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You get the retailers AFTER you get their banks...not the other way around.Meanwhile, that other company...whatstheirname with the new CEO, is still diddling around and haven't even got their crapware out the door yet. By the time they get their poorly implemented idea ready for prime time, (if ever) no one will give a hoot... beside why would I as a consumer want to use a service that isn't as secure as Apple Pay and I have to assume all liabilities if their services is...
Nothing like an app on your touch phone that begs for a keyboard and mouse. There's a reason a car, airplane and boat don't have the same UI.I chuckled at the "feature" of an 8-core Snapdragon CPU... What it's fastest at is getting hot and being dialed back to cool down... it will be fun to try and hold onto that little baked potato...
I understand many of those MS Surfaces are being used as props to hide the iPad work horse doing content creation and serving up data. Maybe in 5 years much of the iOS apps will be ported over to the Surface Pro, so it too can do content creation and "real" work.
As a marketer, I look at this screen size as being perfect for doing client presentations... Also if one is running two apps side by side in landscape mode, each will have about the same real estate as two iPad Airs in portrait mode side by side. I like that!
If it's all the same to you, I hereby give up my right to pay taxes....
What you wrote is so true. People in fear and anger look at police and see something others don't see. However, the police also see people from their own perspective. If black leaders rode along with the police and developed a dialog and saw and heard what the police experience...and then use this phone app to record what went down, it would go a long way toward developing a common ground of restraint and understanding.
Overall, I agree with you, however I don't think "cost" was the reason Apple cut ties to Google - Apple is distancing itself from feeding its most intense competitor data collector of Apple's customers. Google has shown a total disregard for other companies, Apple is stronger for not relying on anything from Google.
Just my thinking, but if I were in Europe, HERE is far more accurate and could lure more iPhone buyers into the Apple camp quicker then building out Apple Maps. Also, while Apple does have mapping cars on the roads, I haven't heard of one being spotted in Europe... On the other hand, MS bought access to Nokia's maps when they bought the handset business, I'm not too sure how much similar luggage may have been tacked on HERE since then.
Apple pushed this one out just in time to avoid being asked "where is it" over and over at the up-and-coming WWDC...I can't hardly believe that "Swift," another of last year's WWDC announcements, has shot to the top of its category in the ensuing months. Nice to see MS getting on the Object C bus just as Swift is lifting off... Makes me wonder what Apple may have up its sleeve for THIS year's WWDC announcements... any one have thoughts on that???
I saw that story too. Even if Apple didn't want to buy Twitter, Tim could buy Twitter with his pocket changes and a courtesy reach-around.
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