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Interesting info. I use MS Office, and I'm close to retiring. I tried out the Office Preview and it's ok. They moved some of the commands around so it slows me down. Can't say that I care for the ribbon. They added some nice features to Word and Excel. For some reasons I've got some issues trying to open docx files, whether I created them with the preview or previous to even loading the preview. I don't know what's with that.I do wish Apple would build up the features of...
Good observation...also, when IBM was interested in partnering with Apple, iOS is where the touching point was... Currently iOS reminds me more of Mac OS 6 than anything else... and Mac OS 7 was where Mac OS really got exciting. So. maybe iOS 9 is where the OS gets some real hair on its chest...
I'm old enough to remember when this same argument was over whether a 35mm camera was "good enough" to replace a 4x5 press camera. Much the same argument you presented only it was about film grain and lens quality. I don't know what you're thinking of when you say "full size" but Apple recently blew up iPhone photos to billboard size and they looked pretty good.
Which ones? Like the one where you have to go to a MUSIC app to listen to an audio book... then hunt like hell to find it because Apple tacked it onto the app with no direct method (like including an icon for audio books) ... At least with Amazon they give you a separate app; no playing where's waldo to listen to what you just purchased from iTunes.
These are wonderful days at last. If I understand how Apple plans out their strategy further into the future than their competitors can imagine, this is only another small clue that there is a larger picture of which we see only dimly....
You misjudge the value of medical GPs. They are the best people for looking at the whole person, physically and mentally. Specialists focus too tightly to see the whole picture. A person is much more than the sum total of all the charts and numbers, x-rays and tests.
If I remember correctly, the customer return rate was staggering...
No love for Zeiss...?
You owe it to your wife and future children to put the iPad away and attend to business...On another topic, because of line breaks I read the headlines to say: iPad mini 4'My first thought was that Apple was going to give all their competitors a complex by releasing a four foot iPad and calling it a "mini."
Think of it this way:"We are in freefall, but air resistance has increased to the point where we are no longer accelerating."For some reason so analysts think that is almost a "turnaround."
New Posts  All Forums: