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Actually, product returns are rather low since Samsung will only accept product if returned in person to the factory gates in South Korea. Even then, it's touch and go whether they will allow a return even after you sign a form admitting to being a moron and a permanent resident of the left-side of the IQ bell-curve.
I don't keep up on Uncle Fester's products like I do Apple's, but the last I heard the Surface tablet has the color dots arranged for sharpest text in landscape mode only. While the above tests, don't measure such things, I'd think subtle color variations should play second fiddle to readability in both orientations.
Google would have spent several billion for that company, if they'd only asked.
The iPhone 7 will have such built-in desirability that next year Apple will be releasing it onto the market with the name, "the Kraken,"
What you don't understand is that Apple is selling the iPhones at very nearly the cost that other manufacturers pay for their components and other expenses. Apple is killing it because of their scale of business. If Apple were to reduce their sale prices they could be sued for predatory pricing. Apple also is careful to not let their products become commodity products—so lowering pricing to increase market share is not in the cards. Besides, market share is not a metric...
Fer Kerist's Sake, did you even browse the article. For one thing it states how Apple is not losing sales to Android, they are losing them to their own iPhone Pluses.
While I totally agree with you, It's a great enjoyment to me, as an Apple fan, to have the current level of sales data to ponder over—not from an investment POV but to have some insight into how well Apple is killing it with their products and marketing abilities.
Apple's marketing is so good it's in a category by itself. Meanwhile, Amazon has gotta be rethinking their decision to drop TV to promote their own "shit on a stick" alternate.
In truth, there was little pressure to get the accessories into the stores ahead of the iPad Pro, so in some places they arrived together and in some places they didn't.
The sales response to the iPad Pro seems to indicate a healthy interest in the higher end tablets then originally thought. Although I find I have no interest in a MS Surface (of any kind) while wanting a iPad Pro with 128Gb, It may be interesting to see if the sales of one will positively affect the other... or if the Surface sales will further erode due to the iPad Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: