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Now that the zombie has been sucked dry of talent, it's time for Google to swoop in and overpay for what's left.It's hard to believe Siri's out of Beta and all grown up now... I wonder how long before she's given a chip of her own?
My take on this is that Apple opened their in-house ad shop to put TBWA on their toes... this isn't saying Apple is serious about their in-house shop, but it would be embarrassing for TBWA to be shown up by an upstart. The two will work a lot harder to shine and for Apple it's a Win-Win.
Ahh...Free music for the "rest of us!"
...waterproof down to 160 ft. It's also neutral buoyant, so when you see that great white shark you want to have a selfie with, just set the timer, point the iPhone at the shark and swim over for a shot the whole family will have to remember you by...
It's smart business to avoid conflict with conservatives of any ilk. The more you can appear inclusive is also a smart posture. While Apple products seem to be purchased by the more affluent in any population, they have also worked diligently to see that Apple, in no way, takes advantage of low income people or people of color. If there were one word that defines Apple in any environment it would be "inclusive."
That reminds me... a certain (unnamed) Kansas Baptist church has been rather quiet since God did what American law couldn't do.
Hmmm... Apple''s products areMuch of Europe includes the addition of VAT which seems to account for much of the additional cost of iPhones, making an upgrade to a new phone a much different consideration.
swamp gas...weather balloons....or...venus. That's what the gov'munt is saying it is.
Hmmm... Apple''s products are getting cheaper to buy without an actual price decrease. I'd say Apple is squeezing the juice out of the bottom of the smart phone market without actually releasing a lower-end iPhone. Apple has always had the ability to cut their product prices because of their bigger profit margins. It would seem they are getting aggressive on pricing (as well as on marketing methods) without telegraphing that they may be behind it... they are letting...
You're pretty close... Google was planning on getting 100% behind Chrome and planning on letting Android spin slowly in the wind. Then Chrome laid an egg in the market and suddenly Google decides the crazy aunt in the attic didn't look so nuts after all. Google's management reminds me of a classroom of ADD kids playing with toys and spending a short minute before grabbing up the next one to play with.
New Posts  All Forums: