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If the Smart Watch is a gadget then what about the Cuckoo Clock? There's a gadget with a long history... I see the watch as filling a need far outside of being a time piece... more of a personal computer always at arm's length.
Actually the "blue boxes" Steve and Woz made in Steve's dad's garage were the real transitional products...
He needs a sammich...somebody give him a sammich.
One hole in your argument is that you see Android as a single OS, while it is a group of different OSes which vary by version number/date and by CPU/GPU capabilities. Android is a rat's nest of specs and screen geonomics. You can lump them together to make some assertations, but not when it comes to describing Android as a single programming platform.The theory of large numbers still holds and it favors Apple.
For one manufacturer to have over 50% of the sales and damn near all of the profits is "dominance" in most cases. Furthermore, all the lesser manufacturers follow the dominate player... now who can that be?
One must know which gods to who one must pray.
That very thing is like pouring a glass of ice water down the collective backs of Google's C-suits. That's what's behind all their goofy flailing around for an alternate source of corporate income.Meanwhile, more of Google's search business from Apple's mobile customers is vanishing...
It Gauls the French that the rest of the world exists... almost as much as it crêpes them out that English-speaking countries had to save their incompetent butts from the Huns twice in the last century.
HINT: He used to tend your family's pool...
You get the retailers AFTER you get their banks...not the other way around.Meanwhile, that other company...whatstheirname with the new CEO, is still diddling around and haven't even got their crapware out the door yet. By the time they get their poorly implemented idea ready for prime time, (if ever) no one will give a hoot... beside why would I as a consumer want to use a service that isn't as secure as Apple Pay and I have to assume all liabilities if their services is...
New Posts  All Forums: