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 Everyone high on the bell-curve gets it....
I've had Domino's and the box they deliver it in isn't half bad if you scrape the pizza off.
The guy took his iPhone out of his front pocket in case he gets some splashback and his iPhone case kicks him in the nuts... Sometimes you have to watch out for the boys...
They don't call it a "valley" for nothing... "...and away goes Google down the drain..."
I think Google has a barge they will sell you...
No, Watson is predicting, based on what people are saying today, what they will be doing/buying next month. It's not based on what people are DOING today.
THIS is new, and waaaaay above your knowledge level.
You don't understand... Goldman Sachs asked Watson before their report... Watson didn't mention the watch, but did tell Goldman Sachs to dump Google and put everything on Apple.
ISIS did it...blew up the whole dam virtual world. /s
 When I was a kid living in farm country, teenagers would smoke "ditch weed" because they couldn't get their hands on real tobacco...
New Posts  All Forums: