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Yeah, okay, the white thing near the center of the ring is a crane...
I was really expecting at any moment, the narrator to start saying, "The Framulator 9000 has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards of safety and efficient operation..."
Are you saying that Sapphire may be SuperTim's Kryptonite?
No need to wait 2 months. He started right away. His first tweet was:First day of school. Hope the other kids like me!
Not much compared to Samsung who spends as much as Apple AND the rest of the tech industry COMBINED.
You really should consider changing your user name to "Debbie Downer."
The larger holes will allow whole notes and especially dotted notes to get out of the enclosure easier. It should allow bridged note to escape too without having the bridge getting broken. The net effect will be butter smooth sound quality.
Actually the fact is that a CIA operative working under cover as an Al-Qaeda loonie tune wrote the encryption app with a backdoor. If all the CIA operatives were to leave Al-Qaeda all that would be left would be the suicide bombers trying to earn their 72 virgins; unaware that the Quran only specified "virgins" and not that they'd be females.... or young... or thin and good looking.
It looked like more of a left hook from where I was seated....
Let me see if I can translate this into terrorist ramblings:Maybe = If Allah (peace be upon him) wills..he = the godless lackey who wrote this exposé...could get AI = the Great Satan behiind this siteto fix = a remedy involving swords removing body partsthe site adverting = the infestation of the fleas of a thousand camelsthat kicks me out of Safari = that causes my Windows XP to BOMB...and to some stupid game = and send me to where I can practice Jhaid...on the AppStore =...
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