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Ten free internets to you, my fellow Apple fan!As for me, I will order my iPhone from Verizon for pickup on Oct 23rd. I'm hoping the mob will thin out by then.
I think the 6 and watch are being promoted to get millions of product into the hands of users so the Apple Pay has millions of users ASAP. There is some level of critical mass to get something new fully in use. I don't know what that number is, but Apple gets the kinds of numbers into the tens of millions in a month or less. Also, Apple Pay has 200 million potential users in place for on-line purchases with the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c, so don't think it will take "at least a...
I agree with the failings of Apple's implementation of spellcheck, which is about the same as the Microsoft spellcheck in Word. And, I too, have found that Google will out-perform everything else. But don't complain about Apple until you see the new search at work... I think (hope) this will bring the ability of finding the right spelling up to par with Google.
Over the next year Apple will likely keep a close watch on what sizes sell where and in what volumes and offer whatever what even the market demands. If you see a 4" phone a year from now, you were right. .. and then it will certainly sport NFC as well.
YUP, not to different from a car lease where you pay for it but never own it.
Maybe Apple could have this year too, but didn't want to take any attention away from the new phones and watch... May have just been stratigic and not because they aren't ready to go.
The iPhone 5c is FREE!   That makes it 99 cents cheaper than the Amazon Fire!  /s
The white building looks very well finished inside... pretty good for a temp
Sam Smith tweeted: I can't wait to see the new iPhone 6   I say, Can't wait to see the damn Apple event!!!
No, but after the 13th, if you haven't downloaded it, it will be no longer free.
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