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If there's one thing that has characterized Google it is the ADHA focus of the management for the last 20 years. Why should that change now? The next "shiney" to come along and it's off to the races... I can understand why this restructuring is happening: Google's patent on search is about to expire and one of these other entities are to pick up the profit slack that's going to befall Google. However, I don't see any of the wild-assed ideas that's the mainstay of the other...
Apple paid Xerox for the idea, however Apple looked at the $100,000 Xerox computer and said we can do that for $2500.
It was damn ballsie for Apple to make their own OS and take on the carriers' "total control" mantra. Even Android never could command that. Since then Apple has moved their ecosystem into a place so far ahead of everyone else, no one can catch up."Soon" Microsoft will begin shipping their Win10 phones... Imagine, it was only 7 years late to responding to the iPhone, along with three abortive Win OSs (Win 7, Win8, and Win8.1) along the way. (Not even counting the Kin OS).I...
"Many people?" It must be upwards to 10s of people, given Blackberry's market share. There are people who prefer manual typewriters, and horses over cars...There's nothing wrong with Blackberry embracing their full keyboard, but like the Titanic, it's not going anywhere...
From what I understand Tizen makes Android look like a great phone OS.
This button will only be on existing hardware. The new products, available next month will not show this button and be replaced with force touch. As new hardware cycles in and the old cycles out, this will be a temporary measure.
Saw my first watch recently - worn by a guy selling me new roofing. Maybe because few people wear watches any more, it stood out.I think Apple will bring back "wrist wear" and really win this one.
Great recap.Additionally, the watch adds to the Apple ecosystem, adding more reason to buy into the experience while sliding Apple's products toward the luxury, but affordable, perception.
Maybe, it you count flip phones
Samsung just cut the retail prices of their top products by $100 each to "improve profitability." Wait, wait... cut prices to improve profitability??
New Posts  All Forums: