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Yeah, Facebook should be right on "Peek and Pop", they've had "Poke" for years...
The question Colbert asked was about the movies in general and Cook answered it in general.Sorkin took it personally, and got butthurt because of his own ego got in the way... He's also an idiot if he still thinks iPhones are/were made by children in dim-lit hovels. That's so last-decade!
You have your facts giving your brain a wedgie and not getting the oxygen it needs.First, No one is stashing profits abroad - as if you think it's being moved there. The profits are being kept where they were earned and where local taxes were paid.Next, Apple, like most big businesses, don't want to pay double taxes to bring that money ashore.Finally, While Apple and other big corporations would like to bring that money home (and invest it here), the same politicians you...
"Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin slammed Tim Cook in a recent interview for comments the Apple CEO made regarding authors, filmmakers and documentarians focusing on the life and times of Steve Jobs." Oh Goody! A pissing contest between millionaires. Just what we need! I suggest we all just stand back...
If you blow up that chart in this article you read the fine print where they are comparing the performance of the ARM processors to an old PowerMac G5 at 1.6 GHz. The chart then is saying the A9 is 2.5 times faster than the G5 when running one core, and 4.5 times faster when running both cores. Now this begs the question, Why do people still think the ARM processor is sub-par for doing desktop work when the PowerMac G5 was no slouch?
I've got the same version of iPad and noticed iOS9 lagging it down... but but but the new font was all worth it. /s
I don't think Samsung is cheating any more. The guy responsible got hired away to build Florida ballot machines or to go work for Volkswagon,,, I can;t remember for sure now.
Look at the green bars, where the phones usually perform, not the blue bars where they rarely run. Re-read the article where this is pointed out.
In all truth, with all the pre-orders and increased outlets, I'm pleasantly surprised that people still line up for new iPhones each year. Who'd have thought nine years after the first iPhone went on sale, the excitement and fun of just buying the iPhone remains! Good job, Apple!
How long were you waiting in line to post that?
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