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How did Tesla Motors get in this conversation?
I see the new iPad with NFC being able to Take payments as well as make them... sorry Square, it was good to know ye.There's no reason why the iPhone couldn't do so too... Street walkers would love this! How about panhandlers? "Gov'ner, could ye bump me some change?"No the hell wonder Apple has been building that server farm on the Caribbean island..!
I don't think Google's "give me all your data" payment method is compatible with Apple's token (and completely private) payment system. Apple took all the fun out of what Google wanted to do.
I believe you are incorrect with that opening statement. Here's why. I will be able to use ApplePay with my current iPhone5 for over the internet purchases. That point was pointed out on the ninth. So, Apple will be able to include Apple Pay on 200 million iPhones from day one. It is the touch and go that will require the iPhone 6, 6+ and the Watch.Amazon is a very pragmatic company. They will not do anything to make doing business with them a pain... the customer remains...
Google puts all your personal date in the air. They do this partly because they want to paw it over and nose around in your business... such knowledge is money to them as it's salable, With Apple's token system even the retailer won't know who you are...much less what your credit card number might have been. Meanwhile all apple knows is that a transfer took place, they don't have any idea what you bought or who you or the retailer were.
Why should iPhones be banned from cars when they are plugged into the dash keeping you up-to-date on the traffic ahead and advising you of the road conditions... or have you forgot all about the iAuto???
Apple may have sandbagged the announcement of the Apple Watch, so that what was announced is less than what will be shipped... catching Samsung short ... the Korean version they ship in the meantime will be DOA. When Apple finally ships the watch I expect to see a raft of doctors on stage with along with a some other professions ... in the interval between this week and the release date, the developer kit for the Watch will get a workout, so it will be AppleWatch 1.0, but...
Agreed, first gen is one large bump away from immense satisfaction. Fourth gen seems to be when the product becomes fleshed out with gooy-hot-fudge goodness, but you gotta jump in somewhere....
Yeah, me too. The 16 - 64 - 128 spread was pure genius.Reminds me of the guy who stood up from the toilet stool and had a quarter fall out of his pocket and into the dirty water. He contemplated this event for a moment before getting another quarter out of his pocket and throwing that into the stool as well while declaring, "For 25 cents, no, but for 50 cents, yes!"
TS bought the 4s when it was available for free last month....
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