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Just keep that one wrist above water and you're good to go.
It will be much better than the Apple watch. This one will have a little bird pop out and coo coo the hour. Beat that, Apple!!!
I think I'll wait for the opera version...
Since you invited me to call you an idiot, I will do so: You IDIOT!! The reason you need to touch the Apple ID button so the iPhone knows it is you using the device to approve taking money out of your account. The way you want to use it would allow anyone who got possession of your phone to spend your money. FYI, the Apple watch will allow you to pay without touching any ID button because you had to authorize the watch in the morning when you strapped it on your wrist. And...
 IBM is interested in replacing Microsoft as the "go to" source for server HW and IT services, and will do whatever is necessary to make that happen. To that end, replacing Windows boxes with Mac boxes is probably not that big a deal, however if IBM is comfortable with a mixed network and Microsoft isn't, then IBM has an advantage. Furthermore, if most new computers in an enterprise are mobile, then Apple is the way to go for a better experience, and IBM is eager to push...
I see a great opera in Jobs life story. Kind of a cross between "Avita" and "Jesus Christ, Superstar".... Now if they just write some great songs to do it up right. Songs that everyone wants to enjoy, and then Beats 1 has the exclusive on... yeah, that!
Read and learn --http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/187487/cellphone-data-and-landline-services-down-for-many-in-southeastern-us-u
And this is the moment in time when Microsoft chose to release  new version of Windows... Ooooo...spooky!
Apple needs to launch in a country that can't be forced to its knees by two stooges and a shovel in western Kentucky.
I don't give a damn about how many, It's market share that counts. What's the damn market share??!!
New Posts  All Forums: