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It's all about the Bass... and making the customer so goofy happy they'll sell a kidney to buy your products.
Next Apple Watch extremely unlikely to get FaceTime video calling Dick Tracy will not be amused...
I'm not sure the Android version of the app will be available right out the gate... Maybe yes, maybe no...
It was a horrible presentation! Iovine barely knew the three points to make. I was amused at how quickly his opening accent/brogue ended once he got going. The only way this could have gotten worse was if some no-name finished it off... oh wait... nevermind.
While it may look stupid, Apple may have played a gambit.(1) no public outcry, Apple wins.(2) Public outcry, Apple backtracks - Now the small music streamers can't say Apple was intending unfair pricing, because Apple was forced to do this - Apple wins.Sometimes the long way around is needed.
Interesting thoughts on Samsung's problem of differentiating itself from all the other Android devices. Today's Monday Note.   Check it out at: www.mondaynote.com/
The Guesstimators are far off even when they have better metrics than these idiots....
Samsung doesn't get it. This is not Korea where they can delay justice while they shop for a crooked judge...  Another point: Samsung's got their fine down to less then 40% of the original amount... and they aren't even happy with that.
 That looks like a Christmas tree... what if I want a Hanukkah bush??
That would be someone at the door that denies entrance because you don't look "cool" enough. You can't be "exclusive" if you don't "exclude."
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