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at least Alabama leads the country in being able to marry your own relatives...
In a sense Ron Johnson did much of what you suggest. He changed the name to the letters "JCP" in a red box. It was no longer J. C. Penny in the ads or on more and more buildings. Ron was also working within some HUGE financial constraints, so he "opened up small stores within the larger stores with products aimed at younger, more trendy shoppers. Finally, he did let the old people go shopping elsewhere - and sales plummeted. He was trying to do too much too quick with too...
I disagree. The technology was not most defiantly there. Apple has mentioned on multiple occasions that one of the biggest difficulties they faced in the development of the iPad Mini was getting a good yield of touch screens with an accurate color gamet and brightness across the entire screen... a requirement that has never bothered Samsung.
Interestingly enough, the Chinese pre-orders were about equally interested in both iPhone 6 models.
I have found the reviews I read on Amazon to be extremely helpful, but they may not answer a question I have in my mind, so there is a gap there... that siad, I've found sales people are remarkably unfamiliar with what they have to sell. I don't think Ron Johnson can fix stupid.
If iTunes sales are off, then Apple needs to look at the quality of the email advertising they do. The stuff I get in my email is bland as boiled barley. I am far more likely to click through on the Amazon email, and have been surprised at the quality of the GooglePlay email ads. (I don't buy from GooglePlay because of the Android connection. I also get email from the Nook store, but have avoided shopping there because it would make my music and eBooks too hard to...
 Now HERE's where you need to invest your nest egg! Forget Sapphire! Throw all your kid's college money at Ron Johnson!! The man is a visionary on the level of Steve-o!                 /s
I'm an app hoarder and I have at tops 100 apps; most of which are not installed. Really, I thought people bought large memory iDevices for songs and books; not for upwards of 700 apps
My big take-away from this article is that Apple, viz. Cook isn't remaining silent on this horseshit story, but quickly refuting it. The new and improved Apple isn't remaining quiet and just laying there any more...
Apple's competitor-wannabes suffer the death of a thousands cuts. In so many ways Apple makes it harder and harder to keep up. By the time Android/Microsoft/Black Berry have a base of users with 64-bit devices in their hands, Apple will have a fat base of applications that rely on 64-bits to function properly. Life is hard, but it's a lot harder when you are stupid Apple's competitor.
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