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...And no table top required to operate it... i.e. a real laptop.
Plus, soapy water has less surface tension and can penetrate finer openings easier. Now you have water and chemicals entering the watch body...
Me too... now if I an just get past the little windmill on one try...
Perfect time to let it charge up... one has to unwire for a little while just for one's mental health.
If I remember correctly, OLED displays don't keep their color balance as well as the LED-based kind in the iDevices. Since the Watch isn't designed to be used as frequently as iDevice displays the issue of tight color balance is made moot.
The MagSafe is to die for, but you forget, these new MB don't need to suck on a power source like those older laptops did. Unhook that puppy and stop wall-hugging.
I love MagSafe and use it all the time. However, it's for the older laptops that usually needed to be charging more than not. The new MB is designed to be free ranging more then plugged in. My MBP is used severaL hours a day with nothiing, nada, zero plugged into any of its ports thanks to Wifi giving me a virtual network. Welcome to the future.
WWDC announcement of SDK is only around the corner. Everything in its own time.
It's usually begins in the second year of college. However some students take a bit longer to mature. Girls, for example will continue to send nude selfies until several years after their undergrad years.
There is nothing handicapped about the iPad. I view iOS as still locked down compared to where it will be in a couple more years. I think the educational market embraced the iPad too completely before Apple and the school management fully figured how to manage the iDevices.I also think the Chromebooks will turn out to be too cheaply made to stand up in a classroom environment while Windows boxes or Surfaces have always been too hard to get configured and keep operational...
New Posts  All Forums: