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"Anyone switching from a Mac to a Surface"... You'll be back, poorer but wiser. Even back when Apple was in its worst state and close to dying, the switch from Macs to Windows was only 5%.
Well, if a rogue thunderbolt device can change the ROM in such a way that it can protect itself from being removed, then Apple sure can do something similar but legit.
You ask a good question. But since we lack any real breakdown of how the current products sell, we don't know how Apple values keeping them in the line, nor how Apple wants them to line up price-wise.When Apple came out with their latest iPads I was surprised that they kept in the old iPod Touch... the squeeze in price between it and the low-cost iPad mini is almost non-existent. However, the old iPod Touch may be still selling like gangbusters.When Steve Jobs came back to...
You are absolutely correct; there is a niche market for a larger screened laptop. Not plural, but singular.Apple will, in the spirit of latest Disney hit, "Let it go."
The whole of your argument hangs on the idea that "hampered by low yield rates" applied to Apple. It is the new Intel chip that is "hampered by low yield rates".By carving the MBA out of a single block of aluminum Apple builds the strongest and most rigid structure of any of the ultrabook laptops. The design goal of the MBA is portability, not necessarily thinness. Portability includes overall dimensions and weight.However, the screen size and keyboard dimensions dictate...
Pay no mind to Slurpy...he's off his meds and coming down from a candy cane high.
Where's my weekend over-the-top editorial by DED!!! All I get is a product review of a toy for slackers and the results of a survey-about-nothing. AI better come up with better journalism than this or I'll stop sending in my monthly subscription money! Without a weekly DED editorial I don't know what to think during the following week... I have no facts or stats to include in my lunch discussions, I'm left to drift aimlessly through the week. Thank Gawd this is...
May I just add one thing to the equation and that is heat dissipation. This is what make the Apple "A" series of chip such a power house of a mobile chip. Certainly the Denver chip is a fast chip, as your trials have shown, but it creates way to much heat to be dissipated inside a small enclosure. This is also supported by tests. So, you are correct in theory, but not in practical mobile situations.This is why bench tests do not show the superiority of the A8/A8X in small...
Kate Winslet,huh? Must be a nude scene in it...and water, lots of water.
I paid a total almost half that, which also included the drilling of two 200 foot deep holes. My figure above represented the difference between a quote for a regular heat pump and a similar but geothermal sort. Two holes would be right for a 1.25 to 1.5 tons of air conditioning.The unit is sized for the A/ C need, not the heating need. Thanks for the feedback!
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