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The Stainless Steel model may be done in Liquid Metal. You drop it in the bathrooms and the whole family tries to catch it as it bounces around the house non-stop.
All the more so now that Radio Shack won't be pushing them like crazy...!  /s
All Apple needs to do is teach them a course in Apple Ethics...
 If Apple removed garbage collector in the next OS, wouldn't that crash old apps that relied on it?
If Apple isn't going to make a car, they should say so. If for no other reason than to stop all the perpetual motion inventors from beating on their door...
So.... Smoked baloney..?
I've head that if you want to wear it outside to see how it looks in the sun, Apple's fine with that...
I've had the issue with game ads at the bottom edge of my iPad screen... I easily touch that area and "KAPOW" I'm sent to the installation page... Usually not a problem if you buy the app so the ads are not present.
I've heard that is somewhat common with laptops especially. Some crapware only allow you to reinstall the image of the hard disk you got when you lugged the virus-ridden thing into your home. So you really can't get shed of the bloatware...
You're wrong. The average user of a laptop can't even set up their own email account on one. They buy something cheap, plug it in and use it to the extent of their abilities to find Facebook and play Farmville. Erase a hard disk, including the OS, Install a clean version of Windoze, it can't happen — even if they got a CD of the OS when they took possession of the crap computer.
New Posts  All Forums: