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I thought about that when apple named it a "watch" at the time because showing the time is such a small part of what the device does for the user. I finally decided it was a strategic naming so Apple could better smooze the fashion industry and set their product apart from the Android crowd from the get-go.Doing so is more of a long term strategy and should pay off — from the looks of it, the "me too" competitors aren't even going to pretend to be in the fashion business...
I think AppleInsider is remiss in calling this an iOS exploit, like, I'm sure, the other less informed media outlets will do as well.iOS does not, nor will allow this exploit. It is the "no-longer-iOS" devices that allow this and AI shouldn't be adding to the FUD by sloppily reporting this as iOS.
Very true, and I agree.The sub-heading should be, "Google desperate to keep it's nose up your ass 24/7."
The type of display used in the AppleWatch ekes out a longer time per charge by using less white; hence the black guidlines... not to mention that I think black is richer looking on a watch face.As to the "always on" feature of some/most/all of the android offerings, how well does that fly in a movie theater or symphony hall? I'd think it would be annoying as hell to anyone around you??
I expect Apple to add more shapes and styles over time. Unlike the Android watches, Apple is going after the high-fashion end of the business and I'm sure they are listening to what that industry is saying...The Android watches are more of throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks... Companies like Swatch will be releasing watches to protect their business, but Apple's not going to give ground on fashion while offering a superior experience on utility... we...
I was particularly struck by the tab that projects into the wearer's wrist. Like a snow-tire stud, it may keep the watch from spinning around on your wrist... yeah, that's what it's for...traction!
This turd will lose its luster quickly with that soft gold coating... I keep hearing a smarmy late night announcer saying "gold-tone finish" over and over..."You can tell nothing but the finest materials are used by the green build-up on your wrist..."*no reptiles were harmed in making the simulated faux alligator-hide watch band.
Apple aiming this product at a market that wouldn't allow it to be other then 18K gold. The article may be vague because Apple isn't completely forthcoming in how they do what they do their patented metal magic.
You beat me to it on both points!!This watch is neither outstanding in style nor offering much beyond a time piece. I predict by the time LG gets desperate in dumping this turkey, they will be in plastic shells and swinging off pegboard hooks in Walmart.
Apple could also be thinking of software algorithms to improve what the hardware can do for accuracy.Very clever those Cupertinoans....
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