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No way can this work! I have it on good authority* that the iPad is only good as a consumption device. *Steve Ballard -- right from the horse's orifice.
I think it would be of greatest benefit if the chip an differentiate between the three kids of UV exposure a person wearing the watch may be exposed to UVA I, UVA II, and UVB. Our poor ozone layer is not equally thin, with different latitudes exposing people to a different levels of all three on a daily as well as seasonal basis. Additionally ones exposure also varies by altitude.
I've worked with very large advertising companies on par with TBWA and it's jaw-dropping to see how they operate when a Fortune 500 client is dissatisfied with their efforts. In addition, it's quite a sight to watch when that same large, long-term client decides to go shopping for a new advertising company. I can't think of an analogy that is massive enough to do justice to what goes on... When you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. Schiller, essentially told...
Samsung's Galaxy S5 sucks so bad that it can bust your eardrum with negative pressure.
Samsung's just pissed because they paid the newspaper for a much better review.To quote the convicted president, "These aren't the reviews we were looking for!" (apologizes to Obiwan Knobe)
So there's these two guys standing outside thee pearly gates and the one guy is saying to the other, "I was driving and the last thing I remember seeing was a Blue Screen of Death."
Analysts studying their own stool samples...
Pixelworks could well be being paid to do research on technology for unannounced products, although that would ordinarily be down in-house.
Hmmm, let me quote you word for word, "You didn't see Steve Jobs doing that kind of thing." And that's exactly what I took you to task for. Did you not say that??? Let me help you out here... "You didn't SEE Steve Jobs doing that kind of thing." No, I didn't SEE Steve Jobs doing that because while he did do that, he didn't do it publicly. Of the five ways of giving, in the Hebrew language, doing so publicly is the lowest of all.
 Most people use their mouths to also speak from... if you use a different orifice then that's your business, 
New Posts  All Forums: