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As someone who grew up on vacuum tubes and transistors, photos like these are pure tech porn to me...
"It's been way to long"... Since Apple had a chick on stage. I hear Angela Ahrendts is easy on the eyes... That's what this show's gonna be all about.
In a way, I do too, but those were the days when Mac was all that there was generating revenue. Now Mac rules it's category, as do the iPhones and iPads... and in their own way, so do the iPods. The AppleWatch, which hasn't even yet been released rules its category to the total embarrassment of Sammy and their smarmy Turd-on a watch-band.
My thinking is that GTAT signed the contract thinking they could hold up production and squeeze Apple for more money when push came to shove... instead, Apple fell back on Gurilla Glass and shipped anyway. Apple is not a company to play hard ball with...
Interesting to see the mix of iPhone 6 and 6+ the Chinese market was buying. With the East and West going nuts for the new iPhones this does not bode well for Samsung/Android or Microsoft. And the less said about Blackberry, the better.
THIS is what makes Cook such a standout! He has had to make sure all those pieces come together at the right time. Apple has be planning several steps ahead on all their products; not just for the final assembly but also for all the pieces parts. If one part is not getting the needed yield, then Apple is scrambling to find alternate vendors or seeing what can be done to get the primary vendor's output up to the needed volume.I wouldn't be surprised if the sapphire...
Apple lawyers will flash mob the court room... That judge will see more silk suits that day then he's seen all his life.
A dozen internets to you!! And another dozen because she wasn't wearing one of those stupid "I couldn't give a ****" expressions nearly all models affect.
THIS is the difference between how Apple does tech fashion compared to Samsung, Motorola, and Microsoft. Of course, none of Apple's competitors could even interest fashion illuminariaries to even glance at their crap-on-a-watch-band.
In addition Apple knows how to stretch this one event out through litigation for the rest of the football season while looking like the little guy taking on the "big bad NFL owners." I can just see a Beats ad for the new noise-canceling earphones: "SO good they were banned by the NFL."
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