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Some one needs to ask him to laugh while saying the above... just for a microphone sound check, if nothing else.... We have all the other ex-CEOs on camera having a good chortle at Apple....
 Your Samsung naming is incomplete yet. Try "Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, 64GB,"
Why, those little devils!
Going to... Coming soon... Working on... Next year...Thank God the world no longer orbits around Microsoft's bug-ridden, bloated crap.
I would expect Apple's R&D on a car to follow the same Tesla spent, as well as Tesla's time line before production. However, Apple is adding technology to their existing products that is harder for its competitors to rip off. I think we are going to see even more of that going forward. The idea is to be so futuristic in design that buying any other brand will be unacceptable to a larger and larger population. If a person doesn't use Apple branded products in a couple years...
That's the point too. It's smart of Apple to not be too transparent to the competition... especially with new products. I remember when the iPhone was released and the speculation of the success was all over the map. Apple kept their cards close to their chest until it was known to be a wild success.
Wow! Not a soft spot anywhere in the report!
Once the Borg ship enters Earth orbit you will rue your insolence...
You're reading Dilger wrong. Enjoy his articles for the news and entertainment value as well as the occasional turn of a hyperbolic phrase. DED's epics are some of the best reading on this site and stand alone in linguistic style and mituational delivery. Dilger has a large but silent group of shy followers on this site who are, even now, casting aspersions in your general direction.
I really can't feel a chart is worthwhile when "other" is larger then any other brand on the chart, and is so large it is equal to 4 of the top five combined...
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