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Actually, I think he still pines for an original Compaxx lugable. Now there was a man's computer! Not something a girly man could tote around.
Haha... So bendgate wasn't a flaw, it was an unannounced feature!
Speaking of implosions... This has gotta affect Google. After all Sammy is Google's biggest single customer for Android OS. Apple isn't feeding user data to Goodle like before, and I think the low-end Chinese manufacturers have their own search and play services... User data has gotta be going dark for the mother ship... Once Apple ships the new Mac OS, Google will see almost no search data from Mac users... W00t
I imagin Samsung's next wearable will look like a man wearing only a barrel...
Samsung may be including more RAM because of inefficiencies in the OS. Apple has, from the start, worked hard to keep the iDevices lean and mean. I remember when computers needed only MBs of RAM, then RAM became cheap and programs became bloated until today it's a RAM & resource-hungry monster.
Maybe Apple's next chip will be called A10 ... not to let MS get ahead of them in the numbering process.
Actually, Samsung may go to the 14-nanometer architecture for themselves too, but until Android is written for 64-bit, they can't do squat about that aspect. The 14-nanometer architect may help Sammy with their thermal issues because right now they have to back off on full performance quickly because their device begins to overheat in a matter of minutes... and Apple (with their better software design) does not have to throttle performance currently. Of course,...
Well you got me there...sucked all the air out of my argument.
I think you nailed it with these last two comments. There will always be a place for console games, but it's becoming a niche market compared to the much faster growing portable/casual gaming population. Let's face it the social outcasts living in their mother's basements are not reproducing like their social upward-mobile casual gaming cousins.
Here's why it lags: It only takes minutes for the Android device to begin throttling back performance due to thermal issues... While Apple iDevices can run full out for as long as there is battery power, Android's inefficient hardware/software mismatch can not keep going and going.
New Posts  All Forums: