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You overlooked the issue behind Samsung's price increase of the S6 phones... Samsung thought they could raise their phone prices to the same as Apple's iPhones thereby hoping to be perceived as a quality phone deserving of its high-end pricing (like the iPhone)."Not so fast", said the buyers, "We don't see it that way, You can't put a hood ornament on a Hundia and call it a Jaguar."So Samsung can't win by trying to undercut Apple's price, and they can't win by trying to...
I think, right there, within those words, are expressed how Apple out-performs its rivals. And I would modify the word, "planning", to be "long-term planning." When Apple set out create Watch, it wasn't a project for a "calendar year," or a "fiscal year" - few Board of Directors have the foresight or patients to allow a project to span multiple years in development. In addition (and in special contrast to Google) Apple has the discipline to not telegraph it's future plans...
Apple changed the base storage of the iPhone AFTER the App Store became part of the ecosystem.If Apple is going to a 12Mb camera, then the base storage may go up again - then again, it may not. Apple's got this covered, and is using a lot more data to decide then you and I have.
Oh, quit beating your little toy drum. There will be users who won't be able to fill 16 Gb, and others for whom 16Gb isn't enough; for the latter they can quadruple their storage for $100. "Pissed off customers," indeed!Go to eBay where products are street-priced to sell - see how iPhone's value is perceived by buyers. See how your above pissing and moaning about good will doesn't hold water. Your "good will" name on this board is better then this crusade you manufactured....
Granted, but when I look up wigger on a search engine, Eminem's picture comes up.Black is beautiful, Rap is raucous, but Pinky is just a punk.
Needs a "Hello Kitty" background screen.
 This may not be helpful, but CDs look kinda like 45 records... I used to have a changer. When I'd heard all of one side, I'd pull them all off the changer in one movement and flip the stack over and play the other side... Life was good if the music fidelity wasn't. Twenty-three skidoo!!
Physical media... always works for me. When some one in my family wants a particular song, I hand her the CD. Hella easy.
 Some apps, not just games, require 64 bit CPU, so my iPhone 5 doesn't run them too. Apple is moving the technology stakes ahead at a fast pace. That requires, IMHO, they ship hardware that keeps pace with their minimum specs for current software. It's becomes an Android-esque rat's nest.
The main reason for this change is to muck up pundit's math when they try to back out iPod and AppleTV past numbers so they can determine what the Watch sales number are/were.
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