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Meanwhile in China: A lot of the 18,000 Microsoft layoffs were Nokia employees who manufactured handsets in China. Those employees are protesting Microsoft's move...things are getting ugly and Microsoft is being investigated by the big wigs... Pop corn vendors are raking in the sales.
Yeah I remember... HP equipment from the HP-35 calculator through all that sweet lab equipment... beautiful and sturdy stuff...
How about the HP smart phones? Remember them?Didn't think so either...
I saw it an hour after you said it was gone.... it's still on the net. Search a little to find it.
Doesn't Microsoft make more money in royalties that Samsung does in profits off of each cell phone? Seems I remember $10 a phone. That has got to really burn Sammy's nether regions... I suspect Sammy owes MS all of their declared profit and then some... Wait until the Samsung share holders get a whiff of this news!!
I don't think they got near that far. Besides the barge on the west coast was going to find most ports closed to it anyway.
I have no idea if iDevices are exempt or not either. Let's hope the chip in the lightning cable disrupts the exploit. As I read the story, it appears the weakness is built into the UBS protocol which would be hard to protect against if the device meats the UBS standards.
iDevices are worthless because they don't have a UBS connector like android of Surface devices. Yeah...
The two most popular phones on the face of the earth are slated for a $100 slide in price in a couple months, that ought to do it.... Meanwhile the S5 isn't selling well at half price (BOGO) so while the top end is stuffed to bursting, Samsung is in even worse shape on the bottom end... outlets won't even let Samsung stuff their channels.No word on whether Samsung out-spent the whole tech industry combined this year ... but it they haven't reeled in their advertising...
So you want someone else to totally masticate your news and spit it directly into your mouth for you...?
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