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With the wearer's permission, of course, the heart-rate sensor will be able to chart when and how the nurse or other emergency responder is being stressed during the course of performing his/her duties.Such feedback could detect police officers becoming over-stressed, losing their cool, and making poor decisions that can become dangerous to the officer or the public. The right actions then could be taken to bring that officer back to his/her training and prevent...
The scale of even the "small" building is so huge that my mind kept scaling everything back to sizes it could handle... and not leaving the buildings be as expansive as they really are...!
I've never read a more inane statement of what Apple should do.
Horry Shit! Fassbender looks exactly like Steve Jobs if Steve had been Fassbender!!
 The 2014 laptop is gonna dive in resale value in a couple weeks... The former owner was damn happy to unload it while it had resale value... Think of it this way, you made someone's day!
 The 17" laptop was a boat anchor. I swear it was twice the weight of the 15" MBP. People that bought the 17" wanted the biggest and best Apple had to sell, but ended up parking it somewhere and calling it good. It was lighter to tote the 15" around and when you needed more real estate, to hook the 15" up to a bigger monitor.
Microsoft has a VR headset they are pimping around... do a search to see the videos. The software does allow a good interaction with what you see. One caveat: A VR headset will permanently destroy your depth of field vision.
Apple certainly is cautious in building up their presence in China... there are huge metropolitans with no Apple store in several hundred miles. In one sense, by not building out too quickly it still keeps the experience of shopping in an Apple store a very special occasion. Tin Cook would make an excellent fly fisherman...he knows how to tease along a market for maximum hunger for the product...Now if he'd just stop that thing he does when he pulls up the corners of his...
I beg to differ with you; growth and profit margin are very relevant. It mean of the specs that people generally want, Apple is choosing to supply them. First, mobility is paramount. For geeks who want to sit at a desktop and look like a fool wearing the Oculus Rift VR headset, Apple isn't interested in that small crowd any more then they want to compete with the Xbox. Apple picks their market segments well...very well!
Once Trader Joes realized that Pay was 100% certified organic, they were in.... In addition Apple recycles all their bits and bytes...it was a natural fit.
New Posts  All Forums: