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By only selling the mini in quantity to schools, bundled with extra software and services (Like Apple did in the LA school district) in how Apple can increase margins easily.
The iPad Mini is highly used in elementary schools - If anything Apple may move it to be for school sales only. So any discontinuance is highly unlikely.
Meanwhile Delta flight passenger get to listen to an old Zune player with Microsoft ads and elevator music. Hopefully this means the first class passengers won't have to listen to the pilots swear at their Surface RT navigational tablets...
You mean there's an airline worse then United?? I was on an united plane that left the terminal on time...but then they had to taxi back for some reason. We left the airport an hour late... as usual.
Samsung also pays a "spiff" to the sales person too; they are working it backwards and forwards, trying to move those bandaid phones. Do you realize how hard it is to spend $13 billion dollars in one year.? It took the U.S. government 200 years to figure out how to do it right.
"A few rounds in the dirt" is a sure way to get them dancing....
"battery anxiety," what am I, a fricking Samsung phone luser??
Samsung could not do "cunning" if their business existence depended on it....As for "dangerous," they've already did that to themselves... They've yet to replace their head designer who did a double-gainer out of the HQ building a year or so ago.
I'm not a big phone hater, but Apple's big iPhones came out too late to affect either company's sales/profits. The effect of Apple's big iPhones have hardly had a chance to drop-kick Samsung's sales into the bottomless pit... HINT: Samsung hasn't seen anything yet..!Large-screens on Apple iPhones that also handle Apple-Pay and knock-your-socks-off game-console-quality games on Metal/Swift is a killer combo of features.
Coming soon: Rotary dial landline phones....I think it's appropriate that for the Halloween season, Blackberry should loose a zombie product upon the continent....
New Posts  All Forums: