or details. What does make SOME TVs look the same is that SOME brands have a few other companies manufacture products for them and do not specify unique details for their brands. So, TVs, refrigerators and washers and dryers roll out the back door of Samsung in boxes marked with different...
Your last sentence is true EXCEPT for patents that are necessary to patent to participate in a market. For example, any patent that must be used to make a functional cell phone operational on a public system. These patents must be licensed and fall under that rules of FRAND. However, Apple patent that makes a list "bounce" when it scrolls to the end is part of trade dress and not required to scroll a list, therefore is not required to scroll a list, and Apple can refuse to...
Push more often to the iCloud... I have 16GB iPhone 5 and I've found the iCloud is an easy place to store some of my music and much of my photos. Apple has made the camera better but unlike Samsung didn't do it by making the the pixel count ridiculously high. Thank God!
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