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I think you nailed it with these last two comments. There will always be a place for console games, but it's becoming a niche market compared to the much faster growing portable/casual gaming population. Let's face it the social outcasts living in their mother's basements are not reproducing like their social upward-mobile casual gaming cousins.
Here's why it lags: It only takes minutes for the Android device to begin throttling back performance due to thermal issues... While Apple iDevices can run full out for as long as there is battery power, Android's inefficient hardware/software mismatch can not keep going and going.
With that statement you just placed yourself into a class of consumers far far from the edge of fashion and with a pitifully thin wallet. But most of all you show your ignorance of a whole strata of high-end markets. Vogue is an expensively produced magazine that is not in any financial trouble and unless what it sells isn't important to thousands of well-heeled shoppers it would be history like it's lesser ilk.
I'm sure those things are in the works. All in good time. First, Apple is getting these high-end stores WANTING to have the Apple Watch to offer to their customers; BEGGING to have the product line... In addition, the fashion brands will come along in their own time... Apple isn't done rolling out the line to the elite of the world in such a way that will put the best spotlight on their watch... which is tied to their iPhone by necessity, so Apple will enjoy the full halo...
See, and therein lies the problem all of Apple's compeiitors had... they could not see that a watch is so much more then a time-piece. It's not called a personal device for nothing.Yes, Samsung, Motorola, et all could capture the basic shape of what a watch looks like, but not what people buy watches for... if you lack taste and a sense of style then what you make will fail and you haven't even a clue what is wrong...
It isn't like Apple is holding anything against PayPal... PayPal is being left out in the cold as an example to others who might play off Apple with Samsung...Apple won't go along with that game. You're either all in or you're all out.
It's the combo of the two that eats every competitor's lunch.Isn't Sammy on their 5th watch iteration and still treading water?While Apple was showing off their watches inside, Sammy was working the crowd outside (as usual):
Nothing quite says "quality" like a price cut. Now, let's get these into the finest truck stops in the country where they can be sold along side all the other geegaws and singing fish.
I had to smile at your comment, and partly because it's true: All the incredible technology inside the watch body and yet the salability may come down to watch bands in the end.
All this time I thought Lamar made headphones that looked just like cushy powdered sugar coated jelly doughnuts! Zone out to your tunes... Get high... Eat your headphones...!
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