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I think the big gorilla in the room is ApplePay is here now and CurrentC is still off in the future "some unannounced time". All that need to happen is to have one of the big backers jump ship and the party's over for CurrentC.I predict that will happen before the Christmas season gets rolling... THIS month.
Don't forget Blackberry... I hear they are gonna make a comeback and be as big as Windows Phone.
totally agree here. My first iPhone and iPad were 16GB because I wasn't sure how fast I'd fill them up. It turns out it was a lot faster then I expected.
Re. your first point: I don't think I was taught to hate as a child. There was just a vacuum in my knowledge.Re. your second point: I took it to mean how much more overt sexuality is today as compared to the pre-internet days. It's interesting how you found a different interpretation. I'm neither right nor do I think you're wrong. It's just interesting how we both may have gotten it wrong from what the writer may have meant.
Let's pass over Leviticus as it was a list of rules for the male Levites, and not for the other tribes, and look at what Paul wrote on homosexuality. Paul, not God, wrote of homosexuality, drunkeness and gambling in the same breath. Each equally harmful to one's godliness. I wonder exactly what Paul had in mind while writing those lines? Could he have been writing about addictions to sex, drinking and gambling?It may not have anything to do with same sex love, but the...
I agree with what you wrote about marriage between same sexed people. I just can't see the bigotry in his comments. Those were well reasoned musings and questions to ponder... not declarations of judgments.
I didn't find his post to be ignorant. It was a fairly intelligent musing of the questions many people pose in their minds; especially children who are discovering their own sexuality. Your post reminds me of how a closed-minded person goes about shutting down intelligent discourse that may veer off into a direction you can't control.
Non, non, moi cherri! Being gay isn't a choice, haven't you heard? It's a compulsion, like eating your own boggers, especially those big juicy "greenines."There are a lot of things people do in private that I don't want to even entertain in my mind. Not just gays, but those who go about life as a perverted hetro-sexual. I'm not a conservative in my politics, nor do I feel how people express their sexuality is any business of mine or the state... I just don't want those...
I remember being confused about oral sex when I first became aware of it being practiced between males. I was only a little kid of ten in the dark mysterious days of the early 1950s when nothing made sense and no one talked about such things. At that time I didn't even know how regular sex was done.That the Russians are super up-tight about gays is so surprising to me... It's like they feel homosexuality is ... un-American.
Fixed that for you!
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