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I don't give a damn about how many, It's market share that counts. What's the damn market share??!!
Instead of a network of redundancy we have a network of intra-dependency. So much for national security... and not that far from Washington DC either.
 When I look at where Apple is earning their most money, the iPhone stands out by far. So, in that sense Apple can be called a one trick pony. However that ignores how Apple products are designed to work together to enhance each other's appeal and marketability. Blackberry doesn't have that portfolio, nor do they have the ecosystem that Apple developed to make the sum of the parts equal a bigger whole. Blackberry much better fits your "one trick pony" label. The app store...
 Above Italics mine - I just want add that Apple bought an Israeli company several years ago that had expertise in writing controllers for the flash storage. Now and then I'll hear a bit of rumor about the company, but for some reason Apple has never made an announcement about how this company's controllers allow the flash memory to last longer then others. If this is part of Apple products, and I think it is, somewhere down the line it should start showing itself as all...
Windows may be cheaper to deploy, but years of data show OSX to be cheaper to maintain. Part of the IBM and Apple partnership is to address all aspects of services relating to Apple products for their customers. Admittedly everything I've read refers to iOS devices, so OSX support is unclear to me.
Because you don't know how valuable the sales number is to Apple's competitors doesn't make it any less valuable. Apple knows, and even I can guess, but that granular of reporting is not required by law. However, every word they speak, and ever thing they publish during a earning report must be totally factually accurate and not misleading in any way. It's federal law.
It's not about honesty, it's about not informing your competition with info they need to better compete. Everyone but you seem to know Apple is more open with information then Samsung and the rest... so quite being an idiot child.
It may seem so, yet some products cannot be made in smaller quantities due to the cost of firing up some equipment. I have no idea of how many chips fit on a die or other minimum quantity steps may be involved. However if we break this down at 20 business days per month, with a 24 hour shift day, you only come up with maybe 10,000 per hour. Not a high number for that kind of fabrication. Now if it's too expensive to start up production after a weekend shut down, and you...
Apple could just redesign the iPhone's built in vibrator to give it more range of frequency for haptic feedback.... so no more room will be needed for a second device inside the case.
That will be in the stylus...
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