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I think Apple's gonna be hard to copy this time... Lots of leading edge hardware and software melded together to make something never before imagined.
So, what makes this watch "smart?" Something that needs to be charged twice a day sounds like a dumb buy. I wonder if one of the notifications is, "Okay, I'm gonna fade to black for a few hours while you charge me up... and I don't care how many notifications you set, I'm not notifying nobody until I'm done getting my twice a day juicing!"
I agree with your whole post, but I'd like to focus in on this part, because Apple doesn't do anything small and build it up... unless he meant start with only one country like the USA or one continent, and then add more countries etc as they roll out their new deal...When Apple sets out to disrupt an industry, they do it in style and then move fast enough to keep everyone else from catching their breath or getting their balance. In addition, Apple has enough cash (in the...
Wait! Isn't the earth going to be hit with a solar plasma flare that day??
Other companies would like to just emulate the part where MILLIONS of units are sold in the opening week-end.
Of course we now know which were natural blonds too...Let's give credit where it is due though... they were smart enough to have all bought iPhones to begin with.
I agree. There's far less undigested corn in Samsung's latest turd.
I'm not sure what you mean by "many" tabs in Safari, but I usually run about a half dozen tabs open. And you're right, I don't run Lightroom. I don't find the computer to be slow or frustrating, but then, as I mentioned before, a lot of users don't use their Apple products in a way that calls for high specs.I do use my 27" iMac for image manipulation and such, but my portable if for other uses.I don't see any exodus by Apple customers to Android. There may be some leakage...
I'm reading this on an ancient MBP with an intel CPU and TWO Gb of memory, so your example rings hollow. Sure, Apple's base models often are underpowered for some users and just fine for many others.Apple loses market share while increasing the number of users. What's wrong with that? It's a fact of life that the market for commodity products are huge and while the high-end brands have a smaller share they also have much better profit margins.What Apple learned the hard...
Some do care, but it's hard to see how important more memory may be... After all 16Gb is a whole lot of memory. For my first iPhone and iPad I bought 16Gb models because I had no idea how quickly I would top out. It turns out I need more memory, but there was no way of knowing going in.So I'd put the value for a 16Gb model down to people wanting to enter the stream at a low cost AND not knowing how that memory will be used up due to all the apps and utility of the device....
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