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I heard that the clone makers were already up to iPhone 6s... iPhone 6 is sooo last month!
Yeah, this rumor is lacking in a lot of detail. I thought Apple might be aiming for a 12" MBA to discontinue the 11" and 13" models and then be able to lower the cost of of the 12" due to doubling the scale of production. No word on whether the screen will be retina but Intel is crowing about a retina screen on the laptop they want to put out early next year. It's supposed to be based on the same CPU chip Apple intends to use and be super easy on the power consumption. . ....
All you say is true, yet... all the Xbox cartons are free of the Microsoft name and logo (unless it's in small type somewhere). I still half-wonder if Microsoft wouldn't love to sell that off too if the right opportunity came along.
I can imagine that of the remaining Nokia employees, that morale is at an all time low. The executioner is only catching his breath before finishing the job.As a final insult, each fired employee was given a Surface RT (keyboard not included) as they were ushered out the door...
Be still, my heart!!
Of course everything comes to an end sometime. Eternity is really really long. But I don't see either partner screwing the other to take all the marbles. What will happen is that machines will get so smart that people will become redundant ... some other paradigm will prevail.
You really REALLY need to think about the LONG game.It was enterprise that made the IBM PC a standard. Not Microsoft. Apple was well along with sales of Apple II computers to small businesses and consumers and had made a tiny impact into enterprise. IBM had the clout and credibility to convince enterprise to move to the PC. Once that happened the Mac was toast. All the consumers in the world buying Macs never made Macs a favorite of Enterprise, except for the school market.
I can't believe you don't know you can pair up ANY bluetooth keyboard with an iPad... as for a monitor, is a 60' TV not big enough for you, via an Apple TV???The sweet thing is, neither of these things require cables, so you are free to go with your iPad without unhooking a single wire. No need for a dock either!
If Apple went with AMD for their chips Apple engineers would feel right at home working with the AMD engineers, since many of them were poached from AMD to begin with.
It cost Apple soooo much money that they had none left over to fix the 2011 MBPr laptops that failed...
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