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 That looks like a Christmas tree... what if I want a Hanukkah bush??
That would be someone at the door that denies entrance because you don't look "cool" enough. You can't be "exclusive" if you don't "exclude."
I see an unexpected price increase coming to Taiwan soon... due to an unexpected cost of doing business..."... and de wheels on the de bus go round and round."
The only thing I ever "loved" about a PC was the Quit icon, marked "Start."
I was counting on Elop to return the clown factor to Microsoft once Ballmer left.
I don't see "Bachelor Frog" on that list.
Amelio can be found in the cardboard box under the overpass at Exit 666 near Irvington CA.in B4 Amelio apologists...
Puleeze... how gauche. Next you will want Apple to install cash registers with the latest issue of the National Enquirer on a rack nearby...
The "masses" want to be seen as fashionable, especially the teens, 20s and 30s. There is a segment of "Walmart Shoppers" that is hopelessly lost to fashion but may even buy Apple products.
Apple is such a popular brand it's no surprise every outlet is offering something to ride on its coat tails... and "no", it's not like Apple doesn't need that segment; that segment is created on its own by Apple's market presence.
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