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I agree, in addition the method at checkout with MCX system is slow, clunky and not as safe. Too futzy! One might as well write a check if you're gonna stand their that long.The train is already leaving the station and MCX is still deciding what to pack...
LAUSD wants to go exclusively with Apple products, but they stumbled badly with phase one and now need to pretend to consider alternatives. When the smoke clears, they will move to an Apple exclusive classroom like the rest of the country. All the big "wins" have gone to Apple in the last couple years.
IF that happened (10% to 20% of management) then you are right and that would happen. The tipping point for widespread adoption is between 17% to 19% according to history. Top tier management (especially sales and marketing) has already demanded that IT "find a way" to accommodate MacBook Air into the infra-structure.Microsoft has made it difficult for other desk OS to work well in a Wintel-rich enviornment by building in stumbling blokcs... for some reason that...
MS Project seems to be in a world unto itself. Maybe it's too small a market, but it's been decades since anyone tried to take any market share from that dinosaur.
I don't see Apple planning on replacing Wintel desktop boxes with Macs. Instead, Apple is positioning the iOS devices to take over the need for desktop PCs... Apple isn't saying "use this not that.". Instead, Apple is saying the "iOS devices will increase the effectiveness and communications of your employees".... By not attacking the PC directly, they avoid the IT pushback and let the PCs die a natural death in enterprise.I remember watching the same story play out with...
The server market is a big cat fight that includes some companies in a do or die mode. No place for Apple to offer any advantages in features or price.Apple has staked out where they are strong and going aft that segment like a bulldog... letting the bottom feeders fight over the slim-margin pickin's.
I thought Apple had education well covered???Apple has that segment by the balls -- Education even favors Macs as well as iPads where enterprise is still heavy in PCs.
I think there was a lover's spat involved.
The ghost of Ballmer dances on...
AND, doing so in this current quarter.
New Posts  All Forums: