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Read the article again, Apple is rumored to be changing the touch-sensitive surface for greater accuracy...
Looking ahead, if this tablet is adopted in enterprise or education, there could be a high enough density of users that your non-paired stylus could be writing on my tablet accidently. A good Apple product needs to address all possible situations, not just those you can imagine.Also, the current bluetooth spec, adopted by Apple, is highly energy efficient, not like a year or two ago.
Apple invests where their money is. When the USA government finally allows Apple to bring the money home without taxing it again, they will invest it here more then elsewhere,So, you make a false assumption to come to even a worse conclusion.By the way, it's not Apple commercials that show adults dancing around like children; Microsoft holds that distinction with their early Surface commercials.
 I'm sure the self-driving vehicle will be problem-free, we only have to do a couple simple things during testing to insure a completely safe transition:1. Only do the actual driver-free testing in the areas where the engineers and management's families live and go to school.2. Only do the driver-freetesting on large straight trucks... I can't see how this could end badly.
You're forgetting... YOU are not Google's customer, you are its product.Google fattens you up and pokes you with a stick now and then, and all you can think of is, "Free food."
I feel "Imaginary Data Cruncher" is even more on target....
As small as Fassbender's image is in that poster, he lacks even the silhouette of Steve Jobs... Can he even sound like Steve???Is Fassbender that poor of an actor, or is Steve Jobs that hard to portray...?
THIS the part of the smartphone market Apple is going to NEVER be interested in grabbing...
Better click your heels together and say, "I believe," three times...This user was trying to clear his personal data off his  Win Phone ... tell me again where I put in the disc???
Samsung has been working on transportation products for years. See below for an early model undergoing environmental testing.
New Posts  All Forums: