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Hmmm... Apple''s products are getting cheaper to buy without an actual price decrease. I'd say Apple is squeezing the juice out of the bottom of the smart phone market without actually releasing a lower-end iPhone. Apple has always had the ability to cut their product prices because of their bigger profit margins. It would seem they are getting aggressive on pricing (as well as on marketing methods) without telegraphing that they may be behind it... they are letting...
You're pretty close... Google was planning on getting 100% behind Chrome and planning on letting Android spin slowly in the wind. Then Chrome laid an egg in the market and suddenly Google decides the crazy aunt in the attic didn't look so nuts after all. Google's management reminds me of a classroom of ADD kids playing with toys and spending a short minute before grabbing up the next one to play with.
Jobs was good at creating a Reality Distortion Field around him and Apple's products... and other people believed him. But when Pichai starts in spinning a Reality Distortion Field, he's the only one in the room that believes it. Knox must be so shitty to implement that only 2% of the people who have it on their phone will activate it! Now think about that, they have the most unsecure phone in the world and can't bring themselves to turn on the security feature...! Does...
It'd be cool if you go there and find they installed beacons everywhere for more savings. It's good to see whoever at Costco got over their snit.
But, but, but....is better and better yet back to where it once was???
Sooo, you don't the answer either?
There, their, they're now...
Is iWorks back to the feature set it had before the shit was ripped out of it? Or is it still crippled?
The Surface Pro 3 only has an apparent higher -resolution screen in the landscape mode. The pixels are adjusted for only one orientation reading at the described resolution.As for the pressure-sensitive stylus... did anyone notice that the only way anyone wrote with it in the demos, they kept their palm OFF the touch-sensitive screen? The essentially scribbled like you would write with a piece of chalk. You aren't going to take many notes that way before running out of...
I thought there were laws against taking advantage of the mentally ill?? 1. You can get more (several hundred dollars) by trading your MBA in for a new Mac or laptop. 2. MS could give these Surfaces free to people and they'd return them... 3. MS will take your perfectly functioning MBA and shit in your hands and charge you extra for the privilege. If that isn't taking advantage of a mentally ill person, I don't know what is?
New Posts  All Forums: