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You are WRONG. What is brought out are the users who can and do discriminate between the products... something many people in the media cannot manage to do.
iOS is a touch-aware device and iOS apps fit that device.Apple can't make an OSX tablet, and suddenly all the apps are touch-aware. That's exactly what MS has going on... very few Windows apps are touch-aware.The beauty of Apple's two OS's is one is optimized for a touch-based UI and one is optimized for a mouse-based UI.
Probably still waiting on Intel for their long-delayed power-sipping CPU chip.As far as more RAM is concerned. If you're gonna edit 4K video, you should by a MBP anyway. For most laptop computer use, the RAM requirement is not high... why impact battery life when there's another laptop for high RAM and high GPU applications.
There's nothing wrong with the MBP. Hell, name another laptop that will let you edit 4K video and see every single pixel while still having screen real estate for all your controls.The iMac is anything but crippled. Name another brand of desktop that gives you a 28" screen with 5K definition and allows you to drive multiple screens stock, out of the box.If you think you need a Swiss Army knife computer then buy a Mac Pro.At any rate, this thread is about the Surface Book,...
Microsoft learned their lesson when they had to dig a big hole for something like $900,000,000 of Surface RT tablets.However few Surface Books Microsoft made, it's good to see Barnam's quote still holds, "...one born every minute."
I can answer a facetime call with just audio... do it all the time. I think the in-app solution to doing that is to just select "Audio" at the top of the screen... once in that mode, that's it.
They HAVE to get a camera in there — Dick Tracy has had one in his since Day One.
 I don't know How about a shit OS that wasn't really optimized for mobile...? By the way, when the internal heat is transferred from the inside to the outside, it then relies on the user's hand to deal with it...Watch for it—Windows 10 users using selfie sticks to hold onto their glowing phones...
I'd say anyone who bought a computer that needed to be reformatted day-one, is a moron for selecting the wrong computer.
 The market has already decided that "Windows" is not in its future... Adults today have gone through high school, college, and entered the work force with the idea "Windows" was their father's and grand father's computer... and not in a good way.
New Posts  All Forums: