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I can see some problems with crosstalk between the two processes. Some things need some physical distance to keep one from interfering with the other. I'm amazed they don't do so already!Only if Intel gets it in its head that they can't make the margins on ARM that they make with their own x86 chips. The halcyon days of fat margins are over. When Apple first tried to interest Intel in fabbing ARM chips the PC business hadn't started to shrink and Intel was fat and happy.
I am highly amused that Sprint and T-mobil are doing this promo with iPhones instead of some Brand X crapola. I have a gut feeling that Apple pitched this to these carriers and got them to buy in without the competitors even aware it was happening... of course a high-end iPhone was the perfect lure too!
I was trying to imagine how difficult it would be to add 100K worker to a factory here in the USA... and do it in about 6 weeks. First you'd have trouble hiring the Human Resource people to interview that many people... and how many people would you have to interview to find 100K that are qualified and willing to relocate? I'm guessing interviewing like 400K people taking a half a year at least. Then there's the impact on the city that would support that kind of influx of...
Yeah, but they make good Christmas gifts from clueless grannies to kids who asked for an iPad... then the following summer they make good garage sale fodder for even MORE clueless rubes before hitting the landfill. You can't get that kind of use out of an iPad. /s
It must be hard to be Microsoft....
Oh, what a surprise is in store for competitors if Apple has plans for Sapphire in this fashion! The sweet thing about Apple using Sapphire in various ways to differentiate their products is that for the competitors it isn't a matter of buying the needed sapphire on the open market, nor do you just order 6000 Sapphire ovens from a catalog.
The problem is that to be nimble enough they need to move in a specific direction long before Apple gives a clue, so the competitors are always jumping too late to catch Apple. Also,, like with the 64-bit A7 chip...no one could figure out what they did that for, now they know that it was to support a new graphic language and "Metal." In a few months Apple will dump their iPhone6 and new iPad and (Only Tim knows what else) on the market that is already flush with around 100...
Huh! One freaking developer want's to beat his brains out by not developing for the lowest common denominator Android phone? This is beyond pathetic. This POS will sell for a few months like the Disney phone, or the Kin, or the ESPN phone. Anyone remember any of them?The Amazon phone is "landfill ready."
It ain't how much RAM a device has that means a thing, it's how much is left over after the device is filled with OS. So, commenting on the total memory is stupid beyond belief.
We will never know. This Fire phone like the Kindle readers, sales will never get reported. It will just be added into the Android category as further proof that Android is winning.I had to chuckle at the "Dolby sound" bla bla bla... as if you were gonna listen to vinyl records on it. "Hey Joe, where do I stick in the 8-track on this thing??"
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