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When the world sees the Apple stylus, it will make the Samsung Note stylus look like something fit to clean out ear wax.
Did you miss the memo where Apple announced they are totally cleaning up in China????
Samsung has tried both ideas, and neither has worked... the shit just does. not. sell.
The line at the visitor center store will be limited due to only 684 underground parking spaces for the buyers.... now the line to get INTO the 684 parking spaces will be visible from the International Space Station....
Apple's doing a takeoff of a statue from North Korea titled "Great Leader." Steve deserves nothing less
Noooo! It can't be. I read it on the internets!
It's amazing what they can do when their CPU business is gone to shit...
Smart!! Apple keeps raising the bar!
It's good to see Motorola has a fix for their cheap phone from overheating and being too hot to hold. "Just a minute mom, I gotta dunk the phone again...""Yes, I'd like to order an iced tea for me and my Moto phone would like a tall glass of ice water."
I'm with you 100% on this... Motorola barely got these phones announced before Apple's new iPhones debut with unexpected features that will make the Moto phone green with envy. Also more pixels slow down a phone, Apple's design allows for burst mode, stabilization and slo-mo filming. Can't do all that and refresh a boat load of pixels.
New Posts  All Forums: